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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Learn The Foundations of Solution Focused Brief Therapy; SFBT

Learn How Solution Focused Therapy Is Similar to Positive Psychology

Learn What Issues SFBT Is Best For

Learn About SFBT; Coping Questions

SFBT; What Is The Miracle Question and Why Is it So Important

What are Exceptions Questions and Scaling?

Learn About Intake

Learn What Happens In A Session

Meditation and Success Tips


Do you have issues that you think you might need therapy to deal with?  Are you a Counselor or Therapist looking to expand your knowledge base?  I created this course with you in mind

Join over 74,000 students in 180 countries taking Pursuing Wisdom Academy courses. 

In this course you will:

  • Learn What Is So Powerful About Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • Learn About The Intake Session

  • Learn How A Session Is Set Up

  • Learn The Structure Of The SFBT; Therapy Method

  • Learn About Coping Questions

  • Learn About the Miracle Question

  • Learn About Exceptions and Scaling

  • Helpful Questionnaires and Worksheets INCLUDED

  • So Much More!

Take action by enrolling in this course.  It is backed by a risk free 30-day money back guarantee.  You also have lifetime access to this course and all updates.  I am a full time instructor.  If you have questions, place them in the Q&A section and I will respond.

Imagine yourself being more empowered and with increased understanding and skills in the area of Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Upon completion, you do earn a certificate of completion from Pursuing Wisdom Academy.  I look forward to seeing you inside the course.


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Course Promo
What Is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?
How Is Solution Focused Therapy Similar To Positive Psychology?
The History of Solution Focused Therapy
How Is Solution Focused Brief Therapy Different?
Foundations of Solution Focused Therapy
Therapy Assumptions
The Importance of Coping Questions
The Miracle Question
The Exception Question; Scaling
Solution Focused Brief Therapy Techniques
The Issues Treated With This Therapy
Do One Thing Different
The Solution Focused Brief Therapy Approach
Advantages of Solution Focused Brief Therapy
What Happens In A Session?
Inside A SFBT Session?
Coping Questions and Experiment
Mind Mapping
Sample Treatment Plan
Intake of Solution Focused Therapy
Goal Setting
Focus and How To Improve It
Meditation And Solution Focused Therapy
How To Meditate
Success Tips
Number of Sessions; Limitations
Course Wrap Up and Conclusion
Bonus Lecture


April 24, 2022
The lectures are disorganized. After we cover one topic and proceed to the next subject, the lecturer returns to what was previously covered, as opposed to fully covering the topic in its entirety during the lecture. The slides seem repetitive and the information superficial. It's okay, I just hoped for more. Maybe the next lectures are more in-depth and organized?
April 22, 2022
good information but so much on a slide and to small- key points would have been better. To much of just reading the screen rather than shared personal knowledge
March 24, 2022
I understood the piece on sleep and relationships but how does that relate specifically to SFBT. I would have preferred some real-world examples from an actual practicing SFBT therapist/counselor. It's important to quote the source of the material in some way on each section or at the end with a bibliography or reference sheet.
February 3, 2022
The facilitator tends to read everything on the slide instead of explaining and giving example in more dynamic and interactive way
December 27, 2021
I know some information about SFBT and this was very weak. More into mindfullness and relaxation aspects and less about the actual SFBT process. The lecturer is a lawyer with an interest in psychology. Very disapointing , not up to the usual Udemy quality.
August 13, 2021
This isn’t even SFBT at this point. It never really cares why. It doesn’t do goals like this. This is a sham.
May 14, 2021
I really enjoyed it. I've learnt some valuable techniques that I can use on myself, in times of stress and to help others with their stress. I work with children on a mental health ward at the hospital, and it will be really helpful to use some of your techniques with them.
April 3, 2021
I expected more than rudimentary basic level. Additionally, the section on relationships was filled with negative biases too often projecting assumptions of negative emotions and difficulties.
December 30, 2020
Another of your wonderful courses to help my clients with controlling their lives and future success in their lives
May 17, 2020
This course has helped me to understand thus far that I am responsible for my actions and have to account for them. Above all I have the power to maintain my inner peace.
May 5, 2020
Yes it was a good match. I have previously delivered SFBT in my role but have had a break & wanted to refresh my skills which it did. Thanks you.
April 2, 2020
Learnt a lot of the foundational skills, felt like it could be a lot shorter by making it one video (instead of 30+ with each having a 10 second intro/sum up from the last.



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