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Cisco ASA Firewall in 12 days

A comprehensive coverage of Cisco ASA firewalls from basic level to advanced

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Cisco ASA Firewall in 12 days


23.5 hours


Aug 2019

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What you will learn

Basics of Cisco ASA firewalls

Configuring Static and Dynamic Routing

Deep packet inspection

Transparent mode of deployment

Access Rules

Network Address Translations (Basic and Advanced)


In this course you will learn how to configure and manage Cisco ASA firewalls. We will start from understanding basic concepts of a firewall such as static and dynamic routing on the ASA to configuring advanced features such as deep inspection, TCP normalization, TCP state bypass etc.

Before you join:

*This video series is a recorded class. Please view the sample videos to validate if this will work for you

*Verify audio quality from sample videos to validate if it works for you

*Verify the length of the videos to validate if it works for you

You can reach out to me with any questions while you go through this course. I commit to responding within 24-48 hours of the query. Happy Learning!


Course Outline

Introduction to the course

Day 0: Installing ASAv and a Router on GNS3

Day 1: Basic Introduction

Day 2: Routing and Redistribution

Day 2 NAT Basic part 1 - pre 8.2 OS

Day 3 NAT Basic part 2 - pre 8.2 OS

Day 3 Advanced NAT - pre 8.2 OS

Day 3 Detecting Translations

Day 4: NAT after 8.4+ OS part 1

Day 4: NAT after 8.4+ OS part 2

Day 5: ASA Redundancy - Interface, Box

Day 5: ASA Failover

Day 6: Context Based Firewall

Day 7: Active Active Firewall

Day 8: Modular Policy Framework Deep Inspection

Day 8: ASA Modular Policy Framework Part II

Day 8: TCP Normalization

Day 9: TCP State Bypass and Traceroutes

Day 9: Object Groups

Day 10: Ethertype Access Lists

Day 10: Transparent Firewall

Day 11: Prefix Lists

Day 12: Port Channels on 8.4+ OS and Troubleshooting


Vivek7 August 2020

Yes, i liked the course and the contents are very much similar to the daily work in which we involved. This course helps me to understand the configuration in very well manner.

Thorwald24 July 2020

Disregarding the requirement of GNS3 and a possibly non-legal virtual firewall, the introductory class starts without any introduction. Why are we here, what are we going to learn... Just straight in.

Usman21 July 2020

The Instructor surely knows his stuff really well and has a unique way of spreading out the knowledge, which is beneficial for beginners, intermediates and even experts in the networking field. A must have course, fully lab intensive, very informative, and very well taught. My Cisco ASA concepts definitely got a lot more clear, couldn't have asked for more clearer explanations. All Thanks to Mr. Munib Shah.

Alvaro12 June 2020

El formato presentado, en una clase real con alumnos haciendo preguntas y el instructor repitiendo los conceptos menos claros las veces que sean necesarias creo que es el ideal. Me han gustado mucho como explica y se nota que el instructor es experto en la materia. El poder utilizar GNS3 para poder practicar al mismo tiempo que sigues las clases le da muchos puntos positivos a estos cursos. La pena es que en la mayoria de los videos no se entiende bien a los alumnos cuando hacen las preguntas, pero la contestacion del instructor te hace ver por donde iba la pregunta. Hay un par de videos al principio donde la calidad del sonido no era buena, habia mucho ruido. Parece que en lo siguientes videos cambiaron de aula o de microfono y el sonido era muy bueno para estar impartido en un aula. En general muy muy satisfecho con el curso y muy recomendable.

Chady6 May 2020

Great Course. The fact that the video was recorded in a classroom, makes it more realistic and personalised as many of your questions usually are asked by some other student in the video and also when the subject was a bit confusing, Munib was able to see it through the student response and he was able to repeat the explanation. Also I liked the fact that he tests everything and shows the behaviour before and after the implementation of the commands. The only recommendation is that some of the videos were too long, some of them were 2 hours and even 3 hours.

Amar3 May 2020

Its a best course for ASA Firewall. Muneeb Sir you are teaching very well & practically. Also Sir kindly share code for VPN course. I am waiting....

Diana2 May 2020

The training is in a class setting. The instructor spends a lot of time answering question that you can't hear, very distracting for a beginner

Anonymized27 April 2020

I liked the fact that it was a recording of an actual class and you could get more knowledge with the questions students ask

Rachit10 April 2020

feeling confident, i'm editing my review, videos are way more informative and easy to learn ASA confidently.

James22 March 2020

The echo from the room makes the audio near incomprehensible. Terrible audio quality. I want a refund!

Omar3 February 2020

Excelente, no le doy 5 estrellas porque el audio no es el mejor y los subtitulos son autogenerados por lo que no son fieles a lo que se habla.

NA13 January 2020

I really got a lot out of it.The Trainer hits all the bases for the beginner and intermediate student. Overall, the presentation was very good and his explanations were clear and applied to the real world. :)

Shal12 December 2019

Course is good, but please remove the subtitle. I saw a subtitle ‘take this napkin from inside’ which is totally irrelevant. See the sentence at 0:32:00 from audio clip and see the subtitle

Paulson23 October 2019

It is good. The questions from the students are of low volume and have a lot of background noise. You may please include subtitles to overcome this.

Radhika11 August 2019

Great course. It is recorded in a class so a lot of questions get answered from the questions asked by the students :)


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