Building Leadership In The Classroom

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Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies


Building Leadership in the Classroom is a module which showcases the priority towards excellence in particular. As teachers, we must not use technology as a silicon coating, but with harnessing the power of technology to connect with our students. No more it is about copying and pasting which we have had been doing over the years. For power corrupts politicians so as the PowerPoint corrupts the teachers, if it has just slides and no explanations. For a matter of thought and intelligence, the platform should be to share for show rather than expecting it to be the only parcel for knowledge delivery. There is a certain need to implement a new way of teaching through technology and hence a digital pedagogy is what is required the most. The teachers need to introspect how children may learn in this networked environment. We can’t simply take a text book and deliver it digitally, rather the need here is to explore the power to harness the best via connectivity and creativity to connect. The teachers in majority have a wrong notion that classroom management is much to do with discipline only and is limited to the children being quiet in the class, whereas the goals include identification of misconceptions about managing the teaching, the students and the consequences. The teachers of age need to broader the very conception of classroom management and ultimately need to provide a framework among the colleagues for developing their own classroom management plan. Engaging the children in instructions often leads to classroom management but is limited to a classic time only. For having an activated classroom, there has to be a thoughtful physical environment supported by establishing caring relationships and implementation of engaging instructions.

We just can’t actually think and re-discover the chalk board and make it a smart board to deliver knowledge. What is required is a novel mindset of love, care and delivery of priorities for our children within classrooms. We ultimately need a different paradigm for teaching, a different pedagogy which talks about creation, control of chaos, connect to correcting and above all consumption to creation. The teachers need to change their thinking of how they are going to use technology in education.

Explore the module towards excellence.


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The Requisite Towards Excellence
The Priority Learning
Making Learning a Delight
The Just Classroom Scenario
Teaching And Managing Kids in our Classrooms Effectively
Making Learning a Delight
Creativity with Conception
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