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Business Analysis Essentials

Advance from a complete novice to a confident Business Analyst with the help of an expert.

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Sep 2016

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What you will learn

Understand and justify the role of Business Analyst

Describe the Business Analyst's relationship with business and IT stakeholders

Understand the projects life cycles and the role of Business Analyst within each of them

Apprehend the importance of project definition and project scope

Recognize the different type of requirements and the need for requirements documentation

Understand the basic skills required to work as a Business Analyst and what the employers are looking for when hiring Business Analysts

Decide whether Business Analysis is the right career choice for them

Understand how to go about finding a position as a Business Analyst


“I solve problems you don’t know you have, in ways you can’t understand” (I am a Business Analyst).

The role of the Business Analyst is much more complex than the people perceive it to be and sometimes it can be a challenge to understand all its facets.

This course is aimed to overcome this challenge, by systematically introducing you in the world of Business Analysis, using a simplistic approach with a lot of examples anchored in our day to day life.

Master the Business Analysis concepts

  • System development life cycles
  • Eliciting requirements
  • Elicitation techniques
  • Documenting requirements
  • Writing quality requirements
  • Communicating requirements

There are many benefits for understanding these concepts, as they stay at the core foundation of the Business Analysis activity. Even if you are already working as a Business Analyst, these concepts will help you become a more effective and valuable employee. By applying the techniques taught here in your daily job as a Business Analyst you will be able to produce quality requirements in a shorter period of time and obtain the sign off of your requirements quicker. All this will translate into a successful project.

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 40 lectures and more than 3 hours of contents. It is designed for beginners to intermediate Business Analysts, students with no prior experience or junior Business Analyst who want to have a solid foundation in their career.

Beside the theoretical concepts taught, the course is packed with practical examples that would help you understand the techniques in a fun and functional way.

By the end of this course, you will have all the skills required to embark on a career as a Business Analyst. You will know what techniques to employ and when in order to elicit the stakeholders’ requirements and to bring everyone to a consensus with respect to the business needs.

And finally, you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge gained by taking the quizzes that complement each section.

What are the requirements for this course?

  • Just your willingness to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 40 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • All Business Analysis fundamental knowledge
  • Step by step instructions about how to prepare for a Business Analyst interview
  • You will be able to be more effective and successful in your job as a Business Analyst

Who is the audience?

  • Everyone who wants to gain basic knowledge about Business Analysis
  • Students who want to pursue a Business Analyst career
  • Junior or Intermediate Business Analysts who want to become more effective
  • Senior Business Analysts who need a refresher of the Business Analysis core concepts


Business Analysis Essentials
Business Analysis Essentials
Business Analysis Essentials
Business Analysis Essentials


The Art and Science of Business Analysis


What is Business Analysis?

Role of Business Analyst

What do you need to be successful?

Key terms

Is Business Analysis an Art or a Science?


The Art and Science of Business Analysis

Stakeholders Management

Who are the actors?

How to identify the stakeholders

Understanding the stakeholders

Classifying the stakeholders


Case Study - City Transit System

Project evolution


SDLC Models

Waterfall Model

V Model

Iterative Model

Spiral Model

Big Bang Model

Agile Model

Conclusion Section 3

Project evolution

Requirements lifecycle

Impact of SDLC on Business Analysis

Business Analyst's role during SDLC

Requirements in the context of SDLC

Conclusion Section 4

Requirements lifecycle

Requirements elicitation

What is requirements elicitation?

Preparing for elicitation

Conducting the elicitation activity


Requirements elicitation

Elicitation techniques for gathering requirements

Elicitation techniques overview








Focus group

Requirements workshop


Elicitation process

Elicitation techniques for analyzing requirements

Root cause analysis


GAP Analysis

Interface analysis

Document Analysis


Elicitation techniques for decisions making



Impact Effort Grid


Criteria-based Grid




Elicitation techniques for decision making

Requirements documentation

Documenting Requirements

Declarative Requirements

Use Cases

Data Models

Process models

Business Rules

Sign off

Change control

Requirements tools


Case Study - Dream Cafe

Requirements communication

Communicating requirements

Factors influencing the communication


Qualitative requirements

Poor requirements - individual

Poor requirements - set

Impact of poor requirements

Guidelines for quality requirements


Qualitative requirements

Types of requirements

Functional vs. Non-Functional


Landing a job as a Business Analyst

Required skills

Finding a job posting

Building your resume

The interview


Sample of questions

Thank you!

Congratulations and thank you!


Ambiguous Terms


Nina3 June 2020

I've learnt a lot more than i expected from this course. Having worked as a BA for only 6 months when i took this course the terminology and clear details on what a BA is and the functions they accommodate in their role has been extremely helpful. Knowledge of the different types of BAs such as Industry analyst, systems analyst, business engineer etc and the various techniques and and phases of a BA role has been defined clearly and ordered well for understanding of the advantages and disadvantages. Having activities to practice the learning is helpful. I've found it to be good practice. My only issue, although small is there is noway to identify how well you have completed that activities provided without liaising with a senior/experienced BA to overlook it and provide their feedback.

Yuki17 April 2020

It is easy to get clear picture what BA is and what is the requirement. and the types "unexpected" questions in job interview were very interesting topic.

Shantanu12 April 2020

I really liked the way all the concepts have been explained with examples. Makes it easier to understand.

Sachintha1 January 2020

This was my first BA course. The main reason was starting this course was to get a brief knowledge about what is BA and how it works. End of the day I have a brief idea about it. I recommend this course to any beginner who wants to get a brief knowledge about BA.

David20 November 2019

The course provides good coverage of the basics of business analysis. I've got some experience, but I learned some things and picked up some tidbits that I'll be able to apply in future analyses. I found the speaking clear and understandable. A couple of suggestions: - I found the nonstop animation distracting and annoying. I struggled to discern a reason for it as it kept drawing my eyes away from the presentation. - I also couldn't grasp the thought behind the "outro" music of each lecture. Somber, dramatic choral singing doesn't energize me to excel at business analysis, but maybe that's just me. Also that the volume level was higher than the lecture reminded me of television where the commercials are much louder than the program: that's a turn off.

Erin25 September 2019

The content was great, though I wish it had included some sample templates. The animation at the beginning and end of each lecture was incredibly annoying and wasteful. There are 84 lectures, meaning there were 168 animation videos. There was no easy way to fast forward through the beginning one without missing the content. In the future, please just play one at the beginning of the course and one at the end and not on the individual lectures.

Reshma25 February 2019

Trainer/Teacher is fantastic is explaining eveything in a simplified maner. wish it would be class based. thank you for the course. I am really enjoying it. regards reshma

Francesca16 January 2019

I really find the instructor to be clear and concise in his teachings. I like that he sites examples at each stages as he goes along. This helps me to understand the course better and enables me to apply it to my experiences. So far so good!

Eduardo3 January 2019

It is very focused on code development, it is not really necessary to mention the different types of SDLC, since the analyst can intervene with a third party solution

Thembekile19 July 2018

Yes it is as i'm currently working as a junior BA and the information received from the course is very helpful and detailed.

Fredrick28 May 2018

I love this course, it's simple and well presented that even a monkey could understand it. My company enrolled a number of us to take the course which proved to be a success; we all feel that we gained some valuable knowledge out of it.

Allen31 January 2018

The animation is a major distraction. I find it difficult to follow along because my eyes are drawn to motion. It does nothing to add to the course and I wish it were not there.

Tiffany15 November 2017

The information provided in these lectures were very helpful in my career progression as a BA. There were things that I did not know. Now I have an understanding, it is a matter of how to navigate and apply my learnings to my actual job.

Gazi6 September 2017

Very Poor experience. I asked the course tutor for some pdf or doc version notes and details but he fail to provide me. In this course there is no PDF or Doc notes available. Just Audio voice course. Total waste of time.

Joseph9 June 2017

Quality is fine in terms of content. My only complaint is the moving graphic at the top of the screen in every lecture. VERY DISTRACTING. Please consider removing it if a common complaint.


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