Cloud Adoption Essentials: learn the 8 step roadmap

Your roadmap to the adoption of public and private cloud computing in your business. Get the value, avoid the risk.

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Mar 2016

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What you will learn

Explain how the cloud computing service model can lead to new business value and risk.

Understand 8 steps in a cloud adoption roadmap

Learn what the essential new cloud technology is

Learn to describe services


“Cloud Adoption Essentials: Learn The 8 Step Roadmap"

Companies are adopting the cloud, but find it hard to navigate the process. After this course you will be able to plan that process and see how the various nuts and bolts fit together.

Understand How To Get More And Quicker Benefit From Cloud Computing In Your Company And Less Risk

  • Learn why cloud computing is here to stay
  • Understand how cloud characteristics drive business value and risk
  • Identify the important steps in any cloud adoption process
  • Understand the most essential technology and cloud architecture components
  • Recognize which services are more valuable and less risky
  • Bring all the steps together in your plan
  • Overcome resistance to cloud initiatives
  • Learn how to temper overenthusiastic people

Getting to cloud benefits quickly and safely

Cloud computing is the leading IT delivery revolution. Picking up speed from 2010 onwards, we can expect that it will be the dominant IT delivery model in 2020.

There is a lot of confusion around cloud, cloud models, fears around security, inflated expectations and 'cowboys' promising the moon. This course will help separate hype from applicability.

Who is this for?

Cloud computing fundamentally reshapes the jobs of everybody working professionally with IT, whether you are an IT professional, an auditor, or a business IT user. Learn how to update your skills to work in the cloud.

Content and structure of this course

Based on hundreds of examples and questions from students of my earlier cloud courses, I have distilled the essential elements for navigating the cloud journey

The course currently has 8 sections, 20+ lectures with more than 2 hours of content and is regularly being expanded.

The first section explains how the cloud came to be and how it is another disruptive innovation.

Then we give an overview of the 8-step cloud adoption roadmap.

Technology examples is another section, in which we have both architecture diagrams as well as suggestions for hands-on exercises.

Cloud is about service, and in the section on service engineering we will find out how to analyse these services for quality.

No cloud training is complete without learning to identify the important risks and how you can start handling them.

We can then revisit the 8-step cloud adoption roadmap to see where all the bits fit in.

The course also has an extensive extra resources section, dedicated to more specific situations.

What you will get out of this course

This is the quickest way to get you and your team focused on the right steps in cloud adoption. The instructor is also regularly adding content on the basis of your feedback.


Cloud Adoption Essentials: learn the 8 step roadmap
Cloud Adoption Essentials: learn the 8 step roadmap
Cloud Adoption Essentials: learn the 8 step roadmap
Cloud Adoption Essentials: learn the 8 step roadmap



Overview of this Cloud Adoption Essentials course

Meet your instructor

Learn how cloud computing is the logical next step in the IT market

The evolution of computing

Question for you: what should be in the next update of this course?

What is this cloud thing anyway?

Understand the essential cloud characteristics

Learn how the cloud characteristics lead to value and risk

Cloud characteristics quiz

Apply: worksheet on value and obstacles

Cloud Adoption: the 8 step roadmap

Cloud Roadmap - overview

Cloud roadmap slides only version

Cloud Roadmap Quiz

Cloud roadmap applied to financial industry - webinar recording


The three top technology components in cloud computing

Practical demo: Getting started on AWS

Demo and exercise: OpenStack

Cloud Technology Quiz

Service Engineering

Learn the key elements of services

How is cloud procurement different?

Cloud Risks

Introduction to cloud specific risks

Resources for cloud risks management

Cloud risks quiz

Putting it together

Roadmap revisited

Understand the role of the Cloud Control Matrix

Roadmap worksheet

More resources

Understand the CCSK Cloud Security Certification

How to talk to the board about security


Curtis25 July 2017

Excellent course on how the cloud can brings value to the business and the questions that should be asked before pursing cloud technology(s) and/or service(s).

Ahmed15 October 2016

The instructor provides a good 40K feet overview of different shades of clouds and the risks of turbulence flying through them!

Juliana24 November 2015

The course is informative but is not structured as a real course. The author seems to have put together a couple of slides and past presentations to bring up this course. Some lectures are also repetitive. If you are looking for basic cloud computing information, it is ok, buy it. The author is good!

Charles15 June 2015

Overall a useful course, which I thought covered all the essentials, and I liked that it provided some historical and technical background. The explanations of Cloud Service Models and the NIST Cloud Model in Lecture 5 were good, very clear; explanations of cloud as a disruptive technology in Lecture 3 was also interesting, also SSO & SAML in Lecture 11 among the highlights. Noted some minor issues with sound quality here and there, but the author has informed me that he is working on fixing them and adding some new material.

Henri5 May 2015

You want to understand the basics behind cloud computing from a business perspective? Follow this course. It's objective and insightful. Recommended.


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