Business Development Executive Coaching 4 Cold Calling Sales

Business Development Executive Coaching - Lead Generation Business, Cold Calling & Sales Pitching

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

The key objective of this Course is Lead Generation Business Development Success and Sales

At the end of this Executive Coaching Course you will be able to run a full Business Development and Lead Generation team or conduct Business Development on your own

Growth Hacking your Sales by setting Priorities and Objectives for your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Advance your Business Development with an understanding of the importance of Market Segmentation

Understand how to succeed with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing to help your Business grow faster

Optimise your Business Development Strategies by ensuring that you manage your Team and get them pulling together

Executive Coaching to discover how successful Business Development Managers have complete control over their Business Development Systems, Presentations and Reports

Master the art of Cold Calling to ensure that you get the Meetings you need with the potential customers you want to sell to using the system I will show you in the course.

Enhance your Lead Generation Business Sales Skills by following my system for Pitching to new clients

Apply for Venture Capital for your Startup and discover the key steps to Investor Pitching


Business Development Executive Coaching 4 Cold Calling Sales

Business Development Executive Coaching - Lead Generation Business, Cold Calling & Sales Pitching

Executive Coaching for Business Development that is the core to successful Lead Generation Business, Cold Calling and Sales Pitching.  

Why are your Sales struggling while your competitor is successful?  Is this due to a lack of Executive Coaching?

One of the core Business Fundamentals you must grasp is the art of Business Development.  Today this also includes Online Marketing and Digital Marketing.

As an Investment Banker for 30 years, I developed my own Executive Coaching Business Strategy focused on winning new business through a combination of Cold Calling and Relationship Development which I taught to my team.  These Sales Skills are part of my system which has lead to closing deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars over my career

Are you a Business Development Manger?  Yes or No, you can make this work for your Business Development too!

All this did not happen by accident!

This Course will give you the Lead Generation Business Development and Sales training to rapidly accelerate your Business Development and Sales results!  Whether you are an Established Business or a Startup

What do YOU need from this Course?

  • Are you looking to land a Business Development job?

  • Do you need to use my System to achieve a major acceleration in your Business Development and Sales?

  • Do you need a System to train your Business Development Sales Team to become even more successful?

This is the exact step by step system I have used to train my teams of investment bankers to turn them into an effective Business Development and Sales Machine - now it can be yours!


"Everyone is in the Sales Business - the Most Successful people realise this basic fact? Are you one of those people?"


In this Course you will discover:

  • Why you need a structured approach to Business Development and Sales

  • My Six Key Steps to Business Development Success

  • Why you need to set Business Objectives and Sales Targets at the outset

  • Discover the importance of Market Segmentation to Business Strategy

  • Learn the importance of prioritising your Marketing and how to do it

  • How to get the most out of your whole Business Development team's resources and the importance of team work

  • Why organising your Sales Presentation Materials improves quality and makes you more efficient and productive

  • The only three key Business Development Reports you need and how to manage them

  • Why Marketing Reports are so important and exactly how to write them

  • Why the First Meeting is so important and with Cold Calling how to get it!

  • How to organise a Cold Calling programme that gets results

  • The importance of reaching the Business Decision Maker and how to get a meeting with him (or her)

  • How to create a "Hook" the client can't resist

  • How to deal with Sales Objections and put-offs and how to turn them to your advantage

  • Why an Objection can be a Sales Opportunity

  • How to behave in the First Business Meeting to make it a success

  • Sales Skills: Why and How to sell your Business competence

  • Business Fundamentals: The importance of building the client relationship

  • Business Strategy: Why you need a detailed strategic understanding of your prospects Business

  • Business Strategy: The Six Key Areas of Strategic Interest

  • Sales Skills: Why you need to understand the Product/Service Fit

  • The Importance of Setting Up the Sales Pitch - before the meeting and what you need to do

  • How to conduct the Sales Pitch Meeting to get the result you want

  • Sales Skills: How to avoid the pitfalls inexperienced salesmen make

  • Sales Skills: How to negotiate winning deal economics

  • Business Strategy: Why you should never fall off the radar of your prospect and how to avoid doing so

  • Sales Skills: Why aggressively qualifying opportunities is the secret to closing deals

  • The Common Sales Mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Why you might be talking to the wrong Decision Maker and how to spot that you are

  • Sales Skills: What is my 5 Visit Rule and why you should stick to it

  • The importance of creating a Sales culture in your organisation


"Do not confuse lots of activity with effectiveness or revenue generation"



Either you can carry on with the same old processes OR you can TAKE ACTION and Start Growing your Sales today!

What are you doing while your Competitors win Sales from your Clients?

What are you doing while your Colleagues at work hit their Sales Targets and you don't?

Money Back Guarantee

I fully endorse Udemy's 100% No Quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If this course does not work for you - simply refund - No hard feelings I promise!


Can You Afford NOT to take this Business Development and SalesCourse?

Every moment you delay is costing you sales and money!

Just one deal will repay you far more than the modest cost of this course. I have spent 30 years learning these lessons - now they are yours at the click of a button!

Just imagine how great its going to be when you are the Star Business Development Executive your organisation looks up to - and how valuable that is going to make you in the job market!

Enrol Today!

Lets get started on your road to Business Development and Sales Success! Click on the "Take this Course Button" now!


Business Development Executive Coaching 4 Cold Calling Sales
Business Development Executive Coaching 4 Cold Calling Sales
Business Development Executive Coaching 4 Cold Calling Sales
Business Development Executive Coaching 4 Cold Calling Sales


The Keys to Success in Business Development and Sales

The Keys to Success in Business Development and Sales

Business Development and Sales: Setting Priorities and Objectives

Why you have to Set Priorities and Objectives

Six Reasons this Course is Vital for Your Business Development

Discover the Six Key Steps to Business Development Success

Setting Out the Plan of Campaign and Why you need one!

Revealed! The Internal and External Business Development Objectives you must set

I am going to tell you who REALLY pays your bills!

Let's quickly recap on what we have covered...

Business Development and Sales: Market Segmentation

So, What is Market Segmentation all about? Why bother?

Discover How you can Segment YOUR market

Will this Client EVER hire you? Why Business Development Priorities are vital!

Just in case you didn't get it, here is a review of this Section

Understanding Online and Social Media Marketing

The 4 Ps of Marketing

Push vs Pull Marketing

Three Types of Marketing Campaigns

Get Your Marketing Off the Ground - Know Your Customer

How to Write an Effective Marketing Message

The Importance of Marketing Management

Choosing Marketing Channels - Online

Choosing Marketing Channels - Offline

Online Marketing - What is Search Engine Marketing?

Online Marketing - What is Content Marketing?

Online Marketing - Simple Seven Step Content Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing - What is Video Marketing?

Online Marketing - Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing - 15 Ways to Exploit Video Marketing

Online Marketing - Why you must use Email Marketing

Online Marketing - Social Media Marketing

How to Find Keywords Part 1

How to Find Keywords Part 2

Online Business Development and Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Understanding the Key Principles of Selling Online

How Can You Add Value?

Creating Products Aligned to Your Customer Needs

Creating a Sales Funnel

How to Drive Traffic to Your Funnel

How to Turn Traffic into Leads

How to Measure Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Repeating the Social Sales Cycle

How to Build Your Email List to Grow Your Business and Sales

Creating a Lead Magnet Funnel for your Email List - Introduction

Understanding the Lead Funnel Process

Creating Your Lead Magnet

Creating a Promotional Video

How to Create a Sign Up Page with a Promotional Video

How to Create a Sign Up Page without a Promotional Video

How to Create a New Email in aWeber

How to Create a New Sign Up Form in aWeber

How to Create Your First Follow On Message in aWeber

How to Set Up a Thank You Page and Why

Creating a Thank You Page in Lead Pages

How to Create a Success Page for your Lead Magnet

Business Development and Sales: Team Issues

Do You Have a Team? Get them Organised and make them Effective!

Are you wasting valuable Time and Resources? Don't be - find out how here!

Get your Team working together - pulling together! Focus is the Key!

OK, before we go on, another quick fire summary of what we have covered!

Optimising your Business Development Systems, Presentations and Reports

So, What Presentations and Reports are you going to use! Find out!

Don't waste time with Presentations - Discover how to create them the smart way!

How to do your homework on your Prospective Clients - Once!

How many reports do you need? Find out why the answer is 3!

How to create a fast and effective Marketing Report!

Lets quickly go over what we have covered here!

Business Development and Sales: Cold Calling to Get the First Meeting

It is all about getting your First Meeting! Find out how the Winners do it!

Revealed: The Essential System to generating more meetings than you can attend!

Does it matter who you are talking to? You bet it does!

Communicate Competence with Confidence - How to do this!

Let me take you through this again, to be sure you have got it!

Bonus: Let me show you how NOT to take No for an answer!

Business Development and Sales: The First Meeting

Don't make your First Meeting your Last Meeting!

How to handle yourself so that you don't crash and burn!

Sell your Competence: If you've got it, here is how to flaunt it (the RIGHT way)

Discover your MOST important goal for this Meeting - its not what you think!

OK, time for another quick summary - are you still with me?

Business Development and SalesThe Second and Third Meetings

First Meeting over. Now here is the Game Plan for the next stage!

Discover what you need to do next with the Key Decision Maker!

How and Why you need to get your Brain around HIS business!

Are you selling what he wants to buy? Or, what you want to sell?

Wrap Up Time - I want to know you really get this!

Business Development and Sales: The Sales Pitch

Now we come to the Crux of the matter: Ready to Pitch?

What you need to do before the Pitch: How to avoid Screw Ups!

At the Pitch: Now let me show you how to play to Win!

Don't mess up the Deal Economics - here is how to avoid getting it wrong!

Persistence Pays - Discover what you need to do after the Pitch Meeting!

How to avoid wasting time with time wasters!

OK, quick summary before we press on. This section is really vital!

Business Development and Sales: After the Sales Pitch

Get more guidance on the best ways to close your deal!

Don't mess up now! Avoid these all too common sales mistakes!

Why you could STILL be talking to the wrong guy - and how to know if you are!

Discover my Framework to ensure that you are not wasting your own time!

Yes, you have guessed - another quick wrap up of this section!

Business Development: Key Steps of Investor Pitching to Financial Investors

What do Investors Want?

Bonus: Keys to a Successful VC Pitch

Outline Presentation Checklist

AIDA - Why Pitching VCs is Like Buying a Car!

Selling Your Pitch

Pitching to Win!

How to Run The Meeting

Outline Management Presentation

Defending Your Plan

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Presentation

Business Development and Sales: Are You Ready to Start Selling?

Before we close, I would like to run over everything covered here...

Bonus: Win at Business Development - The Entire Course in One Slidedeck

How can I help you? Ask me lots of questions - I really enjoy engaging with you

How to find the PDFs for these Lectures in the Additional Resources Section


Bonus Lecture - What's Next For You? Any of John's Courses for $12.99?


Alexei24 May 2020

Good round-up of the matter. Pretty basic but works for starters. Recommended as a kick-off course to dive into the BD.

Shailesh23 April 2020

It was amazing but also pls add some case studies.There should be example through drama video.in case of dealing and negotiation point.Atleast one company presentation sample required

Anna9 August 2019

Great course by John Colley. I learned a lot of new stuff about business, sales and cold calls, the course was very helpful. Thank you, John.

Sharnik19 June 2018

I have finished 3 modules so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the course as it is exactly what I am looking for in order to kick start my business

Nikki26 March 2018

While the course can't be tailored specifically for each industry/market/organization, its relevance across different businesses is terrific. This goes well beyond information I've gathered in other sales courses - it truly is business development. Great reminder about "Who Pays You" as well as helpful and actionable information about Market Segmentation, Business Development Priorities, and Smart Presentations. I haven't listened to the Marketing lectures yet and I intend to go back to them after I finish the later Business Development lectures. Still, just the lectures I've listened to have presented me with ideas to organize my time & resources so I can be more effective.

E17 March 2018

Great summaries, slide deck style pdfs. and experienced with extensive knowledge in the fields he is teaching. EC

ALEX,28 August 2017

I like the presentation style (in slides). The content is informative & basic sales skills but presented in a structure way for easier understanding.

Steven22 July 2017

John's course is excellent and very well put together. It covers all the topics that you need to take away and make your own. Completing the course is first step to improving your sales but it's up to you to develop your own style from John's framework. Highly recommended.

Elaine6 March 2017

Thanks for this course. I believe that will help me in my start as business developer. All the information that I have got here will be very useful. Thanks! Best, Elaine

Mushtaq30 January 2017

Its getting me where I wanted to be. As a solo-entrepreneur its interesting how many blunders I've been doing to get new business. I am already to start practicing the lessons in word and action.

Andrea14 March 2016

I found this course really interesting and useful. John is very energic and precise in his style of teaching and I loved that. I think that this course is a perfect way to acquire Business Development skills. After that we have to practice and go in depth with the topic. I really hope that John is thinking about a "Business Development How to unlock..." 2.0

Dennis17 February 2016

This course has helped me tremendously, I would recommend it to anybody. I will have to take it 2 or 3 times so that I can retrieve all the vital information that I need from it.

Amer8 January 2016

This course is a comprehensive sales course. The title is bit misleading as this deals with sales more than it does with BD. I enjoyed the course and learned practical tips and hints that I will surely use every single day to come...

Craig17 December 2015

John has a clear and engaging style. He speaks with authority and an understanding of what is important to the student. He covers a wide range of topics, but his clarity and precision of language allows him to cut to the chase. I felt like all the key details were covered off without any superfluous or distracting points. The audio/sound production values were also of a high standard. This was my first course by John, but I have enrolled and in several others, and I would thoroughly recommend his other courses for the same reason. Clarity of communications, authority and succinctness.

Mark10 April 2015

This course took me through business development processes step by step. It is packed full of practical tips and straight forward processes and it is delivered in a clear and easy to understand format. If you are new to business development or you are struggling to get the sales you need, then this will kick start your success!


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