ChatGPT Quick Guide - Prompt Engineering, Plugins, and more!

In just 2 hours supercharge your ChatGPT skills with plugins, the code interpreter, and prompt engineering!

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ChatGPT Quick Guide - Prompt Engineering, Plugins, and more!
2 hours
Aug 2023
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What you will learn

Understand how to use the ChatGPT Interface

Comprehend advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques.

Use ChatGPT to generate code to completely automate tasks.

Leverage ChatGPT Plugins to supercharge ChatGPT powers!

Learn to use the latest techniques with the ChatGPT Plus Code Interpreter


Master ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering  in just 2 hours with this quick Zero to Hero course!

**Unlock the Secrets of ChatGPT!**

Step into the world of ChatGPT and unravel its mysteries. Whether you’re a developer, content creator, or a curious tech enthusiast, this Udemy course is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT, from its basic setup to advanced functionalities.

**Discover the Foundations**: Begin with an insightful introduction where you'll familiarize yourself with the course objectives and get the ball rolling with ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground setups. This will be your starting point into a deeper exploration of ChatGPT's capabilities.

**Master Prompt Engineering**: Dive deep into the art and science of prompt engineering. You'll learn to craft effective prompts, harness the power of few-shot prompts, and guide the ChatGPT model effectively. Explore step-by-step reasoning techniques, understand the nuances of custom instructions, and decode the enigma behind model hallucinations. By the end of this segment, you'll have a robust understanding of how to make ChatGPT work for you.

**Enhance Your Textual Insights**: Get hands-on with advanced textual techniques. Learn the magic of summarization, sentiment analysis, text transformation, and expansion. By mastering these tools, you'll be able to extract core insights, play with textual tones, and dive into emotional analysis with ease.

**Plug Into ChatGPT’s Plugins**: Ever wondered about ChatGPT's extended functionalities? Discover the realm of ChatGPT plugins. You'll be introduced to the fascinating world of plugins, interact with PDFs, fetch real-time information from Wikipedia, and even book flights! And for those math enthusiasts, a special dive into the Wolfram Plugin awaits.

**Decipher the Code with ChatGPT**: Take your ChatGPT journey a notch higher by understanding its code interpreter. Decode its mechanics, explore data analytics, and visualize your findings. You'll also learn to integrate and interpret data from PDFs and images, enhancing your ChatGPT prowess.

**Begin Your Mastery**: With this course, you're not just learning; you're evolving. Enhance your prompt engineering skills, explore the world of plugins, and become a ChatGPT maestro.

**Enroll Now and Embark on Your ChatGPT Odyssey!**


Introduction to ChatGPT

Introduction and Course Overview
ChatGPT Set-up and OpenAI Playground Set-up
Optional: Brief History of OpenAI
How ChatGPT Works

Prompt Engineering Basics

Structuring and Separating Prompt Parts
Few Shot Prompts
Creating Steps for Model to Complete
Letting models "think" with step-by-step Reasoning
Custom Instructions
Understanding Hallucinations

ChatGPT Prompts with Additional Text Information

Summarization and Extraction
Sentiment Analysis and Categorization
Transformation - Tones and Formats

ChatGPT Plugins

What are Plugins and how do they work?
Interact with a PDF Document
Get information directly from Wikipedia
Book a flight with Travel Plugins!
Wolfram Plugin

ChatGPT - Code Interpreter

How does the Code Interpreter Work?
Analyze Data with the Code Interpreter
Visualize Data with the Code Interpreter
PDFs with the Code Interpreter
Images with the Code Interpreter

Bonus Section

Bonus Offers


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August 25, 2023
Fantastic 2 hrs. You filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge. I took another GPT course and was chastised I did not use Few shots, well I finally learned what it is tonight. I also learned a great deal. thank you for making this course and allowing me to participate. I have increased my LLM powers thanks to you. great bourse.
August 25, 2023
I did not know it visualized data but I did not like the way he implied it was going to access the internet but it is limited to apis on websites.
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