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CCNA Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 200-125 and 200-105 Exam

CCNA / ICND2 Labs that you can practice at home with a full list of commands. A review before the exam.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Troubleshoot CCNA / ICND2 network topologies

Configure and verify routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, static routes)

Implement inter-vlan routing (SVIs, router on a stick)

Enable IP SLA on a Cisco device

Verify Layer 2 (Spanning Tree, VTP, EtherChannels)

Configure SNMPv3

Troubleshoot HSRP and failover

Set up IPv6 including routing for IPv6

Understand a lot of show commands to help you pass the exam

Implement your own CCNA / ICND2 labs using Packet Tracer

Prepare for a job as a network engineer




Do you think you're ready for the CCNA (200-205) or ICND2 (200-105) exam? Do you need to focus on labs and go through all the main topics in a few days? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find 7 big labs for 7 days. Includes a lot of practice questions and quizzes. What's more: when things go wrong - I keep recording. Learn how to troubleshoot network issues.

There are two unique features of this course:

  • Labs cover multiple areas at the same time (e.g. BGP, OSPF, and troubleshooting, switching+security, IP SLA, SNMPv3 and HSRP etc.)

  • All commands used in the labs, tasks, and network topologies are attached to the  course as an ebook you can download!

Pass the Cisco CCNA or ICND2 exam first time and master all skills in 7 days.

Please note the course is designed for students who have already covered all CCNA/ICND2 topics and need a quick review.

In this course you will learn:

  • Routing protocols and how to troubleshoot them (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, RIP, static routes)

  • Inter-vlan routing

  • HSRP and failover

  • IP SLA and Tracking

  • Spanning Tree Protocol, VTP, and EtherChannels

  • SNMPv3 using a real monitoring server

  • IPv6 and routing in IPv6

  • Configure network security features

  • Master troubleshooting techniques

  • Use multiple show commands

  • LLDP and CDP

  • NAT, ACLs, and more!

  • Troubleshooting labs in Packet Tracer (files to download)

  Contents and Overview 

In over 4 hours of content, this course covers the main areas and topics required for the CCNA/ICND2 exam. No theory here - just labs and live configuration.  Labs are available for download (topologies, tasks, and commands).

It is all recorded and edited in Full HD using high quality audio.

Pass the CCNA/ICND2 exam. Join now!


CCNA Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 200-125 and 200-105 Exam
CCNA Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 200-125 and 200-105 Exam
CCNA Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 200-125 and 200-105 Exam
CCNA Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 200-125 and 200-105 Exam



Why is it a Unique Course?

How to Study: Download Packet Tracer for Free

E-book with all Labs and Running-Configs (100+ pages)

Day 1 - Implement this Topology

What to Expect in this lab

Let's Configure our First Devices

Verification and Troubleshooting

Quiz 1 - Overview of Routing and Switching

Day 2 - Inter-Vlan routing, Ether Channels, and more!

What to Expect in this lab

Layer 3 switches: SVIs and Ether Channels

Routers and Routing. Finishing the Lab

Final Steps: NAT and Troubleshooting

Quiz 2 - L3 Switches

Day3 - BGP and OSPF

What to Expect in this Section

Basic Configuration and OSPF: Designated and Backup Designated Routers.

BGP, NAT, and Show Commands you need to master

Quiz 3 - BGP and OSPF

Day 4 - How to Troubleshoot Layer 2

What to Expect in this Section

Spanning Tree Protocol, DTP, and VLANs

Ether Channels and VTP in Action

Day 5 - HSRP, SNMPv3, and IP SLA

What to Expect in this Section

Let's enable HSRP on Two Core Switches

IP SLA with More Advanced Options - A Real World Example

SNMPv3 with a Real Monitoring Server

Quiz 5 - HSRP, SNMPv3, and IP SLA

Day 6 - IPv6, OSPFv3, and EIGRP

What to Expect in this Section

Let's Enable OSPFv3 and Verify all Settings

A Tricky Question About Routing

Quiz 6: IPv6

Day 7 - Our Final Lab and Awesome Exam Tips

You Need to Know These Commands

Break and Fix: Some Final Examples and Topologies

A Challenge for you - Fix this Topology!


Bulding an Awesome Lab and Rack at Home.

How to Configure and Troubleshoot BGP

Some ICND1 Labs

How to Troubleshoot Network Issues

How to Set up and Configure a Network Monitor


Michal31 January 2020

Świetny kurs, przystępnie wyjaśniane poszczególne przykłady, krótko mówiąc dokładnie to czego potrzebowałem w ramach powtórki materiału przed egzaminem CCNA.

Bartlomiej11 January 2020

One of the best course before taking CCNA exam. "The must have" for everyone before the exam. Everything clearly explained with realistic simulation.

Tim21 December 2019

Very useful course for applying theory into practical skills, I found this course was a great asset in my study regime and helped me pass the exam.

David13 December 2019

Fantastic course - Marious is extremely knowledgeable and concise with his explanations, but at the same time makes you think about each solution – therefore building on your skills.

John23 August 2019

This was a fantastic review for the ICND2. It really helps to go through all these labs, set them up yourself and figure it out. If you get stuck you can watch the videos until you get back on track. Highly recommend!!!

Tyler1 October 2018

Marious is a well-organized teacher who delivers content at the right tempo and at the right time to help the information and skills sink in. Loved it!

Jordan23 June 2018

This guy is super helpful with the course material and running through troubleshooting. He helped me out tons with passing the ICND1 and I'm confident he'll be just as critical in me passing the ICND2. Great course, great value

Eric18 May 2018

This product is just what I was looking for to polish my skills before the CCNA test. It offers additional tools, such as an Ebook. Very helpful!

Ryno15 March 2018

The course was very comprehensive and well thought out. I felt that it covered all the topics necessary for the CCNA R/S exam.

Fredrick2 March 2018

The little mini lectures you provide while working through the labs really help me stay focused on why I am performing the tasks instead of mindlessly going through the motions.

Cled23 January 2018

I really liked the exercises and labs which will help or I can review again to fix a problem that I may encounter on the job, thanks for sharing.

Cesar15 January 2018

Thank you for the material provided to practice for my CCNA exam, I will be doing soon and it has been very useful. I became CCNA certified 200-125 this week thanks to your training and explanation on the labs!!!!

Nasser21 December 2017

I really appreciate Marious style of teaching. He creates a feeling of enthusiasm. Not only he teaches the course but he provides training. Very valuable knowledge that is necessary in real world. He is great resource. Thanks to Marious and Udemy.

Ryan25 October 2017

The lab explanations and descriptions in the PDF guide could be written better and clearer, but overall the content is great for review, especially before an exam.

Jimmy27 February 2017

As usual, Marious is hands on. Personally, it is suited for me working as network engineer. Those labs are the prerquiqsites for anyone who wants to improve int networking and get the CCNA.


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