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Cloud Computing with SALESFORCE HEROKU

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Cloud Computing with SALESFORCE HEROKU


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May 2018

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What you will learn

On completion of this course you would be able to develop and deploy your applications over Heroku.

Learn to deploy Wordpress, Laravel , nodejs app , python app etc

Learn to host website on Heroku

Having command over all the options, services and tools available.


You might be already familiar with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce Heroku, IBM Bluemix, etc. What are they actually and why its need for the industry is elevating day by day. Everyone wants to shift their business on cloud whether a giant company or small startups. Yes, Cloud computing is one of the such skills which industry wants and to have forged careers in cloud computing you have to enroll this learning path to get familiar with cloud computing and its use cases.

Salesforce Heroku is one of the famous cloud platforms and the best part is it enables developers to build and run their awesome applications entirely in the cloud without charging them. Yes, Heroku, a Salesforce company and industry pioneer in the PaaS (Platform as a Service) to do so.

Over 5 million apps, including ones from Macy’s, Product Hunt and Citrix run on Heroku. It supports a wide range of popular languages such as Python, java, Ruby and Node.js, high-scale data services including Postgres, Kafka and Redis, and an add-ons ecosystem featuring over 180 cloud application services. It creates, deploys and manage apps in such an effective way that everyone is migrating to Salesforce Heroku.

If you want to host a website using famous combo using HTML,CSS and Javascript or any CMS like Wordpress, Laravel etc. You'll need to write a few lines and it will be live. It's pricing is too low compared to other platform, an another reason to use Salesforce Heroku.

Topics which you'll learn in this learning path :

  1. Heroku Architecture

  2. Heroku Deployment(Using Git)

  3. Heroku CLI to use Heroku through Command Line Interface

  4. Deploy WordPress, Laravel, Nodejs web app, Python web app etc

  5. Hosting a static Website for free

  6. Heroku Collaboration

  7. Heroku Teams and many more such topics.

Heroku is for Developers from Developers

Become certified Heroku cloud developer today. Enroll Now !!



Welcome to the World of Cloud Computing

Architecture of Heroku

Heroku Dashboard

What is Dyno

Different types of Dynos

What is Stack

How Heroku works : Procfile and Git

How Heroku works : Buildpacks , Slugs and Config-var

How Heroku works:Releases , Add-ons , Dyno Manager , Logging and Monitoring etc

Heroku Command Line

Heroku Command line Part 1

Heroku Command line Part 2

Heroku Command line Part 3



Heroku Labs

Heroku Labs

Account and Billing

Account and Billing

Troubleshooting and Support

Troubleshooting and Support Part 1

Troubleshooting and Support Part 2

Hand on Labs

Deploying Nodejs app

Deploying Python Web app

Hosting Website on Heroku

Deploying Java Web app

CMSDeploy: Laraval on Heroku

CMSDeploy: Wordpress on Heroku


Etienne31 July 2019

It is helpful, but I find the facilitator is pretty much just reading the different options that appear in the menu options. There is very little additional clarifications.

Patrick24 May 2019

salesforce products are in huge demand and one can easy build an ambitious careen with salesforce heroku as well. course delivery is helpful in learning various concepts and options, being simple and easy to implement.

Kashif8 April 2019

a lot of services and tools are taught here in a simple to understand with easy to implement examples on heroku cloud platform. Heroku has huge potentials with its wide range of services offered and one can build great applications on it.

Goli15 March 2019

A unique course on generally underestimated cloud services offered by Salesforce. People generally go with aws, gcp, or Microsoft Azure. But when you go through this course you will soon realise the power of Salesforce heroku.

Anupam28 November 2018

Disappointed. Instructor is simply reading the documentation available on HeroKu website that too in bit disorganized manner. I had lot of expectation from this course but now i feel it is better to read it on your own.

Shubham18 August 2018

Heroku is a creative solution when it comes to Cloud Computing and PaaS. Its future is very promising, and i am currently shifting on Heroku from AWS due to certain reasons. This course was beneficial to me in learning Heroku Cloud services.

Sandra28 June 2018

Got everything which I wanted Practical section of this course is really satisfying thanks sir for such a nice course

Adam19 June 2018

This course is direct to the point Hands on lab section is gr8 the instructor explains the basics very clearly so it's easy to understand

James6 June 2018

Nice content and useful practical demonstration, makes this course unique for heroku aspirants. Heroku is one of the challenging and emerging cloud platform.

Drew31 May 2018

As i am novice before this course but now after this course it makes me a professional heroku developer Thank you for such a nice course

Harshit24 May 2018

Comprehensive course on Heroku cloud computing both for beginners and professionals. Covered all the major services in categories, with theoretical as well as a lot of practical demonstrations.


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