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Clear and Simple vSphere 7 Foundations (VCTA 2021 Associate)

Prepare for the VMware Certified Technical Associate exam. Learn about vSphere version 7 and how to manage it.

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Design and Administer a vSphere 6.7 environment

Create and configure vCenter, ESXi hosts, and Virtual Machines (VM)

Understand and configure vSphere Standard and Distributed Virtual Switches

Manage vSphere 7 Storage inlcuding vSAN, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, and FCoE

Create VMs, manage VMware Tools, work with vApps, Templates, Cloning, and Snapshots

Configure vMotion, DRS, High Availability, and Fault Tolerance

Upgrade older versions of vSphere to vSphere 7


Are you looking for VMware vSphere Training? Do you want to learn from an experienced trainer who makes complex concepts simple and easy to understand? Do you need to prepare for the VMware Certified Technical Associate exam?

I am a VMware Certified Instructor who has taught thousands of hours of live training directly for VMware. Most lectures in this course are 5 - 15 minutes long. A few deeper topics are slightly longer. There are over 40 real-life demos of tasks being performed in a vSphere 7 environment using the new HTML5 vSphere Client.

VMware vSphere is everywhere. Non-virtualized datacenters are a thing of the past, and in order to stay relevant you must understand vSphere. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn vSphere, including absolute beginners.

Topics covered in this course include (but are not limited to):

vSphere Essentials

  • Licensing

  • Installing ESXi and vCenter

  • Basic ESXi Configuration and Management

  • Content Libraries

  • LifeCycle Manager


  • Understand vSphere Networking Concepts

  • Configure vSphere Standard and Distributed Switches

  • Virtual Switch Features


  • VMFS, NFS 3, NFS 4.1

  • iSCSI

  • FC and FCoE

  • LUN Masking and Zoning

  • vSAN

Managing Virtual Machines

  • Templates and Cloning

  • VMware Tools

  • OVF and OVA Templates

  • Snapshots

Resource Management

  • Configuring vMotion Requirements

  • vMotion, Storage vMotion, and Shared-Nothing vMotion

  • Configuring DRS Clusters

  • DRS Affinity Rules, Overrides, and advanced settings

  • DRS Automation Levels and Resource Fragmentation

  • Resource Pools


  • Collect Diagnostic Data

  • Generate Log Bundles


  • vSphere High Availability

  • vCenter High Availability

  • Admission Control

  • Heartbeat Datastores


Clear and Simple vSphere 7 Foundations (VCTA 2021 Associate)
Clear and Simple vSphere 7 Foundations (VCTA 2021 Associate)
Clear and Simple vSphere 7 Foundations (VCTA 2021 Associate)
Clear and Simple vSphere 7 Foundations (VCTA 2021 Associate)




Getting Your VMware Certification

Configure and Manage vSphere and ESXi 7

vSphere 7 Licensing

Introduction to Virtualization

vCenter 7 Architecture and the Platform Services Controller (PSC)

Demo: Installing ESXi 7 Using Interactive Installation

Demo: Deploy the vCenter Server Appliance 7

Demo: vCenter 7 VAMI

Demo: Add ESXi Hosts to vCenter Inventory

Demo: Licensing vCenter and ESXi

Demo: Basic ESXi Configuration

Demo: Create a Content Library

VMware Flings

Configure and Manage vSphere 7 Networking

Virtual Networking in vSphere 7

vSphere Standard Switch Features

vSphere Distributed Switches

Virtual Switch Features in vSphere 7

Demo: Create a vSphere 7 Standard Switch

Demo: Create a vSphere 7 Distributed Switch

Demo: Configure Virtual Switch Features in vSphere 7

Configure and Manage vSphere 7 Storage

Storage Virtualization Concepts

VMFS and NFS Concepts

NFS Version 3 vs. 4.1

Demo: Create an NFS Datastore in vSphere 7

Fiber Channel Storage

LUN Masking and Zoning

Fiber Channel over Ethernet

iSCSI Storage Concepts for vSphere 7

Demo: Configure iSCSI in vSphere 7

Introduction to Virtual SAN (VSAN)

vSAN vs. Traditional Storage

Deploy and Administer vSphere 7 VMs and Apps

Demo: Create a VM in vSphere 7

Demo: Install VMware Tools in vSphere 7

Demo: Upgrade VMware Tools on vSphere 7 VMs

Demo: Inflate a Thin-Provisioned Disk

Demo: Create a vApp in vSphere 7

Demo: Working with Templates in vSphere 7

Demo: Clone a VM in vSphere 7

Demo: Import an OVF Template in vSphere 7


Demo: Working with Snapshots in vSphere 7

Demo: Managing VM Templates in an Content Library

Using vMotion to Migrate vSphere 7 VMs

Migrating VMs with vMotion

vSphere 7 vMotion Enhancements

Demo: Configuring vMotion in vSphere 7

Demo: Performing a vMotion Migration in vSphere 7

Demo: Configure a Scheduled vMotion in vSphere 7

Storage vMotion Concepts

Storage vMotion Improvements in vSphere 7

Demo: Performing a Storage vMotion in vSphere 7

Demo: Shared Nothing vMotion in vSphere 7

Administer Availability in vSphere 7

Basic vSphere High Availability Architecture

HA Datastore Heartbeats and Host Isolation

HA Failure Scenarios

Demo: Basic High Availability Configuration in vSphere 7

vCenter High Availability for vSphere 7

Demo: vCenter 7 Manual Backup to an SMB Share

Demo: vCenter 7 Scheduled Backups and Retention Policies

Fault Tolerance in vSphere 7

Demo: Fault Tolerance in vSphere 7

Administer Resource Management Features in vSphere 7

Understanding vSphere Resource Pools

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Concepts

DRS and vSphere 7 - What's New?

DRS Affinity Rules

DRS and vCenter

DRS and Maintenance Mode

DRS and Automation Levels

DRS and Resource Fragmentation

Demo: Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) in vSphere 7

Basic vSphere 7 Troubleshooting

Demo: Verify VM Network Configuration in vSphere 7

Demo: Verify Host Networking in ESXi 7

VMware Skyline

Gathering and Uploading Logs in vSphere 7

Demo: Working with Alarms in vSphere 7


Aswathanarayana22 July 2021

Started new role in my career, as IT Infrastructure Specialist, Windows and VMware administrator, So it is necessary to improve my knowledge on VMware and the Certification as well, so this course is i think helpful, Thanks to Crisci ....

Robert24 June 2021

Great course! I have found the demos to be especially helpful! Edit: While I stand by the above review, it has recently come to my attention that Rick has not answered any of the recent questions in the Q&A sections (or maybe any - I only went a little ways back). This is disappointing,

Piyush31 May 2021

Awesome course! Covered a lot of material. Have a greater understanding of the fundamentals of vsphere 7.

Neil15 March 2021

The presentation is clear and precise, no confusing jargon, all new terminology is explained very well.

Predrag4 March 2021

5 stars would be to much. Maybe, because this should be learning for entrance nivou, teacher could provide us more details. for example, in storage section I was not sure if traffic goes through normal networking ports (rj45 or sfps) or there is a special connection used only for that. Storage switches also, are those networking switches used of everything or there are some special switches just for storage. but solid 4 :D money well spent

Johnson15 February 2021

the licensing demo lesson 10 was actually a repeat of the theory lesson 3 apart form that it is quite in-depth compared to the official vmware course for this exam but highlighted a few things I didn't know

Douglas7 January 2021

I would have liked to have had a more in depth explanaton when setting up the virtual switches and machines or should I say to slow it down when you were creating the devices. I would consider my knowledge base is at a real minimal capacity.I know I will be repeating these videos multiple times before it sinks in.


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