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Cisco CCNA Real World Project - Network Upgrade in 5 Days

Learn how to upgrade a real network in 5 days and boost your skills in preparation for your Cisco certification exam

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6.5 hours


Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Identify network project components

Understand how to upgrade core switches

Create a network diagram

Upgrade a SOHO Cisco based network

Add a new switch to the network

Implement Etherchannels

Perform a failover test

Adjust logging and monitoring

Implement IP SLA

Troubleshoot basic network issues

Create documentation

Install and test a UPS


UPS, cables, racks, failover tests, network diagrams, troubleshooting... things that you need to know and will struggle to find in a book!

You know that passing a Cisco exam is not enough, right? You need some real world experience. I appreciate it might not be easy. That's why I came up with this unique idea and recorded a real network refresh project. I use a special action camera so you can see all details (racking, cabling etc.).

If you are CCNA certified or you are studying towards that exam, you will get a chance to see a lot of topics from your book in action. This training will show you a network refresh project step by step. When things go wrong... I keep recording. There are no hidden or preconfigured tasks here. You will see everything live!

CCNA Real World Project covers:

  • Overview of project processes
  • Network diagrams
  • MS Project
  • Replacing core Cisco switches
  • Stacking Cisco switches
  • Etherchannels
  • IP SLA and failover
  • Firewalls
  • Adding a new gigabit switch
  • Racking and cabling
  • Troubleshooting network issues
  • Failover tests
  • Logging and monitoring
  • SNMP
  • Back-ups
  • Documentation
  • UPS testing & installation
  • ...and much more

Contents and Overview

In over 6 hours of content, including 50 lectures, this course covers the full cycle of a simple network project. You will find quizzes and challenges to allow you to test your knowledge before moving to the next section.

We start from scratch discussing an existing network diagram and our expectations. I show you new devices and how to configure them.

There is a section dedicated to every single day of the project, showing you every task in detail, including hardware installation and cabling.

Check out a real Cisco project. Gain some experience today.

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Cisco CCNA Real World Project - Network Upgrade in 5 Days
Cisco CCNA Real World Project - Network Upgrade in 5 Days
Cisco CCNA Real World Project - Network Upgrade in 5 Days
Cisco CCNA Real World Project - Network Upgrade in 5 Days


Course Introduction


Challenge: Network Diagram

Challenge Walkthrough: Network Diagram

Day 0 - The Big Plan

What To Expect In This Section?

What Do We Want To Achieve?

PMP, Prince2 and ITIL in 5 minutes

Tools and Devices That We Will Need

Microsoft Project 2013

We Have To Analyze The Old Network Diagram

The Original Network Diagram

A Quick View Of The Rack

A New Network Diagram

A New Network Diagram - part 2

Our New Network Diagram

Why will my fiancée scream at me and what to do about this

Do You Understand What We Want To Achieve?

Let's Summarize This Chapter

Day 1 - Core Switches Upgrade

What To Expect In This Section?

How To Stack The Core Switches

A Health Check of The Old Network

Basic Configuration of Core Switches

Basic Configuration of Core Switches - Part 2

First Tests Of The Core Layer

Day 1 - Let's connect it all together

IP SLA - what you need to know

Final Failover Tests

Connecting Core Switches To The Existing Network

CORE0 - Template

The Core Layer

Let's Summarize This Section

Day 2 - Adding a New Gigabit Switch

What To Expect In This Section?

Our New Access Switch

Configuring The New Switch

Let's Summarize This Section And Update MS Project

Day 3 - Racking And Cabling

What To Expect In This Section

Removing The Old Devices From The Rack

Racking The Core Switches!

Day 4 - Our New UPS

What To Expect In This Section?

Unboxing our UPS

First tests!

Let's Test The Other UPS as well

Let's Summarize This Section And Update MS Project

Day 5- Documentation And Monitoring

What To Expect In This Section?

Challenge For You

Challenge Walkthrough

SNMP - Let's Get More OIDs

Updating the SNMP Server

PRTG And Back-ups


Let's Summarize This Section And Update MS Project

Course Wrap Up

Let's Summarize Our Training!

Bonus videos

How To Use Visio And Gliffy To Create Network Diagrams

Review some basic CCNA commands - Router configuration

Cables, racks and Data Centers

Basic Security Concepts

NEW: Webinar - T-shoot and CCNA Labs


Ronald25 June 2020

Content is good and presentator is knowledgeable, but content is presented at a slow pace! could be faster for myself. But that is a more personal opinion. For others the pace is just fine.

Sameer4 April 2020

Awesome content for beginner those who never see any live project please enroll and increase your knowledge with live rack UPS and many more.

Maciej5 March 2018

Very interesting course. I feel that I've learnt a lot. Easy to follow and with great attention to detail.

Stephen12 June 2017

I didn't really find the course useful and at times I found it quite hard to follow. Contains more about the project itself rather than the setting up and configuring of Cisco equipment which was quite disappointing.

Carol20 August 2016

So far it looks well organized and has good content. I'm having a little trouble with his accent, but I guess I will get used to it.

Tarik9 April 2016

If anyone studying for CCNA or wanted to become a Network Engineer this is a must see Course it has a valuable information That Covers the Network Infrastructure upgrade process step by step. I really Enjoyed watching this course :)

Raj12 March 2016

Very interest and valuable real world experiences shared during this entire presentation. A must watch

Amarjit9 March 2016

Awesome course, follow, learn, understand, make notes, research what you have learnt, student again, and practice. this course is as real as it gets. highly recommended !!

Michael29 February 2016

So far so good. I like the concept of this class. We need to have more classes like this. I look forward to the new real life examples coming soon!

Ernest22 February 2016

Awesome, Five Stars Course! Author showed you how to upgrade the network on his real server cabinet. The project procedures were introduced (Initiation > Planning and Design <> Executing <> Monitoring and Controlling > Closing) when you handled a network upgrade project. Besides this, the real live tasks were showed such as analysis, modify & installation of the core switches. Learn a lot from this course and it is worth to enroll!

Ibrahim9 December 2015

All in all the course is good. I know it is a real world example , but I think it was a bit briefed and quick. I wish newer courses provide further details.

Prashant22 November 2015

Information & content presented was really informative. It gave me confidence in going ahead with any type of Network Migration involving planning, information collection. The Presenter was really knowledgable and it will be great if he can present on additional topics like cloud security, integration of only specific domain devices. Thanks a lot for the very informative knowledge sharing done with real practical lab.

Rafiqul20 August 2015

I bought most of his video. I like it . He shows what you will face as a tech. He goes straight how to do it , also shows how you plan before you do.

Joao8 July 2015

Another excellent course by Marious. As always, a lot of troubleshooting, hard work, up-to-date contents, surprises and tons of fun. Marious is always adding new contents to his courses and answering to every question. This is the right course for any one that wants to become a better network engineer.

Hyder28 June 2015

This was an enjoyable and informative course. Without going in to too much detail, Marious covers a range of steps that would be taken in performing a typical network upgrade. What I liked best was Marious' teaching style. It's rather like having a more experienced colleague walk you through the procedures, as opposed to the traditional student/lecturer format.


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