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Google Chrome Extension Development From Beginning [2021]

The only course you need to learn basics of google chrome extension development and develop your own right away!

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Fundamentals of Extension Development

Integrating with build tools (Webpack, Typescript)

Publishing Your Extension to Chrome Web Store

Internationalization - translate your extension!

Making HTTP Requests

Persisting Data In a Storage

Understanding of Chrome API and Listeners

Scripts Communication

A User Interface For Interacting With Extension

BONUS: PDF with 5 Simple Steps To Get A Head Start On Your Extension


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New to Google Chrome Extension development? Awesome! If I could show you a way to develop yours in less than an hour without no knowledge to begin with, would you be interested?

If yes, this is a course right for you! Course is designed with respect to your time. This means that videos get to the point and deliver core knowledge that you can use straight away.

What is chrome extension?

Chrome extensions are tiny programs that run inside your browser. They can interact with the web pages you visit, and the rest of the web.

What Will You Learn?

The goal of this course is simple: teach you how to develop a chrome extension in the shortest amount of time...

Here is a brief list of what you are going to achieve:

  • Core fundamentals of extension development

  • Structure of Chrome extension

  • Understanding of Chrome API and listeners

  • Internationalization

  • Making XHR requests

  • Main attributes of the manifest file

  • Developing with real example

  • Publishing your extension to Chrome Web Store

  • And much more...

Hurry though… the price might change at any point

And if you don't think it live up to promise I've made you...

Or you think you cannot develop your own extension in the end...

There is a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee...

All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on mine. Join the BEST Chrome Extension Development on Udemy today!

See you on the inside!


Google Chrome Extension Development From Beginning [2021]
Google Chrome Extension Development From Beginning [2021]
Google Chrome Extension Development From Beginning [2021]
Google Chrome Extension Development From Beginning [2021]



Course structure

Project Setup

What Is Extension

Extension Intro Quiz

Fundamental Concepts

Manifest File

Background Scripts

Content Scripts

Mid Summary

Extension User Interface

Extension Development Quiz

Advanced techniques

Persisting data in a storage

Message Passing

Cross-origin requests (XHR)

Publishing to marketplace

Publishing Online

Course Summary


Mahdi6 October 2020

A bit short maybe, but overall good quality video straight to the point. Maybe for the price would be good to enhance with for instance framework integration etc.

Edwin29 September 2020

Bien explicado, fácil de entender aunque me parece un poco básico. Pude obtener algunos conocimientos extras a lo que se encuentra en la documentación pero esperaba un poco más. Gracias por el esfuerzo.

Tomáš31 August 2020

I really like this course so far. The approach of the lecturer is relaxed, easy to understand, really great.

Aakarsh25 June 2020

It's a really informative course and is able to give you a really good headstart. An advanced follow up version to this course would be cherry on the cake.

Ricardo12 June 2020

This tutorial was exactly what I was looking for, how to create a new chrome extension, and how it works with chrome APIs in a simple way.

Jason5 December 2019

Explains the different parts of the extensions very well and how they interact with each other. Great course for learning the basics of developing a Chrome extension.

Smit27 September 2019

The course if perfect for beginner. But I think the course should include a tough extension example for advanced users

Kamas3 September 2019

Good intro for beginners! Would be perfect if communication between background and content scripts was introduced, and web requests as well.

Mona18 August 2019

Yes Its a good match for me. Though my main requirement is to create salesforce specific chrome extension, I do need to know the basics which Tomas is explaining very well.

Gordon14 July 2019

Very Nice. Clear overview of the extension development and submission process. Spurred lots of ideas for possible projects.

Michael6 May 2019

The instructor explains the topic quite well. I like how he regularly does a review of what has been done.

Samuel5 May 2019

Tomas gives a great overview of the core Chrome APIs and helps you get started. For anyone looking to get started on building an extension in google chrome, I definitely recommend taking this course.

R_1 May 2019

The instructor explains the concepts in a very understandable vocabulary. Seems to have a calm personality. It would be good if there's more exercises in order to practice the concepts =)

Krzysztof27 March 2019

It's good overview, what is missed is how to store information by the extension. Other than that it's a great introduction

Daniela17 February 2019

It is a great hands-on course that provides me with just the right knowledge and example to carry on a real extension implementation on my own. I recommend the course to everyone who needs to know how to create a chrome extension the fastest way possible.


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