Investment Banking and Finance: Venture Capital Fundraising

Investment Banking and Finance; Venture Capital Fundraising Pitching to Investors Angels, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Most Focused Udemy Course on Fundraising for Startups from Venture Capital

Significantly increase your chances of Fundraising from Venture Capital (and others) taught by an Investment Banker and Entrepreneur with nearly 30 years (29) experience in the markets

Develop your understanding of how Venture Capital looks at Business, Finance and Startup Business Strategy and how this influences their investment criteria: make sure you are talking to the right investors

How to email Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Startup Fundraising from Angels and Venture Capital; find the right investors, how to approach them, how and how to master the art of Investor Pitching

How to explain your Business Strategy and Finance requirements through your Business and Financial Plan

How to manage the Fundraising Process

Going beyond the Pitch Deck, understand Venture Capital Term Sheets and how to negotiate them

Discover the potential of Equity Crowdfunding for your business and learn from a CEO how he successfully raised money for his Startup


Welcome my Investment Banking and Finance Venture Capital Fundraising Masterclass

Are you an Entrepreneur, a Startup Founder or an Adviser? 

Does your Business need Capital? 

Is Fundraising and Investor Pitching your next step?

Where do you start?
Start Here - this course is designed to take you through the whole process from Planning to finding Investors and then understanding and negotiating a Term Sheet.

Along the way you will learn a lot about your business and even more about the way Investors think!

This Course is my "Centre of Excellence" for all things Startup, Venture Capital Fundraising and Investor Pitching

In this course you will discover and come to understand:

  • The Key Basics of Startups and Raising Capital

  • Understand the types of Venture Capital and Angel Investors

  • How to find the right Investor for your business

  • How to Present your Business to an Investor

  • How to put together an Integrated Business and Financial Plan and Pitch Deck

  • How to deliver a winning Pitch Presentation to Investors

  • How to Manage the Investment Process

  • How to Understand Venture Capital Term Sheets and how to negotiate them

  • Should You Consider Equity Crowdfunding - we discuss it in depth

  • Video Interview with a Successful Crowdfunding CEO

As we go through the course we will address some important questions:

  • Is your business right for Venture Capital finance?

  • What are your equity and non equity financing options?

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Venture Capital finance?

  • Do you understand the Stages of Investment?

  • How should you attract and engage investors?

  • What should you know about deal structures and the investment process?

  • What are the key Deal Terms you should be aware of?

  • Summary - how to to choose the right Venture Capitalist for your business?

    This course has over 198 lectures and over thirteen hours of the best content I can put together for you in one place.  With nearly 30 years investment banking experience, I have been doing this professionally for longer than I like to admit!


BONUS MINI COURSE: The State of the Venture Capital Market

I was recently invited to attend a seminar held by a leading London Technology Law firm.

At the seminar an expert panel debated the state of the Venture Capital market for early stage, Series A and Series B funding in 2019.

This training summarises many of the key points discussed and I have included my own views, comments and opinions based on 30 years of investment banking experience, 20 of them spent advising technology companies.

The opinions, errors and omissions are mine and mine alone.


Update: June 2020

New Section: Why do Startups Fail?

Check out my check list of 21 reasons why Startups fail.  90% of Startups do fail - can you avoid being one of them?


This training is important if you are an entrepreneur or founder who is looking to raise capital from VCs in the foreseeable future. As we discuss the key questions, the information will help you to position your company for funding and avoid many common mistakes and errors.

Nothing in this course offers financial or legal advice. For this you must go to your own legal and financial advisers.

My name is John Colley - I have been advising Public and Private Companies since 1988 on Strategy and Capital Raising! I have put this course together based on my experience of working closely with Entrepreneurs as well as having co-founded two businesses myself.

This is my course to help you beat the odds! I want you to succeed and really look forward to working with you to help you to make a success of your business!

Enroll today and I look forward to seeing you inside the course!


Investment Banking and Finance: Venture Capital Fundraising
Investment Banking and Finance: Venture Capital Fundraising
Investment Banking and Finance: Venture Capital Fundraising
Investment Banking and Finance: Venture Capital Fundraising


Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to this Course on Capital Raising for Entrepreneurs

Lets Get Started Right Away

What types of investors are out there?

What is the difference between Venture Capital and Private Equity?

What stage is your business at?

How Much Money Should You Raise?

What is the Difference between a Pre Money and Post Money Valuation

Is Venture Capital Right For Your Business?

Is Venture Capital Right For Your Business? Section Introduction

Look before you leap! Setting the Agenda

Key Questions For You, The Entrepreneur

Lets Take A Look At Your Proposed Business

An introduction to Startups

Startup Essentials - Markets

Startup Essentials - Profits

Startup Essentials - Business Plan

Startup Essentials - Capital

Startup Essentials - Value

Startup Essentials - Investors

Section Text Summary PDF for Download

What Are Your Equity And Non Equity Financing Options

What Are Your Equity And Non Equity Financing Options? Section Intro

What Are Your Financing Options

Equity Finance Options

Do You Really Understand Venture Capitalists?

Do You Really Understand Venture Capitalists?

Do You Match Their Criteria?

Four Key Questions to Ask?

Understanding the Investment Process

The Pros and Cons of Venture Capital Investment

The Pros and Cons of Venture Capital Investment: Section Intro

What Are The Benefits Of A Partnership With A Venture Capitalist?

When NOT To Raise Money From a VC

So What Factors Should Founders Be Considering?

Investment Stages Explained

Investment Stages Explained Section Intro

Seed, Series A and Later Stages

Pre-IPO, Buyout, Buy and Build, Trade Sale, Secondary Buyouts

How to Understand if You are talking to the right Investor

Introduction: Understanding Your VCs; A Case Study

What Type Of Investor Are You Talking To?

A Detailed Breakdown of Different Types of Private Equity Funds

What is their Ideal Investment Size?

What Stage Do They Invest At?

Stage of Business Financing from a VC Perspective

How Can You Define Venture Capitalists' Sector Interest?

What Part Does Geography Play?

What is meant by Style and Structure?

What is meant by Key Investment Criteria?

Section Summary: Do You Understand VCs?

Looking at Things from the VC Point of View

Thinking Like a VC - How to Evaluate Deals Like a VC

What Factors are important to VCs?

In Case You Were Wondering, NASDAQ Guide to Initial Listing

Considering Valuation from the VC Perspective

How do Investors value a Startup?

How do Investors Value a Series A Investment?

How do VCs look at your Market?

What do VCs think about your Product or Service?

How do VCs evaluate You and your Management Team?

Why is Exit Strategy important to VCs?

Why are Barriers to Entry important?

How do VCs consider your Competition?

What Financial Information is important to VCs?

What is the typical VC Decision Making Process?

Seed Stage VC's Decision Tree

Project: Evaluate Your Own Startup

What Questions Should You Ask Venture Capital?

36 Questions to Ask a VC Overview

36 Questions to Ask a VC Part 1 - Fund Profile

36 Questions to Ask a VC Part 2 - Investment Style

36 Questions to Ask a VC Part 3 - Deal Flow

36 Questions to Ask a VC Part 4 - Process

36 Questions to Ask a VC Part 5 - Structure

36 Questions to Ask a VC Part 6 - Value Added

Key Questions That You Can Expect a VC to Ask You

How to Attract and Engage Investors

How to Attract and Engage Investors Section Intro

How Venture Capitalists Make Money

How Angel Investors Make Money

Additional Benefits from Venture Capital

What does an Investor Look for?

How Can You Identify Relevant Venture Capital Investors?

How to get yourself on Investors' Radar?

How to Email Venture Capital and Angel Investors

How to Write an Introductory Email to an Investor

The Power of Forwardable Emails

How NOT to email investors

How to Find an Investors Email Address (if you don't have it)

Now we discuss the networking and engagement process in more detail to show you

The Investment Process Section Intro

Investment Process - First Meeting

Investment Process - Pre-Term Sheet (4 Weeks)

Investment Process - Post Term Sheet (2-4 Months)

What You Need to Know to Present Your Business to Investors

How to Deliver a 60 Second Pitch

The Sixteen Magic Words Investors Want to Hear from You

How to Write a One Pager for a VC

Top Tips on Preparing to Pitch Investors

How to prepare a Pitch Deck for an Investor

How to Prepare a Business Plan and Executive Summary

How to Prepare a Financing Strategy

Key Elements of the Financial Plan

Startup Fundraising and Pitching

Startup Fundraising - Getting Started

19 Reasons VCs May Say No

Communicating Your Vision

The Business Plan; Overview and Communication

Business Plan Core Contents

The Financial Plan

Pitching Your Business

The Pitching Process and Investor Returns

Pitching Dos and Don'ts

Post Mortems

What are Investors looking for?

How to Deliver Winning Presentation to Investors

What do Investors Want?

Bonus: Keys to a Successful VC Pitch

Outline Presentation Checklist

What is TAM, SAM and SOM and why are they important?

AIDA - Why Pitching VCs is Like Buying a Car!

Selling Your Pitch

Pitching to Win!

How to Run the Meeting

Outline Management Presentation

Defending Your Plan

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Presentation

Managing the Fundraising Process

Can You Find Me The Right Investor? An Overview of the Process

How do Venture Capitalists Source Deals?

How to find Angel Investors

How to Find Venture Capital Investors

BONUS: How to Find a Venture Capital Investor for Your Tech Company

Funding Portal Website

What Happens Next? The Investment Process

How to Manage The Investment Process

Venture Capital Term Sheets

What is a Term Sheet Part 1

What is a Term Sheet Part 2

Key Concepts in Term Sheets

What is a Term Sheet Trying to Achieve?

The Three Types of Investment

26 Key Components in VC Term Sheets 1 -5

Term Sheet Deal Terms - Overview

26 Key Components in VC Term Sheets 6 - 10

26 Key Components in VC Term Sheets 11 - 15

26 Key Components in VC Term Sheets 16 - 20

26 Key Components in VC Term Sheets 21 - 26

Negotiating Term Sheets: Entrepreneurs Perspective

Negotiating Term Sheets: VC Perspective

Negotiating Term Sheets: Mutual Issues of Concern

US Style VC Term Sheet Example

Venture Capital Liquidation Preferences

BONUS: Focus on Venture Capital Liquidation Preferences

Liquidation Preferences - Critical to your Success

Liquidation Preferences: Why are they important?

What are liquidation preferences?

The Difference between Ordinary Shares and Preferred Shares

UK SEIS and EIS Schemes and Liquidation Preferences

Types of Liquidation Preferences

Rights of Conversion to Common Stock

What are Dead Zones and Why are they important?

Seniority in Future Financing Rounds

How Can Liquidation Preferences affect your returns?

Liquidation Preferences - EXERCISE

Should You Offer Liquidation Preferences to Investors

Liquidation Preferences Summary

How To Choose the Right VC

How To Choose the Right VC

How To Choose the Right VC

How To Choose the Right VC Part 2

BONUS MINI COURSE: The Current State of the Venture Capital Market

BONUS MINI COURSE: Why This Course Is Important To You And What We Are Going To

Introduction to the State of the Venture Capital Market

What Can We Say About Valuations

How Do You Select VCs

What Are VCs Looking For

How Much Money Should I Try To Raise?

How Long Does The Investment Process Take?

When Is Debt Suitable For A Growing Business?

How Should A Founder Think About The Mix Of Debt And Equity?

What Documentation Do You Need?

How Should A Founder Sell To An Investor?

What Is The Deal Process From Signed Term Sheet To Cash In The Bank

Activity The Class Project for this Course is an Investor Readiness Audit based


Equity Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

What is Crowdfunding?

The Advantages of Equity Crowdfunding for the Investor

The Disadvantages of Crowdfunding for the Investor

How to Evaluate a Crowdfunding Opportunity?

Introduction to How to Evaluate A Crowdfunding Opportunity

The Key Data You Need To Know For Any Opportunity

Evaluating the Business Summary

Evaluating the Financial Summary

Lets take a look now at Management Skills

Management Experience is important as well...

You must take a look at the Management's Commitment!

Lets consider the Product now and start with the Market...

So, how unique is this product?

What is the Competition like?

Does the Product have (all important) traction?

How profitable is the product and therefore the investment?

Lets take a look at the most critical factor, Cash Flow!

Finally, lets see what this all means for your Investment Returns

Discover how you can turn this information into a Methodology!

Lets Summarise this Section with the 10 Most Important Factors

Lecture Notes PDF Downloadable Resource

Introduction with Andrew Monk, CEO iolight about his Crowdfunding Experience


Why did you go for Equity Crowdfunding?

What did you do early on to ensure success?

How did you go about lining up your 25%

Did you set about trying to collect email addresses?

Lets have the Investor Conversation

Are there any mistakes looking back you may have made?

So what is it like by the end of week three?

How does Crowdcube get the money to you?

Are there any other tools you used that you can recommend?

Bonus: Discussion about Campaign Videos

Bonus: Detailed Notes on this Section to Download - PDF Attached

Summary and Wrap Up

Course Summary and Wrap Up


José-María2 October 2020

It is useful to get a knowledge on some basic terms. Also it is obvious to me that Mr Colley dominates this matter. Unfortunately there is too much repetition on the content, and it does not dig enough on the subtleties of each topic. I only would recommend this course if you knew absolutely nothing, and just wanted to acquire a basic knowledge and the common vocabulary. Said that, the videos are of good quality, the language accessible and the information comprehensive.

Mike7 August 2020

This course is a right fit for the funding and reconstruction of economies that are in a downturn, due to the Corona 19 pandemic and loss of company capitalization. New startups are likely to take on the form of acquisitions in various equity buyout agreements and contracts.

Jana29 July 2020

I liked the structure and topics of this course. Everything important was covered and well explained.

Ernesto23 July 2020

Muito bom. Algumas partes repetem o mesmo conteudo, o que torna o curso um pouco mais longo, mas em geral, muito bom.

Sergey10 May 2020

It is a great course! The lectures are well structured, well communicated and full of non obvious, experience driven insights.

Saboor3 August 2019

An Excellent course indeed. Very informative, well organized and presented in such decent and impressive way. Special thanks to John for this wonderful piece of work.

Konstantinos22 June 2019

The teacher is obviously experienced and explains concepts and terms efficiently. Looking forward to learn more about Seed, Angel and VC funding, how to find them and ways to approach them and making the final deal.

Judith17 May 2019

A very good match. As someone with no idea about these concepts, you learn a lot. Difficult to follow because there is a lot of information (which is good but I have to rewind quite few times). It helps if the speaker says that we will come back to that or now it is too much of a detail so I can "ignore" it for now.

Juan7 May 2019

WOW! Thank you so much for sharing all of this valuable content with us. 5/5 star rating for expertise, communication style, and organization. Will definitely recommend this course to startup founders in my network looking to raise VC funding.

Waseem30 January 2019

I learned a great deal of information about fundraising and venture capital. I highly recommend this course.

Sonia25 January 2019

This is one of the best Udemy courses I’ve listened to - i like the context but the delivery should be a model for others. The content is taught in a bite sized way that makes complicated context digestible.

Adam3 January 2019

John certainly knows what his talking about but I feel a disconnect between the information I'm receiving (which is great) verse practical real world uses. A little more exercises would be great.

Frederick5 December 2018

Yes, the lectures are great. In terms of reference to go back to, we have two levels: the bullet points from the slides and the actual commentary from the lecture. Might be useful to have one more, third, level that is a little bit more detailed than the lectures on each topic as a kind of reference book.

Gosbert16 November 2018

Clear and straight forward. Bring much needed clarity so far. Perhaps include a few more working examples to drive home key points.

Jeff31 October 2018

This is my second course from John Colley and I am as impressed as I was with the first one (M&A Valuation & Selling a Company). John's experience shines through and his demeanor is professional without being "stuffy" or "stiff". The best instructor on Udemy I've encountered so far and I look forward to more titles from John. Well done and worth the time and effort.


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