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CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Practice Exams

3 Full-length CBSA Practice Tests * Timed * 70 Questions Each & 210 Questions Total (With feedback per question)

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CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Practice Exams


210 questions


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

To take and pass the CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect certification exam after taking these real simulation practice tests.

To understand the basics of the CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect methodology and learn how to write effective programs.


*** These CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Practice Exams provide you with realistic test questions and provide you with interactive, question-level feedback. ***

In this course, I will prepare you for what it is like to take the CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Certification Exam. With 3 full-length practice exams with 70 unique questions and each of which is timed at 90 minutes, I have carefully hand-crafted each question to put you to the test and prepare you to pass the exam with confidence.

All questions are based on the Exam Objectives for the CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Practice Exams for all CBSA domains of the exam, so you can take and pass the actual CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect  Certification Exam with confidence!

You won't be hoping you are ready, you will know you are ready to sit for and pass the exam. After practicing these tests and scoring an 90% or higher on them, you will be ready to PASS on the first attempt and avoid costly re-schedule fees, saving you time and money.

You will receive your total final score, along with a detailed explanation and feedback on every question in our database, telling you exactly why each answer is correct, so you can pinpoint the areas in which you need to improve and study further.

A person who holds this certification demonstrates their ability to:

  • Architect blockchain solutions

  • Work effectively with blockchain engineers and technical leaders

  • Choose appropriate blockchain systems for various use cases

  • Work effectively with both public and permissioned blockchain systems

This exam will prove that a student completely understands how to:

  • The difference between proof of work, proof of stake, and other proof systems and why they exist

  • Why cryptocurrency is needed on certain types of blockchains

  • The difference between public, private, and permissioned blockchains

  • How blocks are written to the blockchain

  • Where cryptography fits into blockchain and the most commonly used systems

  • Common use cases for public blockchains

  • Common use cases for private & permissioned blockchains

  • What is needed to launch your own blockchain

  • Common problems & considerations in working with public blockchains

  • Awareness and of and the tech behind common blockchain

  • When is mining needed and when it is not

  • Byzantine Fault Tolerance

  • Consensus among blockchains

  • What is hashing

  • How addresses, public keys, and private keys work

  • What is a smart contract

  • Security in blockchain

  • Brief history of blockchain

  • The programming languages of the most common blockchains

  • Common testing and deployment practices for blockchains and blockchain-based apps

This course is constantly updated to ensure it stays current and up-to-date with the latest release of the CBSA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Certification Exam!


Emmy12 April 2020

I was having a hard time studying for this test and failed the exam the first time around. I'm feeling very confident that this time I am well-prepared! This course was really great!

Emmanuel30 March 2020

Solid practice test, it helped me focus on subjects i had trouble. This test is almost like a CBSA exam!

Tom29 March 2020

Helped me feel better about the exam. I passed but majority of the questions were scenario based. I strongly recommend purchasing an exam guide to read. But without hands on experience, I feel it would have made it way more difficult to pass.

Frank29 March 2020

A great set of practice exams for the CBSA certification! I highly recommend these be taken before taking the official exam.

Kewal14 January 2020

It’s generally good, haven’t taken the exam yet so don’t know about how close it is to the actual exam. There are questions that reference a diagram but there are no diagram. There are also some questions which are confusingly worded

Mark21 December 2019

The practice tests adequately prepared you to pass the exam. Based on this experience, I've purchased other courses from Chris and I have experienced the same quality. Thanks Chris!

Kate20 December 2019

The questions are more than great as they are totally to the point and they make you revise the theory in a very smart way! Thank you Chris!

Penelope20 December 2019

Very satisfied with the quality of the tests and the questions for blockchain and CBSA Certification Exam. Thank you.

Emmanuel18 December 2019

Great test with great value if you want to learn more about blockchain, hyperledger, corda and pass CBSA.

Dominic14 December 2019

A good learning experience that gives one the confidence to sit for the actual exams. It gives pointers as to which topic areas to focus on and improve ones grasp of CBSA Exam.

John14 December 2019

I completed the practice exams, reviewed all the missed questions and my notes and pass the CBSA certification exam. The questions were on point and covered the information needed to pass the exam.

Maria13 December 2019

These are some really good questions that force you to focus on the relevant details that clue you to the right answer. The relevant detail(s) might be one word or a couple of words so you have to be laser focused on what the question is really asking. Also, the diversity of questions including the blockchain based examples should give you the confidence for the real exam. I am really glad that I purchased the practice exam questions package. Money well spent. Good Luck to all future CBSA test takers.

Kate11 December 2019

Absolutely recommended for practicing the questions on the exam. I completed my preparation and then gave these papers. in the actual exam, i got the exact same scores as i did on these sample tests! shows how accurately the sample tests are designed. Try these before the exam for best results!


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