Burp Suite MasterClass : A practical approach to Burp Suite

Advance Penetration Testing Using Burp Suite

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Burp Suite MasterClass : A practical approach to Burp Suite


3 hours


Nov 2020

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What you will learn

You will be able to use Burp Suite

You will be able to find many vulnerabilities using Burp suite

You will be able to learn some of the best features like creating poc for csrf and clickjacking


Update of Burp 2.0 videos in on the way

In Bug hunting or Pentesting there are two essential things 

  • Your Creative Mind 

  • Perfect Tools

Now Burp Suite is a Multipurpose tool for pentesting I has lot of useful features like repeater, intruder , sequencer.

The point is that how you can use these features in pentesting.

Welcome to this course where I will teach you that how you can use the different modules of Burp Suite in pentesting.

By Burp Suite you can intrude a request can repeat the request with modified parameter value can scan the target. It works as a proxy tool between your browser and the server.

According to some of the Pentester-

"Indispensable tool when performing web application assessments. Read web traffic, then manipulate it as much as you desire."

"Burpsuite is a must-have tool for any Web Application penetration Tester. This should be the baseline from which you do most of your manual testing. The commecial version of the product also offers a number of features and enhancements that will make your life much easier."

In this course we will cover all the modules of Burp Suite their each and every feature how to use them and where to use them.

Excited *-* lets enroll in this course and put you first steps towards Bug Hunting 




Starting Burp Suite and Configuring it with Browser

OverView to Burp 2.0 Beta

Spider Tab of Burp Suite

New Dashboard of Burp 2.0

Using New Dashboard with Some Practicals

How to use Target Tab

How to use Proxy tab

How to use Intruder Tab

Different Types of Attack in Intruder

Adding Rules In Intruder Tab [Full Demo]

Using different type of Options in Intruder

Scanner Tab of Burp Suite

How to use Repeater tab

How to use Sequencer tab

Using Extender Tab of Burp Suite

Using Decoder and Compare Tab of Burp Suite

Wrapping Up Burp

Exploring Much more with the Practical Approach

Installing the Enviornment

Installing the Enviornment DVWA

Comparing Site Maps

Finding Some Low Severity Vulnerabilities Using Burp Suite

Bypassing Client Side Restrictions

Exploiting Hidden HTML tags

Brute Forcing Using Burp Intruder

Finding IDOR using Burp

Tampering Data Using Burp Suite Repeater

Finding CSRF and generating PoC

Finding SQLi using Burp Suite

Finding XSS using Burp

Finding XSS 2

Finding XSS 3


Andreas13 October 2019

The course leaves much to be desired. It only covers a few basics. The videos are not very well edited, the sound is below average and the speaker has a sometimes difficult to understand strong Indian dialect and often makes grammatical mistakes. At a reduced price ok.

Jose14 May 2019

It's a step by a step course, this is important to learn how to use a tool and how to find vulnerabilities in a website, pentest, ethical hacking is an art, patient, and a methodology to find and the last one that I think it's important is that you can smell where is a possible vulnerability.

Dominique1 May 2019

instructor was not taking time to explain things in details. Also, the notification pop up was annoying.

Manny18 October 2018

I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable but he was going too fast, especially when he was reading from a script. It was very hard to follow. It’s easy when you know the application, but when you are trying to learn it, it’s important that the instructor reinforces the information with clear practical examples. In addition there are no labs at the end of each section. It’s very important to create small labs with 1 or 2 task relating to the topic that was just discussed. This will help reinforce the material and ensure proper understanding of the concepts.. The Juice shop is a great resource but it's only good when you know what you're doing,

rahul5 April 2018

One of best couse I have ever enrolled. Short sweet simple. I can say I have mastered hands on with burp suite. Awaiting your new cources. Would love to see your course on bug bounty for beginners.

Mandeep10 February 2018

I will highly recommend this to beginner's The instructor is pro in using burp suite Thanks for making this great course


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