Introduction to Programming

Learn to program, fundamentals of programming, Flowcharts and Pseudocodes, Programming from scratch

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Introduction to Programming
3.5 hours
Sep 2019
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What you will learn

Know the basics of programming

Understand the basics of programming

Master the basics of programming

Develop programming logic to solve problems

Create flowcharts

Create Pseudocodes


Learn the fundamentals of programming with this introductory course from scratch for those who want to learn from scratch the fundamental concepts of programming and put them into practice.

In this Introduction to Programming course you will learn about the Fundamentals of Programming, you will learn to create a Flowchart and Pseudocodes Diagram in a basic and very complete way.

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Some assessments of our students who have already taken it in the original version in spanish:


Juan de Souza -> 5 Stars

It is a perfect course for those who have not yet had any contact with programming. Studying this content before delving into programming will make your life much easier. Hopefully I found this course a year ago. This is the only introduction to programming course that teaches through pseudocode and flowcharts that I have found. Very good.

Eliane Yamila Masuí Bautista -> 5 Stars

The experience was excellent since the explanations are very well detailed and explained by the mentor. Exit!

Jesús Ariel Parra Vega -> 5 Stars

I found it excellent !!

The teacher exposes in a very clear and precise way, the basic notions to program. In addition, it teaches how to use two programs that allow learning in a more self-taught way. Explain concepts and give examples of them using the tools proposed at the beginning of the course.

Santiago Beiró -> 4.5 Stars

Very clear to explain and transmit knowledge. I recommend the course.

Alicia Ilundain Etchandy -> 1.5 Stars

It seems very bad that I continue adding material so that every time I return to the Udemy website it appears to me that I still have things to complete.

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You will know all the basics, to learn to program, With the knowledge you acquire in this course you will have the necessary bases to understand any programming language you want.

  • During the course development, exercises in Pseudocode and Flowchart will be developed.

  • The course is divided into several Sections:

  • Programming concepts

  • Programming Fundamentals

  • Selective algorithmic structures

  • Repeating Algorithmic Structures

  • Arrangements and Matrices

And there are more sections that will be added to the course constantly if you don't wait any longer and if you're not satisfied your money is returned.

Disclaimer: This course was initially developed for public in Spanish. In response to the request of English-speaking users, for its pedagogical quality and usefulness, we invest time in this version. The audio and explanations are all in English, although the interface of the software used and some texts of the sample exercises were retained in Spanish so as not to lose the applicability.


Introduction to Programming

About the Instructor
What is programming?
What is an algorithm?
What is a Pseudocode?
Downloading and Installing PseInt
Knowing the PSeInt Interface
Assigning values to Variables
What is a data flow diagram?
Download DFD
Knowing the DFD Program Interface

Fundamentals of Programming

Type of data
Variables and Constants
Working with Variables
Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical operators

Selective algorithmic structures

Introduction: What will you learn in this section?
What is a selective structure?
Simple selective structure
Working with Flowcharts in PSeInt
Double selective structure
Multiple Selective Structure
Selective Cascade Structure
Example: DFD, Selective Cascade Structure
Proposed Exercises on Selective Structures

Repeating Algorithmic Structures

Introduction: What you will learn in this Section on Structure
What is a repetitive structure?
Counter and Accumulator
Repetitive Structure While
Example: DFD, Repetitive Structure While
Repetitive Structure Do While
Analysis: Exercise, Repetitive Structure Do While
Repetitive Structure For
Analysis: Exercise, Repetitive Structure FOR
Example: DFD, Repetitive Structure For
Example: Explanation of the Structure While


What is an arrangement?
Types of Arrangements
Using Arrangements in PseInt - Syntax
Example in PseInt: Sum of N elements in an array.
Example Two-dimensional Arrangements: Matrix Sum

Solution to Proposed Exercises

Exercise 1: Selective Algorithmic Structures
Exercise 2: Selective Algorithmic Structures
Exercise 3: Selective Algorithmic Structures



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