Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part 3 - Full Study Course

Full study course and instructor support for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part 3.

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Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part 3 - Full Study Course
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Feb 2023
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What you will learn

What you need to be proficient at for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part 3 exam.

Learn how organizations plan their strategy, measure their performance and are structured to achieve their objectives.

Know about the type of data analytics and their role in internal auditing.

Learn about controls related to physical and information security and data privacy and protection.

Understand emerging cyber and technological risks.

Learn about common IT systems and their development.

Know about key IT controls and about disaster recovery planning.

Understand key concepts in financial and management accounting, such as business cycles, budgeting and transfer pricing.

Learn how to analyze financial data. Know about key concepts related to management accounting.

Why take this course?

πŸŽ‰ Full Study Course and Instructor Support for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part 3 πŸŽ“

Course Overview: Embark on your journey towards becoming a certified internal auditor with our comprehensive study course for Part 3 of the Institute of Internal Auditors' (IIA) CIA certification. Designed meticulously to cover all the necessary content, this course goes beyond just exam preparation - it equips you with the knowledge and skills to excel as an internal auditor. With a focus on integrating essential business knowledge, understanding key concepts in information security and IT, and grasping fundamental financial and management accounting principles, this course is your pathway to mastering the CIA Part 3 exam and the profession.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Adrian Resag, a seasoned professional with qualifications including QIAL, CMIIA, CIA, CISA, CRMA, CFSA, GRCP, and CIMA Adv Dip MA, you're in expert hands.
  • In-Depth Review: We meticulously review all key content areas necessary for the exam, ensuring you have a solid understanding of each topic.
  • Practice Questions & Strategies: Get your hands on practice questions in every section, along with exam strategy tips to help you approach the test confidently.
  • Real-World Application: We don't just teach theories; we help you 'think' like an internal auditor, a skill that is crucial for high scores and exceptional performance in the field.

Course Breakdown:

πŸ“Š Business Essentials:

  • Understand organizational planning, strategy execution, and performance measurement.
  • Explore data analytics' role in internal auditing and how they drive decision-making processes.

πŸ”’ Information Security:

  • Delve into the world of physical and information security, learning about controls that safeguard an organization's data.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by understanding emerging cyber and technological risks.

πŸ’» Information Technology:

  • Gain insights into common IT systems, their development lifecycles, and the importance of key IT controls.
  • Learn about disaster recovery planning and its critical role in business continuity.

🧾 Financial and Management Accounting:

  • Master financial and management accounting concepts that are indispensable for internal auditors.
  • Analyze financial data with confidence, using your newfound understanding of business cycles, budgeting, transfer pricing, and management accounting principles.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the CIA Part 3 syllabus.
  • Develop a strategic approach to tackling the CIA exam.
  • Enhance your problem-solving and analytical skills specific to internal auditing.
  • Acquire practical knowledge that you can apply directly in your career as an internal auditor.

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Our review

GroupLayout of the Course: Overall Rating: 4.43

Review Summary: The course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from recent reviewers, with a focus on its supplementary value, excellent training content, and the instructor's ability to link concepts and share real-life examples. Many students found the course highly motivating and useful for understanding complex technical areas, particularly in the context of preparing for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam.


  • Engaging Content: The course is praised for its tricky questions that stimulate critical thinking and its real-life examples that enhance comprehension.
  • Effective Instruction: Adrian, the instructor, is noted for simplifying complex concepts to be accessible to a wide audience.
  • Motivational Approach: Students reported finding the course easy to follow, which motivated them throughout their preparation.
  • Supplementary Material: The course is seen as an excellent supplement to other study guides and materials, such as Gleim.
  • Practical Examples: The course provides practical examples that help students understand concepts better.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The course content is in line with CIA Part Three and covers the material thoroughly and in depth.
  • Exam Focus Areas: The course emphasizes areas to focus on for the exam, which is valuable for test preparation.
  • High Success Rate: Some students attribute their success in passing parts of the CIA exam to this course, especially when used in conjunction with other materials.


  • Slide Accuracy: A few reviewers pointed out minor issues with some slides, such as typos and discrepancies with the lecture content.
  • Material Updates: One reviewer expressed concern that the course material had not been updated to reflect the current year (2024), which may impact the relevance of certain examples and information.
  • Resource Availability: Some students would have liked to download the slides for further study or reference.
  • Original Slides Absence: There is a mention that the original slides presented in the video were not included in the provided materials, necessitating students to capture new slides during the course.

In conclusion, this course is highly recommended for anyone preparing for the CIA exam, particularly for its training quality and the way it links concepts to practical applications. However, potential students should be aware of the need to supplement with up-to-date resources and the importance of capturing or having access to the original slides for a more comprehensive study experience.



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