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Price action trading (Candlestick patterns)

Candlestick patterns, trendline, Support resistance, stock selection criteria, Live trade , good trader quality and Quiz

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May 2021

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What you will learn

In-depth knowledge of Candlestick Patterns

Recognize key Supply and Demand level

Price action trading

Manage the risk to protect your money

Understand candlestick formations

Use the most popular and effective tools of Technical Analysis

Understand multiple candlestick formations

Set Up and use the RSI Oscillator

Develop your own Trading Strategy

Stock selection and entry - Exit criteria


This course will cover following topics and ensure trader is comfortable with price action trading

1. Basic concepts - Candles

2. Single candle sticks patterns

 Hammer, Dozy, Hanging Man, Spinning Top , Shooting star, Inverted hammer

3. Double candle stick patterns

Engulfing, Dark cloud over, Harami  pattern, Tweezer pattern, Railway pattern

4. Triple candle stick patterns

Morning and evening star, 3 while shoulders & 3 black crows, 3 outside up and 3 inside up, Rising and falling three method

5. How to develop own trading strategy

- Moving average details  for trader

- Candlesticks with moving average

- Candlesticks with RSI

- Candlesticks with support - Resistance

- Candlesticks, ADX , Volume & Super trend Indicators

6. Live trades

7. Questions from traders

- How to draw Support resistance

- How to draw trendlines

- How to draw Channels

- Which timeframe trader use and how to use multiple time frame for live trade in day to day basis

8. Gaps and Island cluster

9. Major technical indicators

Covers all technical indicators- CCI, ADX, RSI, Moving average, Super trend etc.

9. Stock selection criteria and Entry -Exit

10. Qualities from traders

- Tell Qualities of good trader which trader can use in day to day trading to get success in trades

11. Quiz on price action trading

On line support can be provided on request in special cases for trader.


Price action trading (Candlestick patterns)
Price action trading (Candlestick patterns)
Price action trading (Candlestick patterns)
Price action trading (Candlestick patterns)



Basic concepts Candle stick

Single candlestick patterns


Hanging man

Shooting star


Dragonfly dozi

Inverted hammer

Grave stone Dozi

Long legged Dozi

Spinning Top

Marbozo and belt hold

Double candlestick patterns

Tweezer top and bottom

Bullish and bearish engulfing

Bullish and bearish harami pattern

Bullish kicker and Bearish Kicker

Piercing line and dark cloud cover candles stick pattern

Three candlesticks patterns

Morning and evening star

3 inside up and 3 inside down

Rising and falling three method

Three white soldier and 3 black crows

Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators part 1

Technical Indicators part 2

Questions for traders

How to draw support and resistance

How to draw trend lines, pivot and Fibonacci use in trading.

How to draw channel

How to calculate pivot points for day to day trading and application

Trader trading time frame recommended in day to day trading

How to develop own strategy

Candle stick patterns trading with Fibonacci retracement

Candle stick patterns with RSI and ADX

Candle stick pattern with support & resistance

Candle sticks patterns with pivot points

option chain for swing trader

option chain for swing trader

stock selection and entry exit criteria for trader

stock selection and entry exit criteria in Intra day trading

Trading physiology and Qualities of good trader

Qualities of good trader


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