ChatGPT-4 BootCamp The Art and Science of Prompt Engineering

Skyrocket your ChatGPT-4 Skills with Thoughtful Prompt Engineering! Use ChatGPT-4 to Boost Your Productivity, Creativity

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ChatGPT-4 BootCamp The Art and Science of Prompt Engineering
2 hours
Mar 2024
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What you will learn

Learn the Art and Science of Prompt Engineering

Learn the Magic Prompt Formula to get the Best Output from ChatGPT

Develop an Understanding of How to Leverage AI in your Professional Domain

Demonstration of Some of the Most Mind-Blowing Use Cases of ChatGPT

Create Complex Prompt-Based Applications for your Life, Business, or Education

Different Prompt Patterns to Tap into Powerful Capabilities Within LLM's


Imagine having an AI assistant to help you with anything you need. ChatGPT could become more important in your daily life than your smartphone!

ChatGPT can be your child's math tutor, make personalized meal plans for your family, build apps for your business, and give you advice on staying safe online. You can unlock all these benefits in your first hour of using it

This course is your key to tapping into the power of ChatGPT and other amazing AI tools. You'll see incredible examples of how this smart technology can think, reason, and help you. Discover how you can skyrocket your productivity and learn how these tools actually work.

The secret is learning to write prompts - simple instructions that tell the AI what you want it to do. While AI will change many industries, many people miss out because they don't know how to write good prompts. But with this course, you'll gain that skill

You'll be able to write prompts that boost your productivity and unlock creative possibilities. The only prerequisite is basic computer skills. Start with simple prompts and work up to solving complex problems in any field.

By the end, you'll be an expert at prompt engineering - using prompts to tap into large AI systems for all kinds of tasks. Writing, summarizing, gaming, planning, programming - the possibilities are endless!

Step into the future of AI with us. Transform your work and life.

Are you ready to start the adventure?


Introduction to Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT-4 Course Overview: Our Advanced Prompt Engineering RoadMap
Setting Up ChatGPT: Exploring Its Layout and Interface
Demo: Creating a Fusion Cuisine Meal Plan and Math Game
Demo: Using Persona Pattern for Speech Pathology Guidance

Understanding Large Language Models Like ChatGPT-4

How Large Language Models Work and Their Fundamentals
Understanding and Managing Randomness in Model Outputs

Mastering the Art and Science of Prompting

Why Thoughtful Prompting is the Key to Unlocking ChatGPT's Potential
Developing a Prompt Engineer's Intuition and Mindset
Programming Unlocked: Anyone Can Code with Prompts

Introducing Prompt Patterns for Effective Prompting

Introduction to Prompt Patterns
Structure of Prompt Patterns: Formatting and Its Use Cases
Building Context and Personality with the Persona Pattern
Anatomy of Persona Pattern: Formatting and Its Use Cases

Evolving Prompts Iteratively with Updated Information

Teaching the Model Incrementally with New Information (Facts and Context)
Building a Toolkit of Reusable Root Prompts for Dynamic Scenarios
Creating Reusable Root Prompts for Dynamic Use
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