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Building Applications with Angular 11 and ASP.NET Core 5

Use Angular, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Material Design, JWT, Leaflet, for developing a complete application

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Make Web APIs with .NET Core

Develop Web Apps with Angular

Use Entity Framework Core to work with databases

Using maps in Angular, and location data with SQL Server

Using Angular Material components in a real app


With ASP.NET Core we can develop Web APIs using C#.

With Angular you can create modern web applications without too many headaches.

In this course we will use both tools to create a project. We will make an application with its database, user system, back-end and UI, where you will put into practice the concepts learned in the course.

In the end we will publish our Angular application and our ASP.NET Core application to production.

Some of the topics that we will see:

· Web API development with ASP.NET Core

· Using a SQL Server database with Entity Framework Core

· User system with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

· Developing a single page application (SPA) with Angular

· Creating reactive forms in Angular

· Make HTTP requests from Angular to ASP.NET Core

· Using Angular Material Components

· Using maps with leaflet

· Save spatial data to a database with NetTopologySuite

· Allow users to upload images to be saved to Azure Storage or locally

You do not need to be an expert in order to take this course. Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge will be enough. As we'll learn Angular and ASP.NET Core Web API development in this course.

Upon completion of this course, you will have enough knowledge to face development challenges that involve ASP.NET Core and Angular applications.


Building Applications with Angular 11 and ASP.NET Core 5
Building Applications with Angular 11 and ASP.NET Core 5
Building Applications with Angular 11 and ASP.NET Core 5
Building Applications with Angular 11 and ASP.NET Core 5




What is Angular?

Angular vs AngularJS

Anatomy of an Angular App

Introduction to ASP.NET Core

Installing Node

Installing Angular

Installing Visual Studio

Installing Visual Studio Code

Installing the EF Core CLI Tool

Front-End and Back-End

Creating the Angular App with the Angular CLI

Creating the Web API with Visual Studio

Creating the Web API with the dotnet CLI

Creating the Combined Project


Source code

Components in Angular


Exploring the Angular App

Anatomy of a Component

Interpolation - Displaying Variables in the UI

Pipes - Transforming Data

NgFor - Iterating Collections in the UI

NgIf - Dynamically Showing Content

Creating a Component

Parameters - Making Components Reusable

Events - Reacting to User Input

ng-container - Avoiding Unnecessary Tags

Template Variables

Content Projection

Angular Material

Building the Menu

ngClass - Dynamically Applying CSS Styling

Output - Custom Events - Communication From Child to Parent

Lifecycle of a Component

Examples of Lifecycle of a Component

Global Styles




Clean Up

Routing Basics

Navigation Using JavaScript

Reading Parameters from the URL

Wildcard as a Catch-All Route




Introduction to Forms

Creating Our First Reactive Form

Built-In Validation Rules

Custom Validation Rules

Sharing a Form

Working With Selects and Checkboxes

Reacting to Changes in the Form - Movie Filter Component

Working With Dates - Actor Form

Selecting Images From the Computer

Rich-Text with Markdown

Movie Theater Form

Introduction to Leaflet - Map Component

Using Leaflet in Our Form

Create Movie Form

Multiple Selector Component - Selecting Genres

Selecting Movie Theaters

AutoComplete For Selecting Actors

The Mat-Table Component

Reordering the Rows of a Mat-Table


Introduction to ASP.NET Core


Installing Postman

Creating the Repository

Controllers and Actions

Routing Rules

Return Types of an Action

Asynchronous Programming

Model Binding

Model Validation

Custom Validation

Dependency Injection





Custom and Global Filters


Services and Back-End



Introduction to Services

Creating a Service

Introduction to HttpClient

Configuring CORS

Creating the Database with EF Core

Creating Genres

Displaying Errors From the Web API

Using DTOs

Index Genres

Edit Genres

Delete Genres

Actor Entity

Creating Actors

Saving Files in Azure Storage

Saving Files Locally (optional)

Index Actors

Pagination - Web API

Pagination - Angular

Edit and Delete Actors

Movie Theater Entity

Create Movie Theaters

Index Movie Theaters

Edit and Delete Movie Theaters

Movie Entity

Creating Movies - Web Api

Loading a Movie for Insertion

Working on the Actors Auto-Complete

Creating the Movie - Angular

Fixing Our 3 Problems

Movie Details - Web API

Movie Details - Logic

Movie Details - UI

Landing Page

Editing Movies - Web API

Editing Movies - Angular

Movie Filter - Web API

Movie Filter - Angular

Deleting Movies




Authentication and Authorization

Hiding UI From Unauthorized Users

Introduction to Route Guards

Protecting Routes With CanActivate

Configuring Identity

Register, Login and Building the JWT

Building the Register Component

Login Component - Reading the JWT in Angular

Rating Movies - Web API

Rating Movies - Angular

HTTP Interceptors

Claims-Based Authorization

Adding Claims - Web API

Adding Claims - Angular




Deploying the Web API to an Azure App Service

Debugging Production Apps with Application Insights

Deploying the Angular App to Firebase



Rajiv25 June 2021

Its really hard to understand the orators English. I have to put the volume to max, and switch on the subtitles(which are auto-generated, hence wrong in many places). Lets hope to get the hang of accent of my teacher.

Amir19 May 2021

Love the accent :) Been to Bolivia! Been to Pelichuko the Salar and of course La Paz. You can hear from the way you present that you are a nice guy!

Ben5 May 2021

This course covers the lot, very thorough and Felipe even helps answer questions. Amazing! Ill be referencing this course a lot as i develop

Maurizio3 May 2021

Perfetto per chi ha una conoscenza base di Angular e vuole scoprire come creare Api con .Net Core. Il corso è abbastanza rapido perché non spiega tutti i meccanismi legati al funzionamento della tecnologia, per questo lo ritengo molto pratico.

Naod8 March 2021

Thank you so much Felipe. I found your course to be very important for anyone who is working on .Net Core and Angular. You almost touched many sections of an application development process. Highly recommend to anyone who just want to learn these staffs with latest technologies.

Charles15 February 2021

I have been using these technologies for a long time, YET Felipe gives me knowledge about these I never had before. This course if TERRIFIC


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