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CCENT and CCNA Real World Labs - Cisco Training

When things go wrong... I keep recording! Learn how to troubleshoot routing, switching, wireless, security and much more

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Have fun watching a REAL Cisco Engineer troubleshooting all issues LIVE - when things go wrong - I keep recording!

Apply CCENT and CCNA topics in real life situations

Learn how to troubleshoot REAL issues on routers, switches, access points and firewalls

Understand how a network REALLY works

Learn topics that are not in CCENT/CCNA but are important

Learn how to apply for a job as a Cisco Engineer

Get a lot of experience with labs in Packet Tracer and GNS3 (challenges)


20 hours of Real World Videos and Packet Tracer / GNS3 Labs and Challenges!
Learn things that you really need to know.

Right... so you want to work in networking? Great choice... wait a minute... what about your experience? Oh... you read two books and played with Packet Tracer? That might NOT be enough!

  • 20+ hours of Real Life Networking videos (HD) including troubleshooting of switches, routers and access points (wireless), creating a perfect network diagram, installing and managing monitoring tools (PRTG, Kiwi Syslog etc.), applying for a job as a Cisco Engineer, working with Cisco TAC Support...
  • NO boring and useless topics which you will not find in the real world!
  • GNS3 and Packet Tracer Labs and Challenges
  • Real World Questions and Quizzes


Why are your videos better than 1000+ similar offers online?

Simple! Because it is ALL about real life examples! No boring and useless topics, no marketing, no useless commands - labs, labs, troubleshooting exercises....

I cover things that you SHOULD know but you will struggle to find in a book: network diagrams, monitoring tools, racks, applying for a Cisco job etc.


I am studying towards CCENT/CCNA. Will it help me get my cert?

Of course! There are a lot of questions and labs on your CCNA exam so for sure my videos and labs will help you prepare for your exam. However, my project is more focused on real life examples so not all CCNA/CCNA Sec topics will be covered and some will be covered in more details (including some CCNP topics and Microsoft topics). That's a good thing as you can use my videos at ANY stage of your career in Networking!


CCENT and CCNA Real World Labs - Cisco Training
CCENT and CCNA Real World Labs - Cisco Training
CCENT and CCNA Real World Labs - Cisco Training
CCENT and CCNA Real World Labs - Cisco Training



Introduction to the series

Creating a perfect CCNA lab - what to buy?

Creating a perfect CCNA lab - part 2 - Failover Test *

How to use Packet Tracer

GNS3 introduction and a lab

My lab - see what I use to teach

Basic CCENT / CCNA topics

Basic Router Configuration - part 1

Basic Router Configuration - part 2

Setting up a Cisco SOHO 877 Router

Setting up a Cisco 881wg Router

Cisco Real World Quiz 1

Real World CCENT/CCNA Topics

Loop at Layer 2 in action!

The INTERNET is DOWN... Help!!!

The Internet is down - REAL example

Troubleshooting Layer 2

Troubleshooting Layer 3

Network diagrams

Routers' hardware - broken flash card in 877

Mistakes to avoid - VLANs and EtherChannel - part 1

Mistakes to avoid - VLANs and EtherChannel - part 2

Subnetting part 1

Subnetting part 2

Subnetting - Challenge!

Subnetting document

Dynamic DNS

Remote Support Tools

Cisco TAC Support - is it good?

What is this native vlan all about?

Native vlans in action - let's break some rules... again! Live and crazy video!

Iperf to troubleshoot wireless

Cables, racks, patch pannels, data centres...

Did I break the wireless... again?*

CCNA Real World Quiz 2

It is not only Cisco over there

It is NOT only Cisco over there - part 1

It is NOT only Cisco over there - part 2

What do you mean I have to know Microsoft? - part 1

What do you mean I have to know Microsoft? - part 2

CCNA Real World Quiz 3

Network Monitoring and Analysis Tools

What is this SNMP, Syslog and Netflow all about?

Setting up PRTG - part 1

Tweaking PRTG

Other monitoring tools for SOHO

CCNA Real World Quiz 4

Let's summarize the series then

BONUS videos

NEW! Windows Server 2016 and Radius

Site to Site VPN in Packet Tracer

ACLs in action - part 1

ACLs in action - part 2

Live Webinar 1

Things that went wrong during the series :)

GNS3 T-shoot LAB

Introduction to ASA Firewalls

An Interview with an IT Engineer

Webinar - T-shoot and CCNA Labs

Cisco Packet Tracer 6

NEW! Challenge!

Real Cisco Project


Real Cisco project - Introduction and our plan

Let's go shopping

Unboxing the Cisco 867 Router

Let's test our Access Point

A Real World Example - A D-link DCS-5009l IP Camera - NEW!

NEW: And one More Challenge: Why is this Network so Slow?


Siddheshwar22 July 2020

Very nice explanation on each and every topic, but some topics labs need to cover basic so students can understand more

Peter5 April 2020

Few courses on Udemy are as comprehensive, and try to provide the level of hands on knowledge. There are a hundred CCNA videos on Udemy that will read from a CCNA book. Marious does it different, you get to walk through breaking things, fixing things and understand WHY things work the way they do. On top of it Marious is actually reachable for questions and advice. I can't recommend all of Marious' videos enough. I've never regretted a purchase, and even as a Linux Admin his knowledge has saved my bacon more than once at work. His courses saved me during my first internship, when all that book work didn't quite help when I got a heap of boxes and wires to connect!!!!! I keep coming back and keep learning more :) Thanks!

Kamil13 August 2019

There is not only theory, but practise too. That's why I recommend this course for everyone who want to increase CISCO knowledge.

Barbara21 May 2019

This is a good course for people who want to learn CCNA and networking. It is like live troubleshooting sessions. Easy to follow. Instructor is always available to clarify any question. Highly recommended!

Dexter25 May 2018

Which one is it you(instructor) are focusing on? CCEnt or CCNA. A lot of subjects were missed and I see this course as a duplicate to his other 100-105 course. Too much rambling. Time of course could have easily been cut in half.

Curtis11 June 2017

Very comprehensive with a lot of good information. Instructor knows the material cold and his delivery is excellent. The Instructor provides good interesting real word information.

Gary25 February 2017

The course provides real world scenarios/solutions that are helpful in the field, as the cameras continue to roll when things go wrong. The instructor explains why you should implement a particular solution, which aid in gaining clarity in the complex world of networks!

William19 February 2016

Recommend this course if you want to learn CCNA and want to know networking. Instructor in this course is very very nice and really good explain. He always answer your questions and reply on discussions. He speaks English a bit slow but clear and I like this way because I can catch his important words. :D Lessons are nice prepared and enough information for you to understand in each lessons. Recommend.

Ernest17 February 2016

Many useful skills & tips are showed on this course and they are useful in the workplace. For examples: 1. Cisco Commands such show process cpu, show cdp ... 2. Explain Native VLAN concepts, Troubleshoot Layer 2 Looping with a real Cisco lab. 3. Collect network devices logs with Kiwi Syslog Server 4. Monitor Cisco, HP, Cyberoam, Zyxel network devices with PRTG Network Management System Cool ! I really enjoy this course !

JPineiro11 December 2015

This is one of the best video courses I have come across. The instructor speaks in a very simple way which makes it very easy to follow and understand. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone that wants to become CCNET.

Hyder5 July 2015

Liked this course because it is something different to the bulk of CCNA material out there. Marious explains things in an easy to understand manner and from different perspectives.

Okemo17 June 2015

I was very pleased with this course by Mr.Marious Kuriata. It was a nice introduction to Cisco networking including GNS3 and Packet Tracer. You will learn how to configure Cisco Routers and Switches, and how to connect to the internet. Many other important topics include access lists, ssh, telnet, and network security. He really knows a lot, and he share his knowledge with his students.

Joao11 June 2015

His courses are creative and has everything you need to know to become a great networking professional. It is clear that Marious cares a lot about his students; He is always available to clarify any questions. To buy any course of him is to invest the right way in your career and yourself.

Daniel6 November 2014

I like it focuses on the real world only! It is like live troubleshooting sessions. I recommend to people who are studying to pass the exam or are certified.

Aga10 May 2014

Good videos if you are preparing for CCENT/CCNA or you are certified already. He teaches in a very similar way to Jeremy Cioara. Not bad for $19.


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