Building a Resilient Business

Helping Executives, Leaders and Managers build Resilience in their Business


1.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to build resilience in themselves and their team. The three principles for building resilience in to a business and tips and tools for managing change


This course is designed for leaders and senior people to understand what resilience is and how to build it. I cover tips for developing greater personal resilience and I talk about the three key elements for developing this in business. In my experience as a Consultant, there are valuable reasons why getting your communication strategy right matters to all employees, and managing change gets significantly easier when this process goes well.

I am a Business Psychologist with long-standing experience of working in business. I also coach Chief Executives in a private practice in Surrey where I live, and central London. This includes online coaching now. This insight gives me a unique view of the problems Executives face in managing their people well and therefore their businesses.  Much of the time when people get things wrong they learn what they should have done instead and this has given me a strong sense of what works well for people.

I have a blend of skills as I'm both a practicing Psychologist which means I understand what people want and need, merged with an understanding about business and how quickly things can alter. In order to be flexible, and in some cases, survive, businesses need to respond quickly to situations and events. Getting your teams to understand what's needed and achieve goals is dependent on their appreciation of the importance of those goals, and valuing speed. I believe this course will help you achieve that.


Building a Resilient Business
Building a Resilient Business
Building a Resilient Business
Building a Resilient Business



Introduction to Building a Resilient Business

Introduction to Resilience

The Lifeline Exercise

The Questions to ask once you've completed The Lifeline Exercise

The Characteristics of Resilience

The 3 Elements of a Resilient Business

Why are the 3 elements important?

Section 2: Personality and the part it plays in building resilience

Introduction to Section 2 and the role of Personality

Optimism, Pessimism; where are you?

Identifying how Optimistic you are

The 2nd Trait; how much control do you like over your life?

Locus of Control and what it is

Your Scores and what they mean

The Characteristics of Internals, Externals and a Bridge

What does each type need to thrive?

Supporting Resilient Leadership

Section 3: Resilient Communication

An introduction to Resilient Communication

The One Page Communications Plan

The Two Step Rule

Getting Your Meetings Right

1:1 Meetings and Strategic Meetings

Conclusion about Resilient Communications

Section 4: Managing Change

An introduction to Managing Change

The A to C Model

Describing 'C' to your Team

The A to C Model in Practice

Conclusion to Building a Resilient Business


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