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CCNA 2020 - CCNA 200-301 exam - a complete guide - Cisco

Includes unique videos presenting REAL Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, access points, cables, connectors, and labs

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Explore the Functions of Networking

Configure Cisco routers and switches

Quizzes to help you master all topics

Build a Simple Network

Understand Ethernet and Switch Operation

Connecting to the Internet

Do Subnetting in a few seconds!

Understand cabling, patch panels, and tools

Configure a Wireless Access Point

Troubleshoot Common Issues

Manage Network Device Security

Dynamic Routing Protocols

Secure Administrative Access

Implement VLANs and Trunks


Configure IPv6 Routing

Network Security


CCNA exam - 200-301

Did you know that CCNA is one of the most important exams in the IT World today? Interested in unique training? Keep reading!

Join the CCNA course that will help you get ready for the new CCNA exam - 200-301.

This CCNA course teaches you all networking concepts and application  skills for configuring Cisco routers and switches. It includes a lot of real world examples and presentations, e.g. how to make an ethernet cable and use a patch panel, stacking Cisco switches, subnetting and much more... You will also see lectures with whiteboards and clips showing real routers, switches, access points, firewalls and network tools.

  • The OSI Model and network fundamentals

  • Configuration of Cisco routers and switches

  • Labs with 20 routers!

  • Cabling, including fibre optic cables and racks

  • How to use a virtual rack and save money

  • Subnetting made easy

  • VLANs, VTP and Spanning Tree Protocols

  • Dynamic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF,EIGRP, BGP)

  • Access lists and security concepts

  • Overview of firewalls and UTM devices

  • NAT configuration with real world examples

  • How to troubleshoot network issues

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Quizzes to help you pass theexam

  • Wireless concepts

  • Automation

  • Network security: DHCP Snooping and ARP inspection

  • A lot of extra lectures: BGP, RIP, EIGRP, IP SLA, PPPoE, and more!

The course is perfect for anyone seeking to learn how to set up and troubleshoot Cisco networks. 

Contents and Overview 

 In over 20 hours of content including more than 150 lectures this course covers a whole range of topics required for your CCNA exam and the real world as well. Each chapter closes with a quiz to make sure you  can practice exam questions and test your knowledge before moving to the  next section. 

We start from  scratch discussing The OSI and TCP/IP models, subnetting and network protocols. Then you move to basic router configuration and routing protocols. You will learn many interesting concepts about switches, access points, and firewalls. This course  also discusses cabling, WAN, subnetting, and troubleshooting tips. 

Join now! 


CCNA 2020 - CCNA 200-301 exam - a complete guide - Cisco
CCNA 2020 - CCNA 200-301 exam - a complete guide - Cisco
CCNA 2020 - CCNA 200-301 exam - a complete guide - Cisco
CCNA 2020 - CCNA 200-301 exam - a complete guide - Cisco


Course Introduction


A Very Important Update!

Webinar - Feb 2020

Should I really get CCNA?

CCNA 200-215 - What's New?

Understanding Networks

What to expect in this section?

Introduction to networking

Network devices

Basic terms that you need to know

Network Types

Three-Layer Hierarchical Design Model

Let's put it all together - a network diagram

Collision Domain And Broadcast Domain

Let's summarize this section

Quiz - basic network terms

The OSI and TCP/IP Model

What to expect in this section

Overview of The OSI and TCP/IP Models

TCP/IP Model

Application, Presentation and Session Layers

Transport Layer - overview

TCP and UDP discussion

Port numbers

Network Layer

Data Link Layer - overview

MAC addresses and why we need them

Even more examples for L2

Physical Layer

The Big Story - let's browse the Internet!

Quiz - The OSI Model

Let's summarize this section

Cables, racks and network tools

What to expect in this section

Cable testers, crimping tools...

Overview of network cables


Patch panels and network sockets

How to make an ethernet cable

Our project - patch panel, sockets and cable testers part 1

Our project - patch panel, sockets and cable testers - part 2

How to access a cisco console from an office next door?

Let's summarize this section

Cisco IOS

What to expect in this section?

Introduction to Cisco IOS

How to connect and manage Cisco devices


Let's configure our first router!

Show commands that you need

Upgrades and back-ups

How to recover a password on a Cisco device

Our first lab

Challenge - fix a router

Quiz - Cisco IOS

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section

What to buy?

How to Practice all Labs for Free at Home

How to read and create a network diagram?

Introduction to rack rentals

Create an account and buy a time-slot

Let's book a time-slot

How to use a virtual rack

Overview of Packet Tracer

Introduction to GNS3

A challenge for you!

Let's summarize this section

IPs and subnets

What to expect in this section?

What is an IP address?

Public vs private addresses

Subnetting - are you ready?

Tips to make your life easier

Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)

Troubleshooting IP addresses

Subnetting - quiz

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section?


Let's open a Cisco router and check what's inside

Boot up process

Basic configuration… again!

Introduction to routing

Static vs dynamic routing

Static routes

Implementing static routes - part 2


EIGRP part 2

EIGRP - part 3 - lab

EIGRP - part 4 - final lab


OSPF - More Advanced Features

OSPF - implementing OSPF on Cisco routers

OSPF - implementing OSPF on Cisco routers - part 2

OSPF - DR and BDR discussions

Our final lab with 20 routers!

Our final lab with 20 routers - part 2

Challenge - issues with OSPF

Quiz - Routing

Let's summarize this section


RIP - Overview

RIP - Lab

RIP - Lab Part 2


BGP - Introduction

BGP - Features

BGP - Our First Lab

BGP Attributes


What to expect in this section?

Introduction to switching

Let’s configure a switch

Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Vlans and trunks

Implementing trunks on a Cisco switch

Inter-vlan routing

Overview of VTP

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Features of STP: root bridges

Spanning Tree in action

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol


Network Security

Stacking Cisco switches (2960s, 3750s, 3850s)

Troubleshooting L2

Challenge - fix inter-vlan routing

Quiz - switches

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section

Introduction to security

L2 Security

AAA discussed

Firewalls and UTM devices

Firewalls and UTM devices - part 2

A real failove test!

Cisco Configuration Professional Tool

Wireless networks

How to connect and configure a Cisco Meraki Access Point

How to buy a good firewall

Quiz - security

Let's summarize this section

Access Lists

What to expect in this section?

Overview of Access Lists

Standard Access Lists

Extended Access Lists

More labs on ACLs - a challenge in Packet Tracer

Quiz - access lists

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section?

Introduction to NAT

NAT configuration and verification - let's connect a router to the Internet!

Port Address Translation

How is it done on firewalls?

Quiz - NAT

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section?

Introduction to Wide Area Networks

PPP concepts

How to configure PPP on a Cisco router

Introduction to DSL technologies

Configuring ADSL/VDSL on a Cisco router

PPPoE on a Cisco firewall and a SOHO Router

Quiz - WAN

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section?

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) all about?

Site to site and remote access VPNs


Overview of IPSec

IPSec - let's get deeper

IPSec - facts

The next generation VPNs - SSL

SSL VPNs in action

Quiz - VPN

Let's summarize this section


What to expect in this section?

New features of IPv6

Adress types in IPv6

Let's enable IPv6 on a Cisco router

EIGRP and IPv6

OSPF and IPv6

Stateless DHCP in IPv6

Stateless DHCP in IPv6 -Lab

Quiz - IPv6

Let's summarize this section

IP Services

What to expect in this section?

High Availability

Overview of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP

Implementation of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP - part 2

SYSLOG - what is it all about?

SNMP is a very important protocol!

Netflow and how it can help us

Let's summarize this section

Quiz - IP Services


What to expect in this section?

How to start troubleshooting a Cisco network

Issues at L2 (switching)

Issues at L3 (routing)

The final lab

The final lab - part 2

We need a DHCP Server!

Your final challenge - deploy a new router!

BONUS - 100 questions - CCNA

Let's summarize our training

UPDATE 200-125

NEW! Webinar - The New Exam - What to Expect + Tips

GRE Tunnels - Lab

Quality of Service - Overview

Quality of Service - Lab using NBAR

Cloud Computing



MPLS - Concepts and Labs

Security - 802.1x

Security - DHCP Snooping


Security - IP SLA

SNMPv3 using a Monitoring System - LAB


Backups - Part1

Backups - Part2

Backups - Part3

IPv6 Access Lists - Lab

Licensing a Cisco Device

How to Troubleshoot Network Issues

Cheat Sheet - Some Key Points of All New Exam Topics

Bonus videos

E-book - CCNA 200-120 quick notes

Windows Server 2016 and Radius on Cisco 2960

An interview with a Cisco Engineer

Remote Support Tools

A Template For A Cisco 800 Series Router

How to create a VPN tunnel between two Cisco routers - a bonus LAB

Introduction to ASA firewalls

Overview of wireless standards

NEW! Webinar - T-shoot and CCNA Labs

BONUS: The new CCENT and CCNA exams (v3)

Overview of Frame Relay

Frame Relay - configuration

Passive Interfaces


HSRP and IP SLA - CCNA 7 Days till your CCNA Exam

Wireless security


Priyanka1 September 2020

It was a good course and i got detailed information about the content which i want in the course... and quiz was good .. thanks :)

Rodrigo26 July 2020

i really liked all explained. The instructor gives a real examples, show a many types of network devices and configurations since Small Office to Biggest Networks!!

Mark3 May 2020

I have been following Marious courses for some time now. I like that he takes his time to explain things simply and with no rush. He also is very good at providing real world tips. Most importantly you can tell he loves to teach and this is important and explains why his courses are very good. 5 stars from me!

E.7 April 2020

I had started this course before back when it was CCENT but i didn't finish it to the CCNA level. Before i distinctly remember this course being much harder it's only now i realized that the course wasn't hard at all it was my lecturer, not that he didn't know his stuff, he did he was very experienced but his teaching skills was off. now that I'm doing this course with Mr. Kuriata it seems much easier his teaching ability in general is flawless.

William22 March 2020

This was my second go around with Marious and again I am not disappointed. I like the style of teaching. I got through my ICND-01 pretty easy and waited for this exam instead of get the old one transferred.

Agbonghae22 December 2019

Yes it is a good match for me and i like the way he explain the hardware components of the cisco device. i appreciate the time and effort

Tom29 August 2019

Disorganized. The update for the new exam materials is just tacked onto the end, and multiple pieces of information conflict with multiple other pieces. For example: At one point, instructor says the RIP protocol has been removed from the exam. Later he says "it's back!" Which is it? It's a thirty year old protocol that (literally) nobody in the real world uses anymore.

Gus18 May 2019

Too much talking about different things but about the subject. As an example on the overview of encapsulation all I got is that a box is inside another box. On the 7 layers did not get anything out of it, he gave an example and did not gave the answer.

Pankaj9 May 2019

It was nice explained and covered all CCNA topics. Thanks Mr. Marious, you have created best of best one to get as much as possible.

Aga22 February 2019

A really nice course. Easy to understand. Many interesting real world examples. Very detailed and informative. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!!

Lawrence16 November 2018

This is a very good course with good explanations. I will recommend this course for people planning to take CCNA examination and also those already on the job. Good Job !!!!

Tony26 August 2018

There are some parts in the coding process of the Cli that is not directly explained but rather done by the teacher. Nothing that can't answer ;) , but just sayin. All good nonetheless.

Ron22 August 2018

I took the Network+ course at the Community College and was lost. This helped clear some of the sticking points. The instructor was very informative with his knowledge of the subject and what the exams will cover and what they do not. Real World samples are more of what these courses need. The colleges are behind in technology and I know people who were NOT up to par in the real world when they were done with college classes.

Eric28 May 2018

This is a detailed and well-made CCNA training course. The instructor conveys subject matter in a fashion I can relate to and understand. Very good product and I recommend getting it.

Benard18 April 2018

The material is very clear and easy to understand. I like the way every thing had been broken down so far.


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