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Clojure: The Complete Beginner's Guide

Learn Clojure, a fun new functional programming language

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Basics of programming in Clojure

Advanced Clojure concepts

Working with IntelliJ IDEA

Working with REPL


Why learn Clojure

Clojure is a general purpose, Java inspired, functional programming language.

In 2019, the popular site StackOverflow rated Clojure as the highest paying programming language in the world, and second highest in the United States.

Many big players like LinkedIn, Cisco, CitiGroup etc use Clojure as one of their main languages.

This course teaches you:

  • to install the Clojure environment on a PC or Mac

  • the language basics like

    • functions

    • data types

    • variables

    • etc

  • the fundamentals of

    • loops

    • sequences

    • exception handling

    • etc

  • advanced topics such as

    • namespaces

    • agents

    • reference values

    • etc

  • practical applications of all studied concepts

  • plenty of coding challenges

We will apply everything we learned through coding small applications to solidify what we are studying.

This course opens up many opportunities to work in a niche market, where your skills will be highly values by employers. There is a huge shortage of Clojure skills, and you can claim the top spot.

Clojure is also a fun language to learn. Being a LISP language, it makes it much easier to write code, with Clojure code being on average much smaller than Java or JavaScript. It's a great skill to have if you're looking to expand your programming tool belt.

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Clojure: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Clojure: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Clojure: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Clojure: The Complete Beginner's Guide




Hello from your instructor

What is Clojure


Where to get the code


Install Java on a Mac

Install Leiningen on a Mac

Install IntelliJ on a Mac

Install Java on a PC

Install Leiningen on a PC

Install IntelliJ on a PC


Explaining the code

Language basics


Data Types



Compound Data Types

Coding challenge

A solution to the coding challenge








Exception Handling

Coding challenge

A solution to the coding challenge

Adding complexity





Reference Values

Coding challenge

A solution to the coding challenge


Final thoughts

Thank you


Jesus11 September 2020

The content is good, high quality. But the font size used in all the course is too small, watching this course on a mobile device or on a small laptop is really difficult.

Ross4 September 2020

I was generally enjoying this course until I posted a question about a code example into the Clojurians Slack channel. There I was told by two Clojure maintainers that the code example demonstrated totally unconventional and unsound practice and was highly discouraged from continuing the course. For example, nesting a def inside a defn. It was then I also realized there was really no introduction to variable scope, a pretty fundamental aspect of any programming language. I won't say you'll learn nothing from this course but it's probably better to look for an introduction elsewhere.

Edwin4 August 2020

Good course to learn the basic syntax but has no information about functional programming an all stuff behind. A more specialized course must be taken after that to get the advantages of the language

Mykola29 July 2020

There are some mistakes a.g. when it was spoken about types, the teacher used 'someSymbol as example of keyword, no provided example for default branch of case statement. Not sure but looks like (- (+ 2 (/ 5 3)) 1) is equal to 2 + 5 / 3 - 1 but not (- (/ (+ 2 5) 3) 1)

Back26 June 2020

It's too basic. I understand everything. Great course if you don't know about functional programming or Clojure and you want to start with them.

Neil18 February 2020

Teaches the basics well enough. A couple of gripes: firstly, I don't feel like the elegance of the language comes through in some of the tutor's solutions, in particular the car dealership solution felt a bit procedural and clunky. Secondly, some bad practices are being taught, in particular the use of def (which has global scope) inside functions. But I'd recommend the course nonetheless!

Zoran20 January 2020

Nice introduction to Clojure, there could be more examples and comparisons between OO languages and Clojure.

Gloria15 January 2020

The course was very useful. I have prior programming experience so it was easy for me to understand, but I expect it this would be much more difficult for a complete programming beginner. Also it would have been helpful if the code was zoomed in a bit more. I found myself straining a couple times. Overall very good course for people who are new to clojure, and who have some experience coding in other languages :)

Antti5 January 2020

Started the course with zero experience in functional programming and/or clojure. I am now more aware what the functional programming, LISP and Clojure stand for and am able to continue my studies further. Really good starter / basics course.

Shruti16 December 2019

It was great learning a new language and the course was quite detailed at the same time the examples helped a lot

Andy1 December 2019

Content is explained in a nice way, but it is really hard to read the code in the videos which is a shame.

Naylin1 December 2019

At times, felt like he was presenting the slides instead of explaining. Introduce a lot of features and function without explaining them. Title said for beginners but the way things are explained, you definitely need some type of coding background.

I29 November 2019

It has been good to see how to get an environment setup for Clojure, but then the actual content on the language has been a bit lacking. Specifically, many typos in the slides in 'Language Basics' - both simple things like Lava rather than Java, and also incorrect code examples (both due to apparent copy paste). Also on the slides, the use of all caps when this is a language that is idiomatically done all lower case (and is case sensitive). And lastly very disappointed on the minimal detail around compound types (such as Maps, Lists, etc) which are somewhat key in the language, but one of which (Map) is then the basis of the first coding challenge.

Carl24 November 2019

This course is not aimed at complete beginners (programming in general), you need to have some programming experience.

Wayne19 November 2019

Good course, some of the challenges took a little digger deeping than I thought to come together, which is a good thing. It whets the appetite to move on to some more of the clojure fundamentals


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