The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping course with Facebook Ads

Practical & real business- build your passive income machine using Dropshipping model.

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What you will learn

You will learn all the skills you need to build profitable online store business

How to build and design the look of your store to the professional level with many different layouts and parts

How to add products manually and how to import bulk of products in few clicks, How to organize them in collections

You will learn how to run the daily operation of your business

How to boost the sales by shopify Apps

Learn everything about Facebook marketing from creating adds manually to Dynamic adds and re-targeting your customer.

Sales tips to sell more with the help of shopify Apps

How to create your Facebook store and connected to your shopify store

How to target the same customer with dynamic ads

30 Day Money Back Guarantee without asking the reason if you didn’t get benefit from this course


Welcome to The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping course with Facebook Ads course. This course has been designed with the total beginner level in mind, I will explain all concepts using power point slides to be sure that you understand the massage before we move to apply it practically by showing you how to do it , so the course will be mix between power point slides and over shoulder screen recording.

You will learn step by step how to build your store, how to add pages , how to design the look of your store and make look professional. Then we will start searching and adding products to our store. So after the first 2 hours of this course , you will be able to build your own store by yourself. Then we will move to setup the business by adding payment methods, Taxes, shippings and more different settings.

The second part of this course you will learn how to make your store live, how to run the daily operation work, how to deal with customers and  how to make order fulfillment. You will learn also how to add Apps to your store to optimize customer experience and to increase sales at your store, I will show which best shopify apps you need to install at your store and how to configure them.

At the third part of this course, we will cover marketing part, you will learn how to start marketing your store and generate sales

  • How to create Facebook adds

  • How to add Facebook pixel to your store

  • How upload your product catalog to Facebook and set Dynamic adds working on Facebook

  • How to create both of manual ads and Dynamic ads in Facebook

  • How to target your audience based on their behavior and interest.

  • How to create your Facebook store and connected to your shopify store.

So at the end of this part you will master Facebook adds which is the best way to drive huge amount of traffic and sales to your store. Facebook ads are the proven way to generate huge sales to your store, its important to do it in the most proper way and to target your customer correctly.

To be honest with you, you need to put a lot of efforts from your side not only to build your store, but mainly to market your store and generate sales. Most of people put a lot of efforts to build their store to professional level , but they didn’t put the required efforts in marketing their store and that’s why most of them failed. And that’s is the reason for adding the third part ( Facebook marketing ) to this course.

This course will be divided to 3 main Areas to fully cover A to Z the online business

  1. Build your online business

    • Build your store using shopify platform

    • Business setup for your store

    • Best handy Apps for your store

  2. How to run your business

    • Order fulfillment & daily operation work

  3. Market your online store and generate sales

    • Drive traffic to your online store

    • Generate more sales by creating and connect fakebook & Instagram stores     


The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping course with Facebook Ads - Screenshot_01The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping course with Facebook Ads - Screenshot_02The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping course with Facebook Ads - Screenshot_03The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping course with Facebook Ads - Screenshot_04



Course overview
Understand Drop shipping model and how you can make money

Build your shopify store

Build your online store - section overview
Set up your shopify account
Dashboard Overview
Add products manually
Add collections
Import products -Automated
Pick and install your theme
Understand theme parts
Customize your theme - part1
Customize your theme - part2
Customize your theme - part3 ( product page)
Adding pages to your website
Adding Logo
Adding domain name

Set up your Business

Section overview
Setup payment methods
Setup shipping zones
Setup Taxes
Other settings

Best Apps for your store

App 1: Products reviews
App 2: Best currency converter
App 3: Facebook chat
App 4: Count down timer
App 5 : Create and share product video
App 6: Reward program
App 7: Whatsapp Marketing

Now it’s get exciting - Go live and test order

Pick shopify Plan and remove password
Lets prepare for Go-Live - Part1
Lets prepare for Go-Live - Part2
Our customer journey
Test order and Go-Live
Order Fulfillment

Driving traffic to your store

Section introduction
Create Facebook page
Create Facebook catalogue
Add Facebook pixel
Setup your campaign and ad sets
Build your audience
Design your Ad
Dynamic Ads

Let’s add more sales channels – Build your Facebook shop

Build your Facebook shop


March 14, 2022
The course was easy to follow. Nearly showed everything to start a dropshipping and how to do marketing. The course could be a little more helpful if he had added a section on how to find the winning products. Overall the course is great.
January 18, 2022
The course is ok. This course is more for people who already have a business model established for drop shipping as this course is more of a supplementary technical guide on how Shopify/Facebook works on the technical end. Light on the business model/theory side for drop shipping although some nuggets are thrown in here and there. I wish the instructor could elaborate more on how he finds success drop shipping versus just setting accounts up on various things. Also as has been mentioned, no videos on how to set up the instagram shopping account which was promised in the course earlier on which could have been valuable information.
October 16, 2021
The lectures are very clear and genuine. And the instructor does not exaggerate at all. I like his way of teaching.
May 7, 2021
The course is detailed and the instructor teaches you step by step how to build your online store. You learn how to use Apps and how to grow your store. It is best for both beginners and advanced learners. At the end of the course, the instructor says he will show us how to set up instagram shop but he does not. I guess he run out of time or....! Thanks.
March 5, 2021
One of the best courses i took in shopify dropshipping , it cover everything with details. I like the way instructor explained the idea in breakdown in presentation slides and then show how to do it in practical way. Best course



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