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How To Film & Edit QUALITY Videos in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 2021

How To Film Quality YouTube Vlogs & How to edit YouTube Videos in Adobe PREMIERE PRO for Beginners!


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Jun 2021

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Filming YouTube Videos

Editing YouTube videos

YouTube Vlogs

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Editing

Editing Videos

Filming YouTube vlogs

Creating quality YouTube Videos

Editing Engaging YouTube Video Introductions


This course consists of 3 elements dedicated to improving your YouTube game. It's designed for beginners who are new to filming YouTube Vlogs and Videos who want to learn how to film better videos. Its also designed for people wanting to learn how to edit YouTube videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Element 1:

As a successful YouTuber, Vlogging and filming YouTube Vlogs/YouTube Videos has been key in developing my YouTube channel. Vlogs allow you to form a relationship with your viewers which helps to grow your channel! Subsequently, people often ask me "how to film and create a successful Vlog?"

The answer is anyone can create successful Vlogs even if you are a new YouTuber or just starting your YouTube channel! I believe there's a formula to Vlogging and over the last 5 years of doing YouTube, I've learnt this formula. It involves having the right Vlogging camera, B-Roll shots, pleasing the viewers, and telling a story!

In today's class about how to film a Vlog for YouTube, I reveal all my tips and tricks for filming YouTube vlogs so that you can create a high-quality YouTube channel with successful YouTube videos

In this lecture across the 2 parts you will learn about the following:

What makes a successful Vlog

  • The best camera equipment for Vlogging

  • Vlog lighting, audio and camera setting

  • Vlog structure (objective, b-roll, transitions)

  • How to film a vlog (YouTube Vlog)

  • &More!

Element 2:

How to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners! In this class, I teach you all of the fundamental skills on how to edit a video in Premiere Pro. This is a very good class for YouTubers / aspiring YouTube content creators as I teach you how I edit my Youtube videos in Premiere Pro!

My youtube success is definitely down to my editing style and editing efficiency so this class is perfect for anyone looking to start editing in Premiere Pro or improve how they edit their YouTube videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro is great once you learn how to use it as a beginner and in today's class I show you how to edit videos in Premiere Pro, step by step, breaking it down into an easy to follow guide on how you can do the following:

1. How to edit the first cut of your video in Premiere Pro

2. How to use Premiere Pro shortcuts to save time when editing

3. How to add text and transitions when editing your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

4. How to add motion graphics in Premiere Pro

5. How to edit videos like a YouTuber

6. How to color grade in Premiere Pro for beginners {How to color correct/How to do color correction}

7. How to add music to a video when editing it

Element 3:

People often wonder how they can become a successful YouTuber... As a successful YouTuber myself I aim to create engaging Introductions for my YouTube videos and create the best & highest quality YouTube videos possible. Most of the work to do this happens In the edit.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my YouTube videos and today I show you a very neat editing style on how you can create epic YouTube video introductions in Adobe Premiere Pro that has been scientifically proven to increase viewer engagement and retention which helps lead to YouTube success.

In this class, I am sharing my top tips for YouTube Editing in Premiere Pro.

This class Is useful for all levels of content creators and video editors although beginner YouTubers and beginners In Adobe Premier Pro may find this class the most useful.

Even if you have never filmed a YouTube video before or haven't even started a YouTube channel yet this class will add value to that journey. Even if you have never edited a video in Adobe Premiere Pro before this class will teach you how you can create the intro without any prior knowledge of video editing as I explain everything step by step in easy-to-follow instructions for beginners.

In essence, this class is: How To Edit YouTube Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for YouTube

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Enjoy the class, thank you!


How To Film & Edit QUALITY Videos in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 2021
How To Film & Edit QUALITY Videos in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 2021
How To Film & Edit QUALITY Videos in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 2021
How To Film & Edit QUALITY Videos in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 2021




How to film Successful YouTube Vlogs

How To Film Successful YouTube Vlogs - Part 1

How To Film Successful YouTube Vlogs - Part 2

Section 2: How to Edit YouTube Videos in Adobe premiere Pro

How to Edit YouTube Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro - Part 1

How to Edit YouTube Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro - Part 2

How to Create Quality YouTube Video Introductions in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Create Quality YouTube Video Introductions in Adobe Premiere Pro


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