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CCNA Security Real World Labs - Cisco ASA, Network Security

Identify, lock down, and secure vulnerabilities in a small to medium enterprise branch network - real world training

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13 hours


Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Gain experience in network security areas

Master ASA Firewalls

Identify core technologies for securing networks

Help prepare for security exams


Cisco Security Training is rapidly becoming some of the most valuable training in the IT field. Passing the exam is not enough - you need some real world examples and labs. Here we go then. Learn what you really need to know about Network Security: VPNs, ASA Firewalls, UTM devices, Wireless security, Radius and Tacacs, Two-factor authentication... and much more. Now includes ASA FirePower Services.

  • NO BORING and useless topics
  • 12 hours of real world videos
  • When things go wrong... I keep recording
  • How to troubleshoot VPNs
  • ASA Firewalls (configuration, failover, dual ISPs...)
  • UTM devices
  • Wireless security (WPA Enterprise)
  • DoS and Man-in-the-middle Attacks
  • Challenges and GNS3/Packet Tracer labs
  • Monitoring Tools and Remote Support Software
  • A lot of real world examples

This training is great if you are studying towards CCNA Sec (210-260) or you are certified already. Comptia Security+ and Microsoft engineers will benefit as well. If you are interested in security, this is the right place for you.

This training is unique as it shows you real world examples and goes beyond CCNA Security topics to cover a lot of interesting topics that you need to know (e.g. wireless security, remote support, ASA Failover etc.).

Remember: hiring managers view network security training as crucial for many IT jobs. It is not enough to pass an exam, you have to know what you are doing.

Real World Training is what you need to understand different areas of Network Security.

Join now.


CCNA Security Real World Labs - Cisco ASA, Network Security
CCNA Security Real World Labs - Cisco ASA, Network Security
CCNA Security Real World Labs - Cisco ASA, Network Security
CCNA Security Real World Labs - Cisco ASA, Network Security


Introduction to the series

Why is this training so unique?

A perfect CCNA Security / Network Security Lab

How to make your lab and network cheaper?

You wanna be a Network Security Engineer? Are you sure?

What you really need to know from CCNA Security?

Basic CCNA Security and Network Security Concepts

Basic router configuration and a Zone Based Firewall

Firewall solutions

UTM devices - IPS, Antivirus, Antispam protection

UTM devices - IPS, Antivirus, Antispam protection - part 2

Let's fix a routing issue on a UTM Firewall!

How to buy a UTM - IPS device - document

DNS Amplification Attack - a real world example

DoS Attack - a real world example

Man in The Middle Attack on Windows with Cain and Abel

DHCP Snooping - lab using Packet Tracer

Authentication - real world labs

Authentication concepts and Radius

Two factor Authentication on an ASA Firewall

Introduction to WPA Enterprise (802.1x wireless)

Implementing WPA Enterprise (802.1x wireless)

FreeRadius - configuration and troubleshooting

ACS and Tacacs Authentication - Cisco Access Point

Authentcation - AAA - document

ASA Firewalls - real world labs

Introduction to ASA Firewalls - hardware

Introduction to ASA Firewalls - security levels, NAT, ACLs...

ASDM Introduction

ASDM walkthrough

Basic ASA coniguration + upgrading the images

Basic ASA coniguration (pre 8.2) - NAT, ACL, Routing, DMZ

Basic ASA coniguration (8.3+)

Introduction to ASA Failover

Implementing failover on ASA firewalls

Failover test

Dual ISPs using ASA Firewalls - let's add some redundancy!

Dual ISPs using ASA Firewalls - part 2

ASA 5505 in Packet Tracer - CLI configuration

ASA 5506 Running 9.4

ASA FirePower Services

NEW! ASA Firepower - Overview

Let's Block Some Websites

Blocking an Application (TeamViewer)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) - real world labs

PPTP, L2TP, SSL and IPSEC overview

Implementing a S2S VPN on a Cisco Router

Template for a S2S VPN on a Cisco Router

How to learn troubleshooting of VPNs

How to learn troubleshooting of VPNs Part 2

VPN - challenge! Can you fix it? - Packet Tracer Challenge

VPN - challenge 2! Can you fix it? - Packet Tracer Challenge 2 - walkthrough

Why I hate SSL VPNs ;-)

VTI lab in GNS3

SSL VPN on a Cisco Firewall

SSL VPN on a Cisco Firewall - let's lock it down!

S2S VPN on a Cisco ASA Firewall

IPSEC VPN - document



Monitoring - SNMP, Syslog, Netflow - Overview

Monitoring - protocols - document

Monitoring Tools - PRTG And Nagios

Real Bandwidth Test With Nagios - Part 1

Real Bandwidth Test With Nagios - Part 2

Bonus Videos

New! Challenge!

Cisco Packet Tracer 6

Remote Support Tools - Overview

Remote Support Tools - Radmin vs VNC

Let's summarize the series

Webinar - T-shoot and CCNA Labs

NEW: The SHA1 Function is now Dead !

Bonus - ASA and Radius on Windows Server 2016


Manas21 September 2020

Directly entering to live scenarios or visualization without explaining a basic introduction about the topic.

Matthias1 September 2020

Very well done, hooks you up right from the start. Good explained topics. For people which are interested or want to be better at security concepts its a must have.

David5 June 2020

Starting off by saying let your own network be your lab is hitting home that if you really want to learn networking it has to be higher stakes if you want to get something out of it.

Peter5 April 2020

This is an awesome course. I appreciate the guidance on building my own lab, and then going through all the different scenarios we should know. It's true we're not just studying for the exam, we want to ace the exam, and ace our jobs. That's what I appreciate about this course it brings both to the table. Also I like Marious' method, he is really brave! He works on the system without prep, encountering common issues. It's true "sanitized" trainings show you the perfect case scenario, but when I go and do it's never a one-two click job. I'm here to also learn how an expert like Marious handles unknown variables, it's is a huge learning experience. I love these courses, thanks for your great videos!!!

Mark1 January 2019

I am only 25% through this course, but so far it seems like a good value for the price. There is a lot of information and it seems to cover quite a bit of the listed exam topics. There is a lot of extra information, such as configuration on non-Cisco equipment that I see having value as far as the real-world applications go, since most networks will use a variety of vendors, but some of that seems unnecessary if my primary focus is the IINS exam. Edit - Finished the course and added a star. This content is a great value! I have watched 2 other full courses, and parts of 3 others, and all the rest seemed to gloss over the troubleshooting aspect of the exam. I'm not sure on CCNA Sec, since I haven't attempted it yet, but on R&S it seemed troubleshooting was a focus. This course has some great troubleshooting content in it!

Ghazi20 November 2018

I like his idea to teach based on real world labs .... this case study and senario what we are looking for to help us in our work .

Barbara16 March 2018

Magnificent! Marious as always presents a high level of knowledge in a plain and simple way. I learnt a lot of useful things. I really like it. Thanks!

Hemil13 March 2018

Because he's been pointing clear facts about what needs to be done before continue with the study. Also, despite his accent he speak slow and clear for the audience.

Gabriel8 January 2018

Marious takes on the complex world of CCNA Security and translates it into a very easy to understand lesson plan. The best part of the course how he uses actual implementations of Security so you become familiar it and possibly use the exact same equipment that's in use today. Lessons are in very easy to understand and very simple format.

Steve5 September 2017

Initially I thought there was too much padding and waffle but the lessons became more punchy later on, sometimes too quick. Overall though, the course was really good and did show real world scenarios plus I got insight into Marious' capability. I will be looking out for more of his courses - learning with enjoyment.

Mayowa9 August 2017

he focused too much on asdm not many big IT companies allow everyone access to asdm he should have configured the CLI instead makes me feel like a total waste of money

Ernest14 June 2017

Great! This course is very practical and some topics are very excellent such as UTM IPS, PRTG, ASA Failover Lab especially "Why I hate SSL VPNs"! SSL VPN is not an one time job!

Haresh29 April 2017

This is a CCNA security course. It would have been better if S2S VPN configured on ASA firewall and not Router.

Robert25 February 2017

I like what I'm observing to this point...content seems pretty good... video and audio quality are fine... pretty good presentation.

Nathan17 August 2016

This course throws in good trouble shooting scenarios...I would like even more real world break fix issues be taught to problem solve in this instructors courses to come.


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