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Building Movies Site With Python & Django - IMDB Clone

Learn to build websites like IMDB with Python3 & Django Class Based Views

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Building Movies Site With Python & Django - IMDB Clone


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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Learn the power of Python to code out your web applications

Use Django as a back end for the websites

Implement a full Models-Views-Templates structure for your site

Design Models With Forms and Search In Django

Design Model Managers & Create Context Processor

Using Django Class Based Views


Welcome to Building Movies Site With Python & Django - IMDB Clone! In this course we cover everything you need to know to build a website like IMDB!

This course is designed so that anyone can learn how to build real projects with python & django. We teach you how to program by using HD Video Lectures, Walkthrough Code Projects, Exercises, Downloadable Code Notes and much more!

Here is just a small sampling of the topics included in this course:

  • Virtualenv in Python

  • Django Installation Process

  • Django Models

  • Django Class Based Views

  • Django URLs

  • Django Templates

  • Django Template Filters

  • Python

  • Django Forms

  • Django Admin Customization

  • Django ORM

  • Django Static & Media Files

  • Model Managers

  • Context Processor

  • and much,much more!

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Always keep learning!



Download The Template

Coding The Project

Project Structure

Creating django project

Creating movies app & model design

Setup static & media files

Add django class based views

Add ListView Template

Add DetailView Template

Add movies links & model

Adding Links To Templates & Views

Adding Movies Category

Adding Language Filter

Adding Movies Search

Adding Year Filter

Adding Slug & Movie Trailer

Adding Context Processor For Slider

Adding Related Movies

Adding Site Home

Deploy The Project On DigitalOcean


Elvis13 December 2020

El curso es muy general, no profundiza en nada y los conceptos los usa sin explicación alguna. pero a manera informativa esta bien

Katsuyuki1 November 2020

Building procedure is disorganized. Taking long time to solved the many mistakes and errors. This lecture is not enough for building the movie app to use as "app" Still have possibility to use Django system for "category list", "year list" "language list" on navbar, and detail page of category by using "for" and "if". and the slider system is not necessary to use the template code. It could be easier way to build. I hope the course is rebuilt to be used as proper application with more explanation.

Rahul12 May 2020

If your an beginner of django framework you may not understand some because its for the intermediate people who have some knowledge in the django before. For begginers : I like to recommend to learn basics before this course like routing of components, get and post method etc..... For intermidiate : This course would be great to experience some knowledge more in this course

Jatin9 May 2020

Its in Linux only all commands but nearly same in Windows too.... I am learning Django Installation and server installation properly Voice quality is good but Subtitle are bad

Farhan12 April 2020

The trainer is not going into the depth of concepts, he is just writing the code, not explaining why and with what thinking process he is solving the problems which will eventually help the beginner learners.

Abhishek27 March 2020

Thank you so much this series was my first sample App development in Django. And it was really helpful for me.

Prashant9 September 2019

This course is really touching core parts of an IMDB clone kind of application. Note that this is not a class on HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python. We are going to use an existing site-template and will use django to make it a dynamic site instead of static-one. The only downside is english accent of Mahmoud. Sometimes, it is difficult to figure it out even with sub-titles. However, if you have kind of basic knowledge of python and django, there is a high chance that you would understand the meaning.

Gerardo1 September 2019

Based on 100% progressed, I want to share these notes. Quick facts: - Instructor does not replies questions. One star less because of this. - We don't find the final source code. Still, I completed the project and it works. - It is a practical tutorial. He solves things, which is nice for beginners like me. - I learned how to adapt an HTML5 template and complete the project - An interesting and useful activity for me, while maybe obvious for others, it is the simple but necessary activity to analyze the template and name entities, the attributes, features, choices and entity relations. - While adapting template, I'm creating the model for entities, choices, entities references, uploading images files and displaying those uploaded images files. Pagination. - I also read more and used the humanize app to apply filter on the views count. - Take the project online on to Digital Ocean! This is useful for me. So, for me it's a great tutorial because it provide a close-to-real-world scenario where I start working based on a template. Thanks!


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