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CCENT 100-105 ICND1 Practice Exams - Pass your Cisco exam

CCENT practice exam questions with explanations and exam tips. Great for CCNA students as well.

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Jul 2017

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Learn and study thanks to explanations and exam tips

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Understand and learn routing, switching, and security

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Are you looking for reliable and interesting Cisco CCENT exam practice questions? You've come to the right place!

It is not enough to buy videos and books to pass an IT exam anymore. You have to go through as many practice questions as possible. You need questions with explanations to study and master all key topics! This course focuses on the CCENT 100-105 ICND1 exam, however it can be used for CCNA studies as well. There are five exams based on the official Cisco curriculum. Join now and take advantage of a unique webinar with a lot of exam tips and more challenges!

Here is a list of features:

  • A lot of practice questions

  • Multiple choice questions and questions with exhibits

  • Explanations to all questions

  • Questions and answers are randomized

  • All exam sections covered

  • Subnetting questions

  • Exam tips and additional links

  • All questions written from scratch

  • All key exam topics covered

  • Questions divided using the official curriculum

  • A lot of tricky quesitons to help you pass the exam first time

You get 100+ professionally written Cisco practice questions with explanations and exam tips. Many questions come with exhibits to help you master all key items.

Join now and feel more confident taking the CCENT exam.


CCENT 100-105 ICND1 Practice Exams - Pass your Cisco exam
CCENT 100-105 ICND1 Practice Exams - Pass your Cisco exam
CCENT 100-105 ICND1 Practice Exams - Pass your Cisco exam
CCENT 100-105 ICND1 Practice Exams - Pass your Cisco exam


Dominic6 January 2020

Yes it is a good match, I would have liked more questions and alternate questions so you don't just learn the answers to the set and thats it.

Sam6 January 2020

This was a good course. I learned more than what I've been reading about and knowing more is always better!!

Garfield20 November 2019

Bardzo fajny test. Pozwala dobrze przygotować się do egzaminu , skontrolować wiedzę i wskazać co należy poprawić. Dobre wyjaśnienia przy każdej odpowiedzi. Polecam 5/5

Lorena21 June 2019

I like that is very challenging you can find an explanation and the correct answer i wish the explanation were deeper as the Pearson exam. therefore you can practice and learn I fount an answer related to the IPV6 rated as a in correct answer. I know is correct. the question is what is correct from the below answer and one was that IPV6 address are 128 bits rater than 32 in the IPV4 . Well done enjoying the course

Ann-Marie25 February 2019

Its the same questions used over and over. These do not change. You arent so much learning to pass the exam, just passing these specific 20 ish questions. Would be much better if there was a back catalog of different questions testing other aspects. I feel like im just passing cos i have remembered the right answer rather than because I actually know it.

Bryon8 February 2019

Good questions. Explanations aren't bad at all. It would be more helpful to put explanations on the review page instead of referring to a link and include more topics for IPv6, configurations for things like RIP, and more fundamentals like how TCP works.

Ali1 February 2019

Really nice practise Paper helps me a lot in clearing the CCNA as i just take this test before 10 days of my CCNA helps me revised everything learn in CCNA course provided by the instructor really recommend you all to take this test paper to help you revised for your exam. best of luck

Amarjit21 January 2019

Marious has over the years of experiences share's his deep intimate knowledge of how industry best practices works when it comes to Cisco exams ( CCNA ) and with that in this course he preps you for what's to come. This will add to your bank of fortitude and millage. Thank you Marious for all the hard work.

Alan21 January 2019

The questions had a wonderful range to them . Was quite pleased with the difficulty level. It challanging for me, because I knew in advance of taking this 25 question quiz, that i would have difficulties. Even though I knew I was not 100 % prepared for answering all questions immediatley, successfully, on the spot ; I wanted to be exposed to the pressure of having to answer questions on a timed format. I will still continue to study diligently, but also come back for repeated testing to better my skills at handling timed formats. This is a wonderful tool, I can see how this will benefit me as i practice on a continuum. Thank you.

David20 January 2019

I really like the questions, but the explanations really lack in guiding you to research the answers and why you got it wrong. I feel that if you could guide the users to the right research for review this would be a solid buy. I am however a little let down on how few questions there is. I was hoping that there was a bigger pool that you could choose from for how many questions you want, but this is my first purchase from here and didn't know what to expect.

Dawid27 December 2018

Pytania bardzo dobrze ułożone i pokrywają się z materiałem potrzebnym do zdania CCENT. Polecam wszystkim przygotowującym się do egzaminu.

Maciej4 July 2018

Very interesting and thought-provoking questions. Clearly explained. Well balanced too, covering a wide spectrum of topics.

Jon2 July 2018

Some explanations to questions were empty, instructing the test taker to "go look this up" if they didn't know it. Those explanations are not helpful. All questions should have a proper explanation to the correct answer in the test, and THEN a link to outside resources if more learning is needed.

Marcus12 June 2018

Challenging and very informative. I am also able to identify where I need to improve on with the results provided.

Jeffrey29 January 2018

good array of questions, and well grouped. Only disappointed that the questions don't change each time you re-take the test


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