Canva Freelancing 101: Become a Six-Figure Graphic Designer

Start your freelance graphic design carrier by learning graphic design using canva & to Get graphic design clients 2022

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

Become a six-figure freelance graphic designer in canva and canva pro using my graphic design tutorials

Find high-ticket and high paying graphic design clients from different sources using secret methods and techniques used by marketing and design agencies

Design all kind of graphics and digital products using canva without any formal design background using canva templates

Design hands-on projects using Canva including youTube thumbnail, logo, Infographic etc using canva templates

My favourite and personal techniques and hacks to boost your producitivity while working from home as a freelance graphic designer

Build a profitable graphic design business, just starting from a freelance graphic designer to six-figures graphic designer

Start and run your graphic design and branding agency online using drop servicing business model


In this course, I will share with you the complete road map to freelance graphic designing using canva and canva Pro. Learning from how to design graphics to getting clients from canva and then some productivity hacks to get success as a six-figure freelance graphic designer.

You will get to know how you can design professional and awesome graphics using canva and canva Pro with Hands-On and practical lectures. In which I have shared practical graphic design projects for freelancing including YouTube thumbnail design, infographic design for Pinterest and Instagram, logo design for businesses and professionals, t-shirts, and mug designs which fall in the print-on-demand design category, etc.

After completing this freelance graphic design course using canva and canva Pro you will be able to start your own graphic design agency or freelance graphic design business for social media graphic designing are graphic designing for local posters and flyers because in this video I have shared with you the methods that are used by top graphic design agencies and expert social media managers and graphic design Freelancers to find clients for their graphic design business Online.

These methods to find freelance graphic design clients include finding graphic design clients from Instagram, finding graphic design clients from YouTube, finding graphic design clients from Facebook groups, finding graphic design clients from Google my business and business listings, etc.

These methods to find graphic design clients are not yet streamlined and these methods are not used by freelancers at mass. So you can apply these methods to find freelance graphic design clients and run a successful graphic design business to become a six-figure freelance graphic designer are to become a graphic design millionaire and make money online using canva and canva pro graphic designing.

If you have any questions or queries regarding graphic designing or canva graphic designing are any problems related to freelancing, you can ask me questions in a discussion panel.

This is not a long graphic design course but this is a small course not only for graphic design but also for freelancing and it contains all the dos and don'ts of all freelance graphic designing.

Be consistent and watch this course till the end and stick to the course with full concentration and education watch all the lectures and complete the hands-on school project so you can master freelance graphic designing using canva.



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How Much Money Can you Make using Canva?

Learn Graphic Designing Using Canva

How to Sign Up Canva
Free Graphic Design Tutorials Library
YouTube Thumbnail Design Tutorial + Demand
Logo Design Tutorial + Demand
Infographics Design Tutorial + Demand
Print on Products Design Tutorial + Demand
Design Anything using Canva

Find Graphic Design Clients

Find Graphic Design Clients on Instagram
Find Graphic Design Clients on YouTube
Find Graphic Design Clients using Facebook Groups
Best Method to Find Graphic Design Clients Online


Thank You + Conclusions


July 13, 2022
thank you providing the course , there is onething in this course that you can add is i.e how to make post from blank sheet and rest every thing is nice
July 13, 2022
Well, it's a nice course but not detailed. I expected more, the explanations ain't enough with respect to the title, it's not comprehensively channeled towards becoming a freelance graphic designer.
July 11, 2022
good course..would have given 5 but needed more practical examples of clients..maybe the instructor could have work for 1-2 clients to give more in-depth for basic level..good course
July 8, 2022
its kind of good in aspect of sharing more details on getting clients which is my number one objective.
July 3, 2022
Well I would like to know more about this graphic design because I have always want to be a designer. So o know with your teachings I would be a great designer
June 28, 2022
The overall course was good but it could be better. While searching on Fiverr there is no specification of Canva. Secondly not a single template is made from scratch, you have used the ready-made templates.
June 27, 2022
Although the lecturer was good but It's only for beginners and if someone knows the basics about Canva than it'll not be worth his/her time!


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