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Certified Encryption Specialist v2 Practice Exams 2021

EC Council ECES v2 Practice Exams Updated 2021. Get Ready for the final exam by completing these practice exams

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Certified Encryption Specialist v2 Practice Exams 2021


200 questions


May 2021

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What you will learn

EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist v2 Practice Exams 2021


Preparing for EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) v2 Certification and want to test your skills ?

Then you have found one of the best practical exams available to test your knowledge in order to be ready for the examination.

The EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) program introduces professionals and students to the field of cryptography.

The participants will learn the foundations of modern symmetric and key cryptography including the details of algorithms such as Feistel Networks, DES, and AES.

What you will learn in ECES?

· Types of Encryption Standards and their differences

· How to select the best standard for your organization

· How to enhance your pen-testing knowledge in encryption

· Correct and incorrect deployment of encryption technologies

· Common mistakes made in implementing encryption technologies

· Best practices when implementing encryption technologies

Modules of ECES:

1. Introduction and History of Cryptography

2. Symmetric Cryptography & Hashes

3. Number Theory and Asymmetric Cryptography

4. Applications of Cryptography

5. Cryptanalysis

You will find 4 practice exams with questions for all modules included in the official exam.

The result of practice exam will help you in keeping track of the module you need to revise.

Explanations for the correct answers are provided for all questions.

Total 200 practice questions

About the Exam

Number of Questions: 50

Test Duration: 2 Hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions

Passing Score: 70%


Eric26 June 2021

I like all of the questions. Would like to see more questions and maybe some designs and diagrams for automation or visual. Thank you.

Corey26 May 2021

The course description indicates that there are explanations for the questions. There are no explanations just links to Wikipedia. That's all, nothing more. The questions are just a definition from Wikipedia with the missed first word. Many questions in the first and second tests are repeated, and several questions have two-choice: true or false. In the EC-Council's exam, you will not find questions with these options, minimum 4 options. For me, this course is a waste of time and money. I can just read the definitions from Wikipedia instead of this course.

Alejandro22 May 2021

Es muy bien curso para entender encryption!. Los preguntas son buenas es me ayudaron para apprender mas. Gracias!


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