Caesar II Training Course 2022: Piping Stress Analysis

Piping Flexibility and Stress Analysis based on the international process piping code ASME B31.3

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Caesar II Training Course 2022: Piping Stress Analysis
2 hours
Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Introduction to Caesar II-Piping software

Exercises of the piping code ASME B31.3 (Piping Stress Analysis)

Types of pipe supports (anchors, guides, simple support, hangers and spring supports)

Creation of load cases (Hydrostatic, sustain, thermal expansion)

The best Use of the Caesar II Standard Reports

Development and interpretation of a pipe stress analysis

Allowable stress, code stress


Are you a piping designer or a piping stress engineer? Are you a fresh-graduate engineer and want to be part of the oild and gas or chemical industry?. Well this ocurse is for you, where you are going to learn how to model and analyse simple and complex piping systems easily and correctly. Piping stress analysis through examples would be carried out according to international standards such as ASME B.1.3.

Many piping professionals at the beginning of their career get to model piping systems without considering good practices and the theory behind a proper design of a piping system and its piping supports. As a result, non-allowable deflections and overstress take place in the 3D piping model and therefore, a change of the support allocation or the piping route would be neccesary afterwards. This increases the costs and the timeline of the project, which affects its financial feasibility and the client satisfaction.

Get an insight into the world of piping stress analysis with the use of the software Caesar II. Practical examples of the international piping code ASME B31.3 will be exposed and analysed. The results of the analysis with Caesar II and of the piping code B31.3 will be compared to each other such as, forces, displacements, bending and torisonal stress and stress ratio.


Introduction to the menu and ribbons of Caesar II

Reset View, Insert Element, Delete Element, Break, Global Coordinates,Close loop
Increment Node,Continue,Distance, Flange database, Title, Hanger Design Criteria
Intersection SIF, Change of diameter, Bend SIF, Undo & Redo, First-Last-Previous
Materials, Piping Code, Insulation, Diameter, Wall Thicknesses, Pipe Density
Line Numbers, Start run, Message Text, Batch Run, Edit Static Load Cases

Piping Stress Analysis of the Example #1_ASME B31.3 (Appendix S)

Introduction of the Example #1_ASME B31.3 (Appendix S)
Create a new file, Create/Review Units, Change Model Units (Utilities)
Build up the piping model, operational parameters, bend, Restraints,CII Config
Edit Static Load Cases,Special execution options, Run Caesar II file (Batch Run)
Stress Analysis Reports, Comparing Caesar II_Example 1_Results vs B31.3 Results
Displacement and Restraint Summary Extended Standard Report, Print out Reports

Piping Stress Analysis of the Example #2_ASME B31.3 (Appendix S)

Introduction of the Example #2_ASME B31.3 (Appendix S)
Re-use the CII file of Example 1, Change of parameters, Duplicate, Rotate, Restr
Ribbons to check all the parameters of the piping model, lift-off supports...
Identifying negative results of the piping model, Failure in Alternate Sustained
Comparison between the results of CII and B31.3, Standard Reports, Stresses
Run job analysis again to evaluate the real stresses in the sustained load cases


January 21, 2021
Very good course to understand code requirements and analysis using Caesar 2 accordingly. Highly recommended.
January 4, 2021
He rushes through everything, poor explanations and he has some very bad habits that he is teaching to new people.
December 9, 2020
Esperaba mas profundidad del curso. No me llegó la metodologia. No hay diferencia con algun curso que se pueda hacer gratis desde youtube.
December 3, 2020
I learnt how to relate back to the design code and understand how differing line conditions affect the stress/pipe displacements
November 29, 2020
A good comparison between the results of Caesar II and the examples of code B31.3 Appendix S. They are similar which implies that the modeling and stress analysis of those examples are correct. I’m excited to receive the next advanced course.
November 20, 2020
I got an excellent insight into piping stress analysis and the related load cases necessary to come up with accurate results. The results of the code B31.3 are the same as those from the software Caesar II. I am very excited to learn even more about this field of engineering.



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