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Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt Exam Prep
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What you will learn

Understand the role of various people involved in Six Sigma, including the roles of White, Yellow, Green and Black Belts.

Learn great tools that Lean Six Sigma professionals use on a daily basis and be part of Lean Six Sigma teams in any industry.

Discuss the DMAIC Model

Get a high level overview of the Lean Six Sigma approach to process improvement.


The following article provides an outline for Six Sigma Belts. Six Sigma is one of the best technical tools used for the improvement of the quality of services and products. Six sigma management systems put the focus on improving the business by its improved management techniques. It is considered the most focused and rigorous for implementing the best principles and techniques for improved products and services.

This process works by analysing the root cause of the problem and then works accordingly for the solutions to provide the best results. Eventually, six Sigma is putting more focus on reducing waste, improving quality, and producing better products and services faster and cheaper to provide growth to the organization and the customer. Six Sigma has a different approach based on the level of competence in understanding and applying related tools. Belts are a Green belt, black belt, and Master black belt.

Features of Six Sigma

  • Its focus and aim are to eliminate unwanted waste from the process and deliver the product and service whatever the customer is expecting.

  • This defines the roles of the participants and follows a structured methodology, it is a data-driven methodology, which is why accurate data collection is prime and that’s analyzed.

  • For financial statement, the six sigma is seen up to; it is a multidimensional structured approach for increased profits, increased customer satisfaction, improved processes by reducing costs, reducing process variability and lowering defects.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to start the important work of instilling quality and operational excellence within your organisation / clients. This skill is now in high demand as organisations look to stay competitive in todays market, so delivering savings and efficiencies on a large scale will set you apart from the crowd.


Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma White Belt
7 principles of Lean
8 Types of Waste
8 Types of Waste Continue
Understand Variation
Solving Problems PDCA Cycle
Standardization and 5S
Benefits 5S and Standard Work
Just in Time
Exercises on Takt time
Single Piece Flow
Built in Quality
Built in Quality Continue
Managing for Daily Improvement
DMAIC Framework - Define
Measure, Analyze
5 Whys
DMAIC framework - Improve
Japanese Terms
Different 6 Sigma Belts


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