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CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam - Labs

CCNA Security Labs that you can practice at home with a full list of commands. A review before the CCNA Security exam.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Implement CCNA Security topologies

Configure Zone Based Firewall

Troubleshoot VPNs

Configure ASA Firewalls

Create an SSL VPN Portal

Add Radius Authentication

Identify and Implement L2 Security (DHPC Snooping, Port Security)

Implement All Labs using Packet Tracer or GNS3

Debug Network Issues

Use Multiple Show Commands to Verify Settings

Create and Practice your own Labs at home

Be more Comfortable taking the CCNA Security exam!




It is not enough to go through videos to pass the CCNA Security exam (210-260 IINS). Do you think you're ready for this challenge? Maybe you need to focus on labs and go through all the main topics in a few days? You've come to the right place. This course is perfect if you are familiar with CCNA Security topics and you are looking for a supplement to book and video courses. Here you'll find 7 big labs for 7 days plus exam tips. Includes a lot of practice questions, quizzes, and a final exam (25 questions!). What's more: when things go wrong - I keep recording. Learn how to troubleshoot network security issues. This is great for Network Engineers looking for real world scenarios and tips as well.

There are two unique features of this course:

  • Labs cover multiple areas at the same time (e.g. Zone Based Firewall and Router Hardening, ASA Firewalls and Radius)

  • All commands used in the labs, tasks, and network topologies are attached to the  course as an ebook you can download!

Pass the Cisco CCNA Security exam (210-260 IINS) first time and master all skills in 7 days.

Please note the course is designed for students who have already covered most of the CCNA Security exam topics and need a quick review or are looking for a supplement to practice labs and simulations.

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CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam - Labs
CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam - Labs
CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam - Labs
CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam - Labs




Why is this Course Unique?

How Can I Create all These Labs?

Day 1 - Zone Based Firewall and Basic Security Features

What to Expect in this Lab

Prepare all Devices

Enabling the Zone Based Firewall and Troubleshooting

Finishing the Lab - Logins, Passwords, Remote Access

Quiz 1

Exam Tips

Day 2 - ASA Firewalls with FirePower and SSL VPNs

What to Expect in this Lab

Verify Security Settings on an ASA Firewall

Verify Security Settings on an ASA Firewall - Part 2

SSL VPN Portal and FirePower

Quiz 2

Exam Tips


What to Expect in this Lab

Hardening Network Devices


Control Plane Policing

Quiz 3

Exam Tips


What to Expect in this Lab

Site to Site VPN

How to Troubleshoot VPNs

Quiz 4

Exam Tips

Day 5

What to Expect in this Lab

Setting up a Radius Server and AAA

Troubleshooting AAA on a Router

SSL VPN and Radius

Quiz 5

Exam Tips

Day 6

What to Expect in this Lab

DHCP Snooping and L2 Security - Part 1

DHCP Snooping and L2 Security - Part 2

Quiz 6

Exam Tips

Day 7

Time To Say Good Bye - How to Master all CCNA Security Topics

Challenge - The Radius Server is Down!


Bonus Videos

ASA 5506

Configure a VPN Tunnel using VTI - Lab

CCNA Labs - HSRP, SNMPv3, IP SLA - Part 1

CCNA Labs - HSRP, SNMPv3, IP SLA - Part 2

CCNA Labs - HSRP, SNMPv3, IP SLA - Part 3

CCNA Labs - HSRP, SNMPv3, IP SLA - Part 4

What is DLP?


Curtis14 January 2021

Course is very informative with detailed labs that you are able configure on your own! Instructor does a great job reviewing multiple topics together This is an exceptional course to expand on prior studies, and highly recommend.

Felipe1 December 2019

Yes, All labs are very interesting, I will take my CCNA security exam next week and I am watching these videos like part of my review.

Alvaro9 November 2019

Very honest, training for certifications must be hard! to pass the exam and also to survive in the real world! thank you!

Omoding26 August 2018

I found the course contained invaluable information. I used this course in the lead-up to my CCNA Security. I passed on my first attempt. Thank you Udemy. Only criticism, is perhaps the material could have been delivered with a slightly better flow? However the information provided is solid, and should exceed any exam requirements if the requisite material has been studied.

Kamil14 June 2018

Thank You again Marious! I'm sure I'm prepared well to Cisco exam! Next easy-to-understand course from You!

Pola9 June 2018

The tutor is excellent, very engaging and knowledgeable. The content of the course is extremely useful and interesting. Overall well structured. Highly recommended!

Gabriel21 December 2017

This is another great and fantastic course from Marious Kuriata! The depth of knowledge he shares along with his easy to understand explanations make this learning experience both refreshing and valuable. Marious uses clear to see examples, industry standard configurations, and precise topics to nail down the test. His individual sessions are broken down into sections that you can easily fit into any busy schedule. Marious also presents all the information needed in a very simple way to maximize your understanding and at a pace where you miss not one piece of information. Marious also has several other courses aimed at various topics and subjects that very unique and hit the target. I will be buying his other courses as they have helped me in everyway.

Neil11 December 2017

Enjoyed the course, pitched at the correct level (already CCNA), real world examples are good, really liked the PRTG example with SNMPv3. Prefer the bonus videos to be more security focused not CCNA, overall good stuff, great revision. As with all Udemy coursed you can repeat the videos at any time.

Aga26 October 2017

I really like this course. I am almost ready to take the exam and wanted to go through some key topics. This course really assumes you know all basics and is great for a final review. No boring topics, Marious shows cool labs and there is a nice ebook I use to recreate all labs. I like the course is recorded in FullHD and audio is great. I wish there were more quizzes but the idea for this course is to show big labs. I recommend this course to all CCNA students who want to take the CCNA Sec exam. Make sure you review all key items, because Marious assumes you know all basics. Marious uses rack rentals, but I was able to recreate most of these labs in GNS3 and Packet Tracer. If you have a real lab at home, you will be OK as well. I still recommend going through the official cert guide, because this course is a quick review only. Not a lot of quizzes here, I hope Marious will add more questions so we can practice even more CCNA Sec topics. I will rate this course 5/5. Thanks.

Sherri11 October 2017

This was a waste of time and money and not helpful at all towards my CCNA Security exam. These are good labs for those who are not familiar with the Cisco topics covered, but completely useless for the Cisco CCNA Security exam. This exam provides an extremely limited ASDM console, so learning how to do each configuration in ASDM several different ways with limited options would be more helpful. Using shortcuts like tabbing and ? are never available in any Cisco exam. While that is not really applicable for the CCNA security exam since console questions are minimal, it applies to all other security exams. The instructor should have these commands memorized if he's supposed to be teaching students who will need to know them for a Cisco test. CCNA Security does not cover any of the topics that this lab covers.

728 August 2017

The instructor is very helpful and informative with the content he is producing. The videos in this series have, hands down, been very fulfilling and refreshing. The instructor creates a very engaging environment, while simultaneously, getting straight to the REAL content you will need to know in the CCNA:Security certification. I could/would not recommend another course better than this one.

Paul24 February 2017

As a teacher, I am impressed with the presentation ability and teaching style. Perhaps the best $10 I have ever spent. Thank you for such a good course, so far!

Amarjit28 January 2017

Again marious has created a wonderful course which is not only informative but applicable to real life application and scenarios !! good stuff marious !!

Marcel21 January 2017

This course requires good understanding of CCNA sec topics and is a great way to review key items. I have enjoyed the course so far. A lot of this tips for the actual exam as well. I like the idea that there are really big labs which I can recreated in Packet Tracer or using a real lab. I think this is a great course for people who are very close to taking the actual exam and want to go through some key topics. The course seems to be recorded in full hd and has great audio quality so this is a plus. I wish Marious created more labs but for this price - this is a must-have course for any Cisco engineer. I would like to add that Marious is very responsive and replies to all questions. Waiting for more quizzes and courses like this. There are quite a few real-world examples here as well, so if anyone is after labs like this, that should be OK as well. I like the lab with SSL and Radious, which goes even beyond CCNA Security and touches some Active Directory. Thanks and hope to pass my exam soon!


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