Building Microservices with Clojure

A Practical Introduction to Tooling, Development, and Deployment

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Building Microservices with Clojure


2 hours


Jan 2017

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What you will learn

Once you have completed this training course, you will be fully capable of setting up, modifying, and deploying a microservice with Clojure and Pedestal

Learn how to build Microservices using Clojure


In this Building Microservices with Clojure and Pedestal training course, expert author Scott Rehorn will teach you how to set up, modify, and deploy a basic microservice based on Clojure and Pedestal. This course is designed for users that already have programming experience.

You will start by learning about the stack and toolchain, then jump into using Pedestal. From there, Scott will teach you how to use Pedestal as a web services framework to handle request and response routing and content handling. This video tutorial also covers persistence, how to protect your endpoints with a simple API key strategy, and how to use XML in Clojure. Finally, you will learn about Java Interop. 

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of setting up, modifying, and deploying a microservice with Clojure and Pedestal. 



Important - Download These First - Working Files

What's All This?

Sample App And Cast Of Characters

Sample App

About The Author

The Stack And The Toolchain - Bootstrap

Requirements Check And Stack Overview

Leiningen Introduction


Ring And Pedestal Introduction


Doing Useful Stuff With The Basic Framework

Pedestal Orientation

More Pedestal And Ring

Maps And JSON In Clojure

Add A GET Endpoint

Add A Parameterized GET

Add A POST Endpoint With Some Payload

LightTable And The nRepl To Make Live Changes


Basic Setup For Persistence - Part 1

Basic Setup For Persistence - Part 2

Supporting POST

Basic Queries

More Things Most Microservices Need

Protecting Your Endpoints With A Simple API Key Strategy

Using HTTP Client - Part 1

Using HTTP Client - Part 2

Using HTTP Client For POST

Brief Look At XML In Clojure - Part 1

Brief Look At XML In Clojure - Part 2

Java Interop And Other Useful Things

Namespaces And Require

Java Interop

Connecting To Libraries


Wrap Up


Filip30 April 2020

To no fault of the author, the LightTable experience seems to have fizzled out of useful existence. I have not been able to find any solution online as to why it fails to bring up its own repl or connect to an external one. It's a nasty hurdle when starting the course and if you want to stay close to the source track but any other dev environment will suffice. I am very happy with the lecturer's clarity, conciseness and ability to expand the subject but stay on-track. At some points, though, it would have sped up my advance through the course if we were able to observe the data coming in for destructuring (as in {:keys [conn db]} (mg/connect-via-uri uri)) but I guess an experienced student would consider this redundant. So, thumbs up with the following caveats: either assist the course participants in solving the LightTable inoperability or at least make a note regarding it not being an option for newer macos setups so we don't lose several days at the very start of the course. Please update the course with notes regarding the changes introduced in pedestal's handling of interceptors as there is a new, preferred syntax being used.

Jonas17 April 2020

O curso cumpre o que propõe, porém de forma mais informacional que didática, funciona como uma demonstração das principais funções e formas de proceder em situações especificas. Recomendo apenas para quem já tenha conhecimento prévio de clojure e queira agregar conhecimento sobre o framework pedestal e formas de utiliza-lo para construção de APIs.

Solange21 February 2020

The course is out of date with Pedestal; the json library was missing, and there are some students' doubts without an answer.

Ted3 January 2020

Lesson 15 jumps back all the time The Pedestal/Heroku (lessons 9 and 10) doesn't work - they've seem to be updated but since don't work together anymore He uses a JSON resource but he doesn't provide it. The lessons are video only, no resources available and not easy to type along/copy&paste Other students have asked questions, one of which exactly the same problem I ran into - all of the questions remain unanswered. NOT what I was hoping from Udemy - am going to request my money back

Rafael30 July 2019

The course is very good overall, with good well-explained and applicable content, although it's somewhat outdated and not everything works out-of-the-box as shown in the videos.

Steve21 August 2018

It's a bit annoying when you follow instructions and the instructor doesn't explain what he is doing... As a student of udemy, you are forced to pause, rewind, play multiple times only to find out that the material is completely out-dated and doesn't work. If there was some explanation of what the instructor is attempting to accomplish, you could search and find updated solutions and continue the course. This course is a complete waste of money and will only take hours away from your focus on learning clojure or microservices. TOTAL WASTE!

Pedro18 December 2017

The course is outdated, also it recommends using compose.io, wich askes you too insert billing information uppon account creation (it is free), but I think some alternatives could be mentioned and some guides could be shown as external resources.

Ketan25 November 2017

Well presented and useful content. Could be improved with more emphasis and depth on securing the API and less on XML (IMHO). However well worth it and hope the instructor creates more Clojure courses.

Federico20 April 2017

excellent course. It runs fast but is always understandable and focus on technologies actually works in the market. I'm really enjoying it and learning good stuff too.

C23 July 2016

Excellent and informative course. As described the focus is on building rather with Clojure rather than abstract examples.


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