Business Writing That Gets Results

How To Write With Confidence And Grab Your Reader's Attention

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Jun 2016

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What you will learn

Understand what type of writing gets business results

Plan a successful piece of writing

Write more powerful and engaging sentences

Identify and fix poor wording

Create writing which is more readable

Objectively measure the readability of a piece of writing

Proof read a piece of writing with greater accuracy


>>Over 2000 students!<<

Most of us need to write in our day job. Maybe you need to write reports for your manager. Maybe you need to write sales proposals for tenders. Maybe you work in marketing and need to write adverts newsletter emails and website content.

The problem is most business writing is awful, and if your writing isn't good enough, it won't achieve its aims. No one will read your report. You won't win that sales tender. Your marketing content won't create any leads.

So how do you stand out from the pack? How do you write memorable content that gets read? How do you write in a way that persuades people to action (and makes you look good!)?

In “Business Writing That Gets Results" you will learn rare, but proven techniques for improving your writing:

  • How to think through a piece of writing before you type a single word
  • How to structure sentences so they will engage your reader
  • When to use words, and when to get rid of them
  • How to objectively measure the quality of your writing
  • How to proof read a piece of writing, even without a computer

These techniques are so powerful you will wonder why they aren't common knowledge. And you can learn all of them in just one hour, in this concise series of videos.

Do you want to know the best part? Every one of these techniques is so easy to use they can be applied immediately. You will see an instant improvement in your writing. So if you want to improve your business writing, sign up today!


Business Writing That Gets Results
Business Writing That Gets Results
Business Writing That Gets Results
Business Writing That Gets Results


What is Good Writing?

What is "good writing"?

The power of simplicity

Activity time

Thinking Clearly

Preparing a piece of writing

Clear structure

Activity time

Section 2 Checklist

Sentence Structure

Sentence structure: Thoughts in a sentence

Sentence structure: Length

Sentence structure: A special grammar trick

Activity time

Section 3 Checklist

Using the Right Words (and Getting Rid of the Rest)

Word use: Choosing the best words

Word use: Avoiding the wrong words

Word use: Grammar tricks for words

Activity time

Section 4 Checklist

Measuring Readability

How to measure readability

Activity time

Section 5 Checklist

Proof Reading

How to pick up errors

A technique for proof reading

Activity time!

Section 6 Checklist

Activity Time!

Now for a bit of fun...

What was wrong with that sentence?

How you can rewrite that sentence

How you can transform that sentence!

Spot the passive sentence

Spot the passive sentence - answers




Sherri4 October 2016

I am happy with the course. There was clear messages and easily applied techniques for better writing.

Jocelyn19 September 2016

The course is presented simply. The tips were also helpful. I liked the activities where I can apply what I learned. I wish there were more sample exercises. (smile)

Adil30 April 2016

A concise course but it made me complete it. I think I have learned something and try to follow the guidelines in my writing.

Vuong3 August 2015

Geoffrey is a great teacher. I think I will revisit this course again and again to improve my writing skills. The principles are basic. Yet, powerful !

Devon29 July 2015

The course is brief yet very informative. The course met my expectation. The instructor was interesting and engaging.

David29 June 2015

I apprecited the down-to-earth concepts, and certainly, on top of that there must be some more elements to suceed in writting, but missing the ones explained in this course is failure all the way. I also appreciated the quizes and checklists.

Shelly27 April 2015

It's been more than a few decades since I've covered this material. Some of the material seemed new as it was delivered in a way that I haven't previously experienced. It was a worthwhile program.

Danny23 April 2015

Easy to understand. Short videos and short quizzes. Very informative lectures. The tutor knows what is important and why it's important. Precise and straight to the point. This course covers the important guidelines of writing. Big thanks to the tutor.

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