MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 6

Build your own powerful super computer on cloud in 2021

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn to build a virtual cloud PC of high configuration

Know how to use cloud gaming based browsers and application for high speed gaming on any system

Get to know the amazing secrets of how to install Android Games on PC or Mac

Learn how to install iOS on Mac systems

Learn the website portals behind the creation of holographic offices or virtual offices for business use

Be aware of a high-speed rendering tool for Adobe After Effects to render their AE projects 50x faster on cloud


Fasten your harnesses right now, because the era of cloud computing is on the rise. Whether you are a software developer, video editor, or animation artist - you can speed up and automate all your tasks with this giant phenomenon of what we call "Cloud Computing". Surely, they are ready to change the world of PC usage in our everyday lives.

In this mind-blowing course as part of the series "MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies" created by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan", we will discover some incredible secrets that surround the world of cloud computing & cloud computer altogether. We will look at how you can setup cloud computers to deliver stunning performance for all your business and entertainment needs. The unique solution provided by the cloud computing tools taught in the course takes no space on your hard drive and looks just like your personal device - believe it or not. Of course - you can use all your software or PC or MAC applications 100x faster in the cloud if you learn this secret. These high-performance cloud computing devices can also be used for especially - ML development for building, training and deploying machine learning models. Tens of thousands of individuals, startups and enterprises use these incredible cloud computers taught in this course to iterate faster and collaborate on intelligent, real-time prediction engines.

As a bonus, we will also teach you about setting up gaming PC's in the cloud for powerful games to be played. What's more? We will even look at installing Android games on your PC or Mac. You can even install iOS on your MAC system using the secretive tools taught in the course. So, why wait? Enroll now. Let's start booming.

Special Note: There is no technical skills or coding skills required to take this course. However, you can opt for a subscription for the tools covered in cloud-computing to set up your virtual PC anytime.


MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 6
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 6
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 6
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 6


Where Technology is Really Heading? A snapshot

Introduction to new technologies at work

Examples of cloud-gaming portals unveiled

More examples of cloud-gaming portals: Unlocked

Cloud Computers: The Time has come

Secretive Personal Computer You can Access in the Cloud

More Advanced Core GPU's and an alternate Cloud Computer Portal

Special Tools: Welcome to a new tech era of 2019 & 2020

Cloud Rendering for After Effects & Holographic Meetings: Quick View

Andorid Emulators & iOS Emulators for PC & Mac

Cloud Computers: The Ultra-Quiz

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Kevin5 June 2020

Worst course and tutor ever! Just talking crap and not telling any usefull information. Needed to be banned from Udemy!

Edgardo23 April 2020

The course name is Build your own powerful super computer on cloud....it should be called What can you use to build a powerful super computer on cloud. Only enumerates the resources.

Bryan31 March 2020

I bought this when it was on sale for $10.99 and I would not recommend spending more than that because it is not a course that teaches you how to use any software, it does not teach you how to set up virtual machines or virtual computers. If I had time to view this within the first 30-days I would have asked for a refund. The author claims to have researched this for 7 years but he's only showing websites on his screen so you can see various services that could potentially be used to do virtual gaming but there is no demonstration of the gaming. The course would be legitimately sold on Udemy if he at least signed up for one of these virtual gaming accounts and showed us how it worked. Is there a lag when you use the keyboard or mouse or a controller? He doesn't show the actual services. If all of his courses are taught in this way, then for sure this instructor is lowering the quality of Udemy. It is also very annoying when he calls himself a marketing "Legend." Basically he markets well, but the content is not good. It's like a con man who sells you snake oil or a car that doesn't run after you get it home. Sorry Legend, but you really have the ability to do better with the hundreds of courses you've sold. By now you should have improved your quality. I really believe this is a fair review and any reader can look at all of the reviews for this course and you will see similar feedback. Unfortunately many course creators on Udemy are lashing out at customers and calling us names if we don't like the content. I completed the entire course. I finished the quiz with a 100% score. So I can legitimately say this is a course that does not teach how to create a virtual computer and the marketing was falsely advertised.

Kok10 February 2020

DO NOT BUY THIS COURSE! Misleading course title which does not teach anything but merely gives an intro only! Trainer not only has a very very annoying way of speaking but keeps bragging about everything like he is a legend, first in the world, no one in the world knows about, etc! This is totally garbage and worse I have seen.

Miroslav7 January 2020

Nice tour on some innovative technologies. Most of them don't have free options but solving professional problems comes with a price ;)

Del4 November 2019

Would have given the course 5 stars but only due to the speed of his speech and tone in the first few videos I kept missing words and going back to play again to listen again. then I found the option to turn on captions for what he was saying. Other than that He is bringing some great new technologies to your attention that otherwise you may not of known about. It's fast-paced course, I don't mind that at all, and the guy is fun and uplifting and filled with great tips for sites to use. If your a Gammer you will want to watch this!

Khan18 September 2019

are u kidding me dude, that's bullshit like totally bullshit it takes you 7 years. these things can comeout with a single google search.

Asfand18 September 2019

The OP is just introducing few websites he googled and promoting them which are not free, he even does not have any paid account for himself. i can`t imagine this course is not free. useless for me 1 hour wested

M28 August 2019

Over 70% of the content is fluff. You'll have a better experience watching it on mute, especially if you want to spare yourself hearing about (often) how great the course is, even though it is anything but. Udemy really needs to up it's quality control game.


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