CAPM Exam Practice Question Set - Challenging Questions

CAPM Practice Exam. Test your knowledge with my 300+ challenging questions - Waterfall/Predictive/PMBOK7/Agile

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What you will learn

CAPM certification exam simulator, special focus on situational/scenario-based Questions


This set of exam like questions are intended to support you be prepared for the CAPM® (Certified Associate Management Professional) exam.

It includes 300+ challenging questions which are aimed to test your knowledge. 2 x 150 question sets will help you be prepared for the exam.

Full length practice tests.

Practice challenging questions which will test your knowledge.

In terms of ideal score, my advice to you score 80% correctly answered or above. The score will give you indication of your preparation level.

Key feautes of this CAPM practice tests:

1. 2 x 150 challenging questions

2. Each answer explanation is clear enough to support You

3. Will provide you an actual feel of the CAPM exam

4. Covers: Waterfall/Predictive/PMBOK7/Agile - more questions will be added regularly

Don't forget to always review and analyze all your answers. The key is to understand the PMI processes and "adopt the mindset on "how project shall be run" defined by PMI. Questions are there to find gaps in your knowledge. Spend enough time to review each explanation. Always make notes and be cautios with time.

I wish you all the best for the studies and good luck with the exam.

Gabor Stramb, PMP


I am not a PMI R.E.P or A.T.P.

PMI, PMP Certificate, PMI-PMP Badge, PMBOK, CAPM, PMI-RMP and PMI-ACP are all registered trademarks of PMI - Project Management Institute Inc.


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July 31, 2023
Content is great for learning! I used it as a supplement for better understanding of topics I was struggling with. I took the new version of the exam on July 29th, 2023. More content on Business Analysis would be nice. I am giving this course 4 stars cause I didn't find the mock exams very useful.
July 7, 2023
Hey there, my unstoppable exam heroes! Today, I want to share an update on my experience with Gabor's Exam Prep Stimulator, the ultimate tool for conquering those mind-boggling tests. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into an adventure filled with knowledge and a few language twists! ?? Let's be real for a moment, folks. We all know that professors come in different flavors, and sometimes their English can be a bit, shall we say, adventurous. But fear not! Gabor's Exam Prep Stimulator is here to save the day. Even if the questions seem to have taken a detour through the language jungle, this magical tool will lead you to the clear understanding you seek. ?? Picture this: You're puzzling over a question, scratching your head, wondering if it got lost in translation. But fear not, my language explorers! Gabor's Exam Prep Stimulator acts as your trusty guide, helping you navigate the tricky language terrain and decipher what the professor really meant. It's like having a multilingual study buddy by your side, making sure you're always on the right track. ?️? Sure, there may be a few moments where you'll raise an eyebrow and think, "Did they really mean that?" But fear not, my language adventurers! These moments are mere bumps on the road to test success. Gabor's Exam Prep Stimulator is your secret decoder ring, enabling you to crack the language code and get a crystal-clear understanding of how the test will be set up. It's like solving a linguistic puzzle and emerging victorious on the other side! ?️‍♂️?? Now, let's not forget the sheer excitement and playfulness that Gabor's Exam Prep Stimulator brings to the table. Even in those moments of language confusion, you'll find yourself chuckling and embracing the unique charm of the experience. It's like embarking on a language safari, where every question is a chance to explore, learn, and have a good laugh along the way. ?? Wishing you the best of luck, and may your test-taking superpowers shine bright! ?✨?
June 19, 2023
The questions are not cohesive and understandable, neither is the explanation of the answers. Could this be because English is not the first language of this professor? Very disappointed. This course is not helpful at all.
March 15, 2023
The grammar makes it hard to understand what some of the questions are actually asking. The tests could benefit from a thorough review and editing.
December 28, 2022
I passed my CAPM exam today. These 2 practice tests were very useful in my CAPM preparation process. Thank you :)
December 15, 2022
The questions helped me understand the CAPM concepts. The format is good and the questions have been tried and tested, and will definitely make you better prepared for the CAPM exam. Questions are also asked that you will never expect. I also recommend this product to my friends who are going for their CAPM Exam.
April 4, 2022
Great set of questions to test knowledge. I found it very challenging a few questions from the exam point of view.
July 9, 2021
A very good set of questions. Very well built and a serios test in order ot check your knowmledges before your CAPM exam.


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