Media Training: Have More Confidence on Camera

Feel more confident on camera! Media training for YouTubers, coaches, course creators, journalists, video creators.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

be more confident on camera

speak clearly and with comfort on camera

enjoy being on camera

understand the basics of being on camera as a TV reporter, anchor, journalist

create better YouTube videos & online courses


Be better on camera with more confidence, authority, and comfort!

Do you get nervous when speaking on camera?

Do you wish you felt more confident and had a better on camera presence?

Are you trying to be on television, a YouTube vlogger, or an online teacher?

Do you have to be on camera for an interview, and need quick media training?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the perfect course for you. Camera Confidence, will help you feel more confident, speak more clearly, and have an overall better on camera presence no matter what kind of video you are a part of.

Learn from a television professional!

Christian Hartnett is a multimedia journalist with over a decade of on camera experience. He has a bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism and was recently the youngest field reporter for CBS San Francisco. He's learned many tips and tricks over the years that have helped him be successful. He's also made a lot of mistakes and struggled to be confident on camera, just like you.

Our Media Training Course Overview:

  • Start off with daily routines that help you speak better
  • Learn the basics of on camera preparation
  • Be more passionate and ready for your topics with research, outlining, and scripting,
  • Practice speaking on camera and get our helpful feedback to improve
  • Use your body (voice, breathing, face, eyes, mouth, hands, arms, legs) to be more comfortable on camera
  • Learn specific techniques to be better for TV appearances, YouTube vlogs, and online courses

What makes this class the best? Practice & get feedback!

To succeed in this course, you'll need to take action and participate in our practice exercises. Some of these include submitting practice videos where we'll give you honest, critical, and helpful feedback. Use this feedback to improve!

Enroll now to be better on camera!

Increase your confidence for your next video, television appearance, YouTube vlog, or online course.

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!


Phil & Christian


Media Training: Have More Confidence on Camera
Media Training: Have More Confidence on Camera
Media Training: Have More Confidence on Camera
Media Training: Have More Confidence on Camera


Let's Dive Right In

Course Overview & Instructor Introduction

Understand the Goal

Exercise: Introduce Yourself to the Class (with a Video)

Talk to Yourself

Teaching Break Television Report - Taco Bell Delivery

Engage Complete Strangers in Public

Exercise: Talk to Yourself & to a Stranger

Christian Showing You How to Talk to Yourself

Before the Camera Starts Rolling (Conceptual Tips)

Section Overview

Set Yourself Up for Success

Teaching Break Television Report - Christian in Santa Cruz

Be Passionate About Your Subject

Do Your Research

Is There an Online Forum for Your Topic

Outlining & Scripting

Section Conclusion & Exercise: Write Out Your Video Outline

Practice Makes Perfect

Section Overview

Record Yourself

Get Feedback

Start a YouTube Channel

Teaching Break Television Report - Parking Lot Exodus

Section Conclusion & Exercise: Submit Your Practice Video

How to Use Your Body to Your Advantage

Section Overview



Teaching Break Television Report - Record Swim

Eyes, Face, Mouth

Hands & Arms

Feet & Legs

Shoulders & Back

Teaching Break Television Report - DUI Selfies

Student Question: How to Physically Look Better on Camera

Section Conclusion & Exercise: Practice Using Your Body Better

Having Great Presence on Television

Section Overview

Let's Look at Some Great Television Examples

How to Show Authority on Camera

Teaching Break Television Report - Too Many Taxes

Top 5 Tips for Television Camera Presence

Teaching Break Television Report - Deadly Hit and Run

Section Conclusion & Exercise: Make a Sample TV Report

Having Great Presence as a YouTuber

Section Overview

Let's Look at Some Great YouTube Examples

Showing Your Personality vs. Being Strictly Professional

Top 5 Tips for YouTube Camera Presence

Section Conclusion & Exercise: Make a YouTube Video

Having Great Presence as an Online Instructor

Section Overview

Let's Look at Some Great Online Teachers

Engaging with the Student - Through the Camera

Top 5 Tips for Online Course Camera Presence

Section Conclusion & Exercise: Record an Online Course Lecture

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes 1 - The Beginnings of an On Camera Career

Behind the Scenes 2 - From College to Career

Behind the Scenes - The Future


Thank You

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Wilko1 August 2020

A great course with the quality I actually already expect of Phil's courses. Concise, to the point and with a high information density. I love how the actual course is separated from the 'behind the scenes' videos in the last section. Recommended for everybody who wants to feel more confident in front of the camera.

Dean27 July 2020

Phil and Christian, you guys are so awesome. I really enjoyed this course and I will be using what i have learned to start my YouTube channel. I would like to upload some of my work as soon as I can. Thanks for this brilliant, practical course.

Helen2 July 2020

I am about to start my own YouTube channel and I want to learn how to have a strong online presence especially in front of a camera.

Thomas5 May 2020

I work for a national legislature and I'm looking both to get more confident on camera for personal video projects, but also to sharpen my direction as I shoot a lot of video with members of the public and elected officials and when confidence wanes as I point my camera at someone, I don't always know what to do to help bolster someone's energy! So far, this course seems informative and light with a clear expert at the helm.

Tarek12 April 2020

The course at all amazing. Christian is a mazing, confident and also has authority. this course add for me so much. keep going... excellent.

Katz26 September 2019

I only went halfway, but the episodes are pretty short and mostly seem appropriate for someone who wants to be a news reporter. It was a waste of my time, I later found free online places with better training for appearing on camera.

Leonardo14 August 2019

The whole content of the course is within class #39, in as much as 5 minutes. Having taken the video production and the Premiere Pro courses, I was expecting a high level course, where I could find valuable tips and multiple lessons that could take me to a level I couldn't get just by Googling those things. Instead, I feel I've gotten a pretty basic content. I won't ask for a refund or anything because you guys put work into this and I did watch all of it. But it was really disappointing and not up to the standards of Video School Online. The snippets of Christian's work are really disconnected from the rest of the course. After seeing the first report, I thought what would come next was him discussing what he was doing there, what techniques he was applying and such. Instead, it's just that, no explanations, no discussion. I hope you guys can add more classes to this course to make it truly invaluable.

John31 May 2019

Excellent course with great content, 2 great teachers as well, have done a couple of Phil's courses and love the way he teaches, this course exceeded my expectations, thank you guys. Superb.

Dario29 January 2019

Good course on camera confidence. Being an extrovert I was expecting more pro tips for going "above and beyond" with filming myself, but most of what is given here is leans more towards "common sense" than anything else. Please don't think I'm saying this is a bad course, because by all means I believe it is a good one, but it felt more like a refresher course about things I already knew, and I consider myself a beginner. All in all, I do recommend this course for complete beginners, especially if you tend to be on the shy side.

Andrew28 August 2018

Outstanding course delivered by two very experienced instructors. It was just what I needed to help me look more professional and at ease on camera for the new YouTube channel I am creating. I am so happy to have found this program highly recommend it!

John18 July 2018

I think the short - to the point - videos make this class more enjoyable. I really like how you have structured the course so far and the tips you have provided.

LuV25 June 2018

Hi Phil and Christian, Great job on the course. I enjoyed every bit of it. It brought about some vital points which i hadn't thought of and which i will definitely use while starting my youtube channel. I am a naturally introverted person so i needed some encouragement to pursue making my own videos. This course has paved a way to proceed further and overcome my own shyness. Really brought home the following point: Practice.Practice.Practice.Feedback.Practice Thank you

Alexander11 May 2018

Thanks guys for creating this amazing course. I really learned a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to apply all the lessons that I've learned throughout this class. I really enjoyed it! Cheers!

Gary7 May 2018

The instructors were great and should be a must for anyone who speaks in front of a camera I would like to see another course on journalism where you would go 0ver the basics of writing and production of a good story Good work and thanks Gary Swain

Matthew10 April 2018

Highly recommend this course. These guys have obviously had a passion for this since their formative years and to me it rare to find this kind of expert in this field. On top of that, they pull back the curtain and give strategies and exercises that will enable you to improve fast if you do the work. I've completed 50% of the course and have already had my biggest struggles have been dispatched. I am looking forward to the rest of the program. Another thing that you need to consider about this course is the fact it is loaded with examples of Christian's professional newscasting experience, so the course is not all talk, it walks the walk.


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