Beginners Android App Development Course Stepwise-Classroom

Best way of learning is, learning in the classroom. Here is detailed android app development course for true learners.

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What you will learn

GitHub : Creating Git Account and own repositories, Basics operations Clone, Pull and Push

Gradle : Understanding the gradle, Gradle tasks, gradle modules, creating and executing tasks

View : Detailed understanding of views, ViewGroups and Layouts, What is Context, Custom and Compound views, view measurement units, Animation

Activities : Inter Activity Communication, Activity in detail, Lifecycle,

Fragments : Inter Fragment Communication, Loading Fragment by FrameLayout and fragment tag, Activity and Fragment communication

Resources : What are resources, assets, providing resources, alternative resources.

Dialog : Dialog Fragment, Alert , Date and Time Picker, Progress Dialog, Custom Dialog

Runtime changes : Handling Runtime changes by androids and custom way, Managing configuration qualifiers

Storage : Shared Preferences, Internal and External Storage, SQLite, Content Providers and reading contacts

Broadcast Receivers : Registering broadcast receiver, sending broadcast, sticky broadcasts

Services : Service, Intent Service and AIDL . E.g Music player demo app

Runtime Permissions : Checking permissions, granting or denying permissions, handling any kind of permissions

Http and Web Services : Understanding web services, Understanding and Using volley (GET, POST and Other calls )

Location and Google Maps : Location Manager, Geocoding, Google Map, adding markers, polylines, circles etc

Sensors : Understanding of sensors, implementing sensors

Wifi : Connecting to wifi, scanning wifi, listing connected wifi

Bluetooth : Understanding Bluetooth API, Getting paired devices, Scanning and Connecting to remote devices, Data transfer

Deployment : Deploying app to play stores and caution steps.


Learning in the classroom is well proven way of learning. By considering importance of classroom training; we have taken another approach while creating this series. These are simply screen recordings of the classroom lectures which are conducted really. We have tried to maintain authenticity classroom environment as much as possible and we hope you will love our way which is fusion of online and classroom training.

We will teach you android app development as you learn in classroom, you will get to know each and every concept at very much deeper level.

Just follow me and I will make you android expert in just 20 Hours. Check our Reviews before enrolling to the course on Google or Facebook. We hope you will love our series and learn android app development. 

I am thanking in advance for enrolling for Android classroom course.


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Gradle Project Creation in Android
3. Gardle Plugins in Android
4. Gradle Overriding Existing Task
5. Gradle Creating Custom Tasks
6. Gradle Build via Command line


8. New Project in Github Android

Android Core Topics

9. Android Studio Part - 1
Emulator Creation in Android
7.Manifest File in Android
10. Activity Definition - 1
11. Appcompact Activity - 2
12. View and View Hierarchy Intro - 3
13. Android Context - 4
14. Android Layout Fundamentals - 5
15. UI via XML in Android - 6
16. Providing and Finding by id - 7
17. Event Handler Inner Class in Android
18. Running on Device in Android
19. Event Handling Anonymous Inner Class
20. Relative Layout in Android
21. View Measurement Units in Android
22. View Properties Margin Padding Gravity in Android
23. Weight Attribute in Android
24. Nested Layouts in Android
25. Inter Activity Setup in Android Part - 1
26. Inter Activity Starting Activity in Android Part - 2
27. Inter Activity Sending Data Part - 3
28. Inter Activity Creating Result
29. Inter Activity Coming Back to Main
30. Inter Activity Some Coding Standards in Android
31. Compound View in Android Part - 1
32. Compound View Layout Inflater Part - 2
33. Compound View Inflate Method
34. Custom View Constructors Part - 1
35. Custom View Overriding Ondraw Part - 2
36. Bouncing Ball Setup in Android Part - 1
37. Bouncing Ball rxjava Integration in Android
38. View Animation Setup
39. View Animation Zoom Rotate Mixed in Android
40. List View Setup in Android
41. List View Array Adapter in Android
42. Android Grid View Part - 1
43. Grid View Custom Adapter Part - 2
44. Grid View Adapter Methods Part - 3
45. Grid View Memory Optimization Adapter Part - 4
46. Activity Life Cycle in Android
47. Saving State of Activity in Android
48. Providing Resources in Android Part - 1
49. Providing Resources Own in Android Part - 2
50. Simple Value Resources Part - 1
51. Simple Value Resources Styles in Android Part - 2
52. Fragments Introduction in Android Part - 1
53. Fragment Creating Fragment Part - 2
54. Fragments Framelayout Part - 3
55. Fragments Transaction Part - 4
56. Fragment Passing Data Last in Android
57. Toast and Dialog Setup Part - 1
58. Dialogs First Alert in Android
59. Dialogs Architecture and Alert Dialog in Android
60. Dialogs Date Time Picker in Android
61. Dialogs Progress in Android
62. Dialogs Custom Dialog Last in Android
63. Status bar Notification in Android
64. UI thread Introduction in Android
65. UI Thread New Thread in Android
66. UI Thread Handlers in Android
67. UI Thread Asynctask in Android
68. UI Thread rxAndroid
69. Intent Intentfilters Introduction
70. Intent Intentfilters Implemetation
71. Intent Intent Filters Builtin in Android
72. Broadcast Receiver Introduction
73. Broadcast Receiver via Code in Android
74. Broadcast Receiver via XML in Android
75. Service Introduction
76. Service Media Player in Android
77. Service Intent Service in Android
78. Services AIDL Introduction in Android
79. Service AIDL in Android
80. Storage Shared Prefernces in Android
81. Storage Internal Storage
82. External Storage in Android
83. Sqlite Helper in Android
84. Sqlite Insert in Android
85. Sqlite Query in Android
86. Sqlite Update Delete Raw Query in Android
87. Content Provider Contact List in Android
88. Content Provider Custom
89. Json Parsing Introduction
90. Json Parsing Json Object in Android
91. Json Parsing Gson in Android
92. Web Services App
93. Web Services Get Weather
94. Web Services Post Method
95. Location Geocoder in Android
96. Location Getting Provider
97. Location Requesting Location in Android
98. Map Setup in Android
99. Map Marker Lines Circles
100. Sensors in Android
101. Wifi in Android
102. Telephony in Android
103. Bluetooth Part - 1
104. Bluetooth Part - 2


September 2, 2019
Actually I am facing some issues related to Bluetooth I watched this Bluetooth connectivity video but my problem has not been resolved
August 25, 2019
The course was ok but the instructor used the IDE in dark mode (probably Molokai or Darcula theme) so it was extremely difficult to follow. I would have needed a 40" monitor to follow with ease! Please use the IdeaJ theme (light background). I know the dark themes are easier on the eye but make it very difficult to see, as in this course.



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