Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing

In 1 Hour You Can Learn How To Write A Comprehensive Business Plan. Ideal for those who want to get started quickly!

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Structure Your Business Plan

Create A Plan With The Right Information

Persuade Yourself Of The Business' Viability

Command The Attention Of Investors

Attract The Right Stakeholders


Business Plan - Quick Start

If you are looking for a quick jumpstart into writing a comprehensive Business Plan then this course will help you achieve that goal. You can learn how to create a business plan in just one hour!


Let me explain

What makes this course different is that it summarizes all the important element that is necessary to write a great business plan and delivers it to you in a short; 1-hour training program. You will understand what to be included and how to structure your business in a way that helps you gain more confidence about your business. Also, this format has the capacity to persuade investors and other stakeholders to join your venture because the information will be presented in a logical step by step method.


The course can be very useful for:

  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners

(It is very practical for those who have limited time because they are currently running their business or in full-time employment)


This Comprehensive Business Plan format covers the following 5 Parts:

The course cover the five important elements that every business plan must have, gives direction on the content that should be documented and insight I have gained from writing over 40 business plans.

#1 Executive Summary - How to summarize your whole business plan into two pages in a concise interesting way

#2 The Marketing Plan - “What I Want To Do" Road testing your product/service, understand how you will reach and market to your niche as well create the workable methods of scaling

#3 Operations Plan: “How I Am Going To Do It" – Focusing on the internal structure and organization of your business. This will include clearly documenting your Management, Business Structure, Staff –Insurances, Training Requirements etc

#4 The Financial Plan: “What It Will Cost To Do It" – Working on your Cash flow Forecast and budgets

#5 Appendices: “Additional Supportive Information" - Letters of intent, Letters of recommendation -CV that can add value to your overall plan

This course is not for you to create a Draft Business Plan although you can use it as such. This course will help you create a complete business plan if you are a startup willing to work hard or you already have some experience in the business


Clear benefits.

This course will help you:

  1. -Structure your business idea
  2. -Create a no fluff business plan document
  3. -Build confidence in respect of your business viability
  4. -Communicate with investors & stakeholders effectively



  1. Cashflow Forecast Template that will also calculate the Profit and Loss Account
  2. The course slides in PDF


Why study for several hours?

But if you already have some firm idea about what you want to do and require a short but rich material that can help you put together a business plan then this course is ideal. It is pared down to the nuts and bolts of what you need and for the fraction of the cost.


Life Time Access

Once you purchase the course you will have full life time access to it. Therefore, you will be able to keep referring back to the course whilst creating your own business plan.

Besides all these, I will be there to answer all the questions you may have concerning the creation of your own business plan or in relation to this course. My goal is to help you get the results you want!


Money Back Guarantee

So you know this course comes with my personal 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, if for any reason you feel the course does not deliver you automatically get your money back.


This course is frequently updated!


Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing
Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing
Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing
Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing


The Beginning!

Course Intro & Curriculum

Just One Second!

What Is A Business Plan?

What Is A Business Plan?

​A good Business Plan should detail...

Snap Shot Of The 5 Parts

Introduction To The Business Plan Template

Viewing The 5 Parts Briefly

What Are The 5 Parts Of This Business Plan Format?

​Business Plans...

Part 1 The Executive Summary

Introduction To The Executive Summary

What To Include In Your Executive Summary

​The executive summary includes

What Is An Idea Length

Part 2 - Marketing Plan

Introduction To The Marketing Plan

What To Include In Your Marketing Section

I Need A Favor Please!

​The marketing plan includes


Part 3 - Operations Plan

Introduction To The Operations Plan

What To Include In Your Operations Section

​The operations plan...

Virtual Staff

Part 4 Financial Plan

Introduction To The Financial Plan

What To Include In Your Financial Section

The financial plan...

Cashflow Forecast

Part 5 Appendices

Introduction To Appendices

What To Include In This Section

I Need A Favor Please!


Letters Of Intent

Final Point



Course Content PDF

Cashflow Template Download Link

5 Ways To Improve Your Cashflow Forecast

An Introduction To Cashflow Forecasting

8 Week Campaign For An Album Release

8 Week Campaign For A Real Estate Business

8 Week Campaign For Social Media Content

Bonus Lectures

Small Business Loans & Small Business Grants Course!

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Magdalena17 August 2020

The information is too basic. The same info is available on the Internet, too few visual images during the course, not enough templates.

Jarrett24 July 2020

Very clear, takes the confusion out of where to start because there are so many options to write BPs.

Andrew14 July 2020

Boomy's lectures are compact, accurate, and to the point. I learned many new ideas and concepts that will help focus my business plan and map a growth plan. The bonus lecture on cashflow forecasting is an excellent introduction for individuals new to finance. I will be taking more business planning courses from Boomy.

Annette28 December 2019

Yes. The shortness of the videos was helpful because the content of the course is new to me, so I didn't feel overloaded with too much information at once.

Tristen28 November 2018

Just wanted to say that it was a great start on learning something about a business plan. There's things that need to be improved as far as going just a little bit more in depth with it but overall it was great. Just got to learn something in order to decide if I want to run a business or even do something with music, or a career of my choice. It takes work to do everything. Working harder for the experience then applying that to work smarter. Someone was just talking about some of these things to me at my job and he was dead on. That's great. I just really listened and just wrote down some things to remember. This is my first time doing a course. Is there such thing as a certificate of completion? Money back guaranteed? Other than that I enjoyed the course.

Michelle7 June 2018

Because I didn't know anything about writing a Business Plan and its a lot of good information on how to get started.

Gaston21 September 2017

"Why study for several hours?" You need to study several hours if the Financial portion of launching a business is explained in a 4 minute video. And the P/L statements "not being as important" as a CF statement is quite unsettling.

Ananya22 August 2017

This course really enlightened me about how to present an idea, earlier I used to be incomplete with data and information. Now atleast I have a few case studies, a template and an explanation. ThankYou. :)

Armand26 July 2017

The lectures do have a very good content. The author could improve this courses by discussing the various case studies. The course is more suited for an experienced business person. I am not sure that someone with less experience can immediately apply the knowledge given in this course

Nikhil18 June 2017

So far I have found the course good enough. The best thing is that this course starts from the scratch. Including some examples will make it more meaningful

Enzo5 May 2017

Great Course and Powerful Instructor that provides great resource on how to create a rapid and profitable business plan. The course explanations are very detailed and you will get value from the course direct from the start. You will have an understanding of the what is a business plan and what are the parts of it and its function and how to perform each function of the plan. Once you apply the course definitely you will get investors and people will be helping you because you are crystal clear on what you want to do which mean the business will become focus and successful on the process. Thank you so much :D

Abdul3 August 2016

Easy to understand lectures giving full of his experience in the lectures. Highly beneficial for people like me who are thinking to take a step ahead of the employment and wish to start own business. This course is something must go through before starting the business.

Vanessa30 July 2016

I like that it is broken up into little segments, with little tests along the way. The information is good, and the speaker has a pleasant accent which is interesting to listen to and makes me pay better attention.

Weerasak22 February 2016

Very Good Udemy Online Learning Course. Thanks you very much. Weerasak Sroykham. IT Consultant Team Lead. Digital Learning Trainer. ITCEducation Group. www.ITCEducation.info .

im28 January 2016

I just love Boomy. he is not afraid to engage directly on camera, the language is simple, the content is simple. just what i needed!


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