Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development SCADA

Programming Guide of Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Systems in Easy Builder - PLC Automation SCADA Development HMI

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Understand different applications of vision systems.

Be able to deploy a Cognex In-Sight application into a manufacturing environment.

Detect defects, take measurements and inspect products.

Configure a Cognex camera, wire it into a set of IO, program it on a PLC & install a fully functional system.


In this class, you will be learning about vision systems, their purpose within a manufacturing setting as well as how to develop an application for a Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision System.

We will start by learning the typical ways machine vision systems are employed in todays manufacturing. "Why are they needed?", "How do they operate?" as well as "What are their capabilities?" will be some of the topics we will explore.

We will then take a deep dive into the hardware involved within the Cognex In-Sight ecosystem. We will go over the setup you'd need to achieve in order to properly install one of these vision systems on the manufacturing floor, pass signals back and fourth and be able to communicate with it in a reliable fashion. As we progress through the next sections, we will revisit some of our initial hardware considerations and explore them further.

The core of the class will be spent learning about the In-Sight explorer application. This tool allows a vision systems programmer to create, troubleshoot and modify existing vision system applications. As we progress through the course, you will become familiar with the different tools & techniques at your disposal and which role they will play in your environment.

At the end of each section, you will face a brief quiz which will test your knowledge and make sure that you're getting the most out of the material covered within the class.

What are the requirements for the class?

  • You don't need any hardware or software to follow the lectures, however, Cognex provides a free software package as well as an emulator which you may use to practice.

  • The hardware we will be utilizing within the course can be purchased on Ebay at around 200-500$USD. It's not required, but does give you an opportunity for hands on practice.

What can I expect from this class?

  • You will know how to wire in the Cognex In-Sight Camera Hardware

  • You will know how to establish communication with the Cognex Camera in In-Sight Explorer

  • You will know how to create a new application in Easy Builder.

  • You will know how to utilize most of programming tools within Easy Builder.

  • You will know how to troubleshoot and tweak the application in order to meet the specific needs you may have.

  • You will know how to properly setup inputs & outputs for the Cognex camera application.

What is the target audience for the class?

  • Technicians who work with Vision Systems.

  • Electrical Engineers who work with Vision Systems.

  • Manufacturing personnel who's exposed to or looking to learn how to work with vision systems.

  • Managers & Supervisors of those who work with vision systems.


Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development SCADA
Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development SCADA
Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development SCADA
Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development SCADA


Hardware Overview

First Look at the Cognex In-Sight Camera Series

Overview of the Cognex In-Sight 7000 Series Camera

Detailed Look at the Hardware Connections & Pinout from the Cognex 7000 Camera

Connecting the Cognex Camera to a 24VDC Power Supply

Purchasing a Cognex Camera [Short Guide]

In-Sight Software & Getting Started

In-Sight Explorer Download Instructions

Establishing an EtherNet Connection to the Camera

Upgrading or Downgrading the Firmware on the Device

Setting Up the Image Part 1 / 2

Setting Up the Image Part 2 / 2

Locating the Model (Part) through Cognex Pattern Tool

Cognex In-Sight Part Inspection Tools - Part 1 / 2

Cognex In-Sight Part Inspection Tools - Part 2 / 2

External Trigger - Button Setup to Trigger Cognex In-Sight Camera

External Trigger - Sensor Setup to Trigger Cognex In-Sight Camera

Cognex Intermediate Topics

Working & Managing "Job" Files

Reading 1D Barcodes Job Tutorial - Part 1 / 3

Reading 1D Barcodes Job Tutorial - Part 2 / 3

Reading 1D Barcodes Job Tutorial - Part 3 / 3

Cognex Integration into Studio 5000 Rockwell Environment

Initializing Studio 5000 Program & Preliminary Configuration

Cognex AOP (Add-On Profile) Installation & Integration

Downloading Studio 5000 Program to the PLC & Testing Communication to Module

Initializing Cognex Job & Basic Configuration for Barcode 1D Reader

Cognex Communication to PLC & Setting Up Barcode Data Passing

Studio 5000 Data Processing into a Valid String & Troubleshooting

Cognex Advanced Topics

Cognex Job Change through EtherNet/IP using a CompactLogix PLC System

Bonus Content

"Industrial Automation Programmers, Engineers & Technicians" LinkedIn Group

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Boris28 January 2021

This give me a brief look where and how can I use machine vision systems in my company and make me familirar with machine vision systems from Cognex, very good explanation from this guy. Congrats!

Saadaldeen22 November 2020

1.He speak too fast so I think its is difficult to English second language to couch him . 2.hardware part didn't focus on it in details 3. did not cover all the items in the software

Al10 August 2020

Thank you Vlad for another well taught course. I would encourage anyone who is needing more education in PLC, HMI, Powerflex 525 VFD and Cognex Vision camera systems take his courses. He has a great presentation and is very informative in the lectures. Again well done Vlad and thank you Udemy

Dale5 May 2020

I wanted to learn about the old spreadsheet method...i wish they Would of mentioned that... before I bought. Learning the new stuff is fine

Güven3 May 2020

You should mentioned to other tools, most of them have been passed directly or just called their names. Also, the number of sample must be increased.

Marc24 April 2020

I found the course very interesting for starting. Additionally all the practical advice for purchasing the equipment became very handy for the project.

Sahan17 April 2020

It is a really interesting and valuable course. The course went through all the necessary details to start with a Cognex camera in an industrial environment. Thank you.

Javan13 April 2020

Is a good course on the Cognex software and Hardware. Going through the procedure to link Cognex cameras with a Allen Bradley processor was also useful.

Zain9 April 2020

The course is fine for someone who is a beginner. I bought this course to understand it for my workplace.

David6 January 2020

yes this course helped me better understand the extensive functions of Cognex systems. im in manufacturing automation. I was able to configure and and set our new cameras and upgrade firmware on the older IS2000m . very happy

Howard16 November 2019

Loved the course, very practical hands-on approach which will be very useful in my job. Thanks very much!

Liban28 August 2019

I have 6 years of vision experiences took this class too see how information was presented and it was good and detail definitely a good class for beginner, only issue video was hard to watch on mobile app needs better presentation,,,,, but it was a good class

Elizandro25 June 2019

Introduccion muy buena para las camaras y para plc. fue un buen curso para conocer informacion general, me hubiera gustado haber visto mas sobre Spreadsheet

Juan19 January 2019

Me pareció bastante bien el curso, aprendí nuevas cosas que no sabia y me gustaría que el instructor siguiera con otro modulo enseñando nuevas funcionalidades. Que también desarrollará un curso igual a este pero con un PLC Siemens.

Samir21 November 2018

Thanks a lot for this Course which is really needed in the manufacturing and automation life, but there are a lot of things need to be explained in details and giving more examples will make the course perfect. Also the communication between the Cognex and the RS logix needs more explanation. Thanks dear vladimir for the nice and exiting course.


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