Dynamic People Illustration in Procreate

Drawing Gestures and Poses

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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

Drawing Gestures

Drawing Body Language

14 poses

Various sitting poses

Drawing outfits and props

Simple perspective for characters and outfits


Get comfortable and more confident when drawing character poses and gestures.

Do you ever feel that your characters could be more lively, expressive, and dynamic? Or, are you looking for more ideas to take your character designs to the next level? Then, this class is for you! ☺︎

Many of you, after taking my class about Stylized Characters Design, have shared that you would like to learn and practice more about character design!

And so, in this class, we will level up and I’ll take you through the journey of making your characters more lively, expressive and dynamic, by using simple shapes and drawing poses and gestures.

We will be creating a lot of little stories using character poses, gestures, clothes, and props, culminating in creating a group of characters - a stylized portrait of your friends, family, or a characters lineup for a movie or a game.

You will gain a solid skill for developing your character design and style further. You will learn:

  • what brushes I often use to create my illustrations

  • how to use a stick figure to draw poses

  • how to use simple shapes to quickly sketch the body parts

  • how to apply proportions to make your characters believable

  • how to work with the spine and weight to make your characters more dynamic

  • how to apply basic perspective to create depth in your characters

We will talk about the importance of gestures and body language so you can make your characters appear confident, shy, happy, or elegant. And you will get inspired by various examples on how to color and finish your sketches.

You will also get two creative challenges for mood and simple storytelling while adding props to your characters.

But wait, there is more ☺︎

You will learn how to approach sitting, walking, running, jumping, floating poses with lots of quick tips as well as professional advice from working with clients.

Last by not least, we will talk about what to consider when you will be creating a group and composition consisting of more characters.

At the end of the class, you will have an illustration you could print out for your home, give to someone from your family, and friends, or if you create your own, custom designs, use them in your portfolio.

I will be using Procreate 5X, but feel free to use any other drawing software or medium you prefer.

In addition, you will also get a bunch of freebies to use with this class:

  • Mood boards with photo references for your characters!

  • Fun practice sheets

Let’s get started with expanding your horizons and drawing awesome characters!

See you in the class!

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Class overview & Project
Canvas & Brush Setup

Core Concepts

From Basic Proportions to a Pose
Gesture Drawing and Body Language
Using Simple Shapes to Design a Body
Coloring Exercise 1


Confident Pose
Power Pose
Coloring Exercise 2
Shy & Reserved Pose
Elegant & Delicate Pose
Happy & Excited Pose
Jumping Pose
Magical & Float Pose
Walking Pose
Coloring Exercise 3
Running Pose

Sitting Poses

Sitting Pose
Stories - Sitting Pose
Levels - Sitting Pose
Cross-legged - Sitting Pose
Front view - Sitting Pose

Outfits & Props

Elegant vs Sporty Outfits
Outgoing vs Shy Outfits


Mood & Creativity
Point and Look

Simple Perspective

Simple Perspective in Outfits
Simple Perspective in Characters
Simple Perspective in Characters with Props

Your Turn

Group and Flow
Examples for Inspiration

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts


September 16, 2021
This review was done with the help of google translator. So far, I'm enjoying the course. The teacher explains very well. I am grateful to the teacher for sharing her knowledge with us. If I'm lucky enough for her to see this review, I'd like to ask her to turn on the platform's auto-generated captions. I'm from Brazil and my language is Portuguese. My English level is very low and I often have to stop to look for some words, it slows down the flow a bit. Other than that detail, I'm really loving it.



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