How to close sales faster than your competition

Learn the proven Fortune 500's psychological sales process to close your sales in person and online

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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Advanced skills to effectively close sales the first time, every time


Most businesses struggle to stay afloat, much less to thrive, because they are not able to help the client make a decision during the first meeting. The client “needs to think about it” they spend precious time and energy following up, hoping, and never receive the order.

This happens because people were not taught the correct skills that work for the first meeting closing. In truth, many well-seasoned sales veterans only know bits and pieces of this sales process, they may have been taught some good steps, but you need to know the entire psychological process behind getting it done effectively the first time and spend more time and resources by "chasing customers" through a time consuming follow up tactics.


More than ever, we are in a time where all individuals, coaches, and business owners, not only need to grow their bottom line, but they need effective ways to sell their products or services online and offline.

To be able to close their sale in the first meeting, or interaction, it's a highly valued skill that can make the difference for your income and your business future.


A simple step by step psychological sales process, that until now, only the Fortune 500 companies could afford and use, that will get you close more sales in less time, in-person and online!

In the very first video, you will learn how to build rapport online by first learning the 3 ways we communicate with one another as a species. And let me start by telling you we communicate with words the very least! You have to know this before you start talking/selling. You will learn how do reduce tension, identify the 4 things you must know from your discovery, You will learn the 6 key emotions that drive 95% of everyone's decisions that you must know in order to give your client what they truly want so YOU can give it to them and many more absolutely essential skills you have to know in order to close your sale in the first meeting. if you don’t you are stumbling around in your process, like trying to find the light switch in a dark room.


Everybody no matter what they do for a living, they are always selling something.  Simply trying to convince another person about your own abilities, skills to perform a job is considered a sale.  To be able to close your sales in the first meeting and to increase your success chances or to grow your business, definitely, you want to make sure that you learn a highly-skilled sales process from the best source possible.


You will learn how to meet a client, identify the 6 key emotional drivers that drive 95% of your client's decisions, solve problems, be of better service and close your sale in the first meeting.


What if you could find a proven method that would help you close that deal on the first day, something only available before to Big Fortune 500 Companies? By applying what you will learn here, your business would double or triple your actual closing rates.

Wouldn't you say this is something worth trying?


Cheap sales courses are basic and only scratch the surface and certainly do not get the sale. Also many expensive courses (up to $20K), many times have hundreds of online videos for you to watch, and not an easy step by step proven system that can tell you exactly what to do with high rates of success. Most of the time people are throwing their time and money away.


Imagine a sales business where there are no "be-backs" or "follow-ups" allowed, where closing the sale in the first meeting is your only option to earn a paycheck. My name is Jason Milton, and with over 18 years in the sales industry, I have not only climbed the ladder and have led 3 Fortune 500 Timeshare companies in executive leadership roles, but also I have developed a unique sales system that has been tested to work for every sale, every day within the first meeting or interaction.

I’ve made a career of turning average individuals into top producers and sluggish sales teams into #1 producing teams in the entire companies that I have advised.  All professionally done and without the client feeling any pressure


I started out like many of you, with big dreams and a desire to achieve them. But that didn't make them come true. Nothing happened until I learned this skill, where I could add value to a company and the clients they provided. Then everything changed. Now, Having led 3 Fortune 500 companies in executive leadership and as the Founder and CEO of Today Only Selling, I've worked professionally in Europe, Australia, China, India, Dubai, Orlando, NYC, and more. I have trained individuals from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and professions helping them all be able to sell their diverse products and services in the first meeting. And I want to help you learn the skills to change your life and improve your Business - Today.


This course will teach you step by step, the most relevant, professional and essential skills to the sale, that you must know in order to close your sales in the first meeting. If you want to improve your online and in-person you need the skillset to do just that.

Normally this product sells on my website for $1,800. I decided to make available this course for a fraction of its cost in order to help many individuals and entrepreneurs looking for better methods to increase their revenue.

By learning how to be a master closer and be able to close your sale in the very first meeting online and in person, meaning you will take these sales skills with you, and you can apply them to sell anything, anywhere, but faster and more effective.

Those who have taken this course have been able to build their business, put food on their table and boost their own economy by far!


Taking action is what makes things happen. Action Takers know a great opportunity is only available when they do something about it. By improving key skills to grow their business, they save time and money, which makes a huge difference.

Those who just let things pass and just keep thinking about it, rarely do something to change things for good, mostly because it´s hard to get out of the comfort zone. They rather keep doing things the same way and only hope for the perfect moment when everything somehow aligns itself out.

This course will give you the edge to do what others simply can´t: Closing more deals the first time.

The benefits are many times greater than the small investment you will make today, plus you can put these great skills to your service every day for the rest of your life. Definitely a "No Brainer"!


Thank you for taking the time to read all the way up to this point.  Perhaps "something is telling you" this is the kind of skill all successful business owners must-have.   And you are right!  That´s the green light for you to move forward. To have better chances of thriving in the months to come, you will need to close lots of deals.  You will be glad you got this done.

I encourage you to take action now.

Don't let any excuse to get in your way to grow your business by using what you will learn in this course.

Welcome and see you inside!

Jason Milton

CEO @ Today Only Sales


How to close sales faster than your competition
How to close sales faster than your competition
How to close sales faster than your competition
How to close sales faster than your competition


Why This Course?

Close your sales the first time, every time (online & in person)

Course content overview

STEP 1: Goals And Intention

STEP 1: Goals and Intention

STEP 2: The 3 ways we communicate

STEP 2: The 3 Ways we communicate

Let's test what you've just learned!

STEP 3: Professional attire (men & women)

STEP 3: Professional attire for men

STEP 3: Professional attire for women

STEP 4: Task tension model

STEP 4: Task tension model

Let's test what you've just learned

STEP 5: The 3 parts to the brain you must know

STEP 5: The 3 parts to the brain you must know

Let's see how much now you know...

STEP 6: The warm-up

STEP 6: The warm-up

Let's check your progress...

STEP 7: The discovery

STEP 7: The discovery

Let's see what you know...

STEP 8: The 6 key emotional drivers

STEP 8: The 6 key emotional drivers

Test your new knowledge

STEP 9: Putting them In the picture

STEP 9: Putting them In the picture

Review what you just learned

STEP 10: Asking for the sale

STEP 10: Asking for the sale

Test your knowledge

Tie in + bonuses

Tie in & bonuses

Final evaluation


Chikako14 May 2020

This is the amazing video! Jason gives us the key to success your sales presentation! A must see for anyone who wants to success your business!


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