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Build Own HAProxy Load Balancer on Amazon AWS

Deploy The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer

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May 2020

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What you will learn

Student will learn Load Balancing concept

Student will learn High Avaibility concept

Student will able to install HAProxy

Student will able to create several type of Local Balancing Algorithms


If you're thinking to become HAProxy Load Balancing Administrator using Amazon AWS environment, or you want to start to understand Load Balancer Algorithm, then this course is perfect for you. You will see video after video, from beginners with explanations that are easy to understand. Also this course will provide many examples that make it easy for you to follow and understand. In the first section, you will learn how to download all file configurations that we used during the course. You can use that file configurations to reproduce it on your environment.

This course has 13 sections, 76 lectures, and 12 hours 13 minutes duration. You can download all videos, and watch them without internet connection. Most videos are about how to config and manage HAProxy by example. You will follow step by step how to deploy and manage HAProxy cluster in Amazon AWS environment.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Creating Amazon AWS EC2 instances for HAProxy and Web Server

  • Understanding HAProxy concept and architecture

  • Configuring HAProxy configuration using API

  • Installing HAProxy using Ubuntu and CentOS

  • Forward HAProxy log to Logstash/elasticsearch, check log using Kibana

  • HAProxy and ELB/TCP Amazon AWS Single Availability Zone

  • HAProxy and ALB/HTTP Amazon AWS Multiple Availability Zone

  • Managing HAProxy Load Balancing Algorithm

  • Managing(creating and removing) HAProxy type and mode

  • Configuring HAProxy kernel to get high performance

  • Configuring HAProxy Load Balancer base on any algorithm types

  • Configuring HAProxy Round Robin LBA

  • Configuring HAProxy Static-rr (Static Round Robin)

  • Configuring Least Connection LBA

  • Configuring HAProxy Source IP Address Hashed LBA

  • Configuring HAProxy with SSL Termination

  • Configuring HAProxy with SSL Pass-Through

  • Configuring HAProxy URL Forwarding

  • Configuring HAProxy Using Recipes

  • Understand HAProxy Server Bencmarking and  Tuning

  • Configuring HAProxy with HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 support

  • Configuring HAProcy with gRPC support

  • Understanding WAF (Web Application Firewall) for HAProxy

  • Configuring HAProxy Defense Against DDOS

  • Tuning HAProxy Performance

  • Configuring WhiteList IP Address and Restrict Specific IP Address

  • Monitoring HAProxy using Zabbix

  • Creating Grafana Dashboard for HAProxy frontend and backend

  • etc.

After you finished this course, you will have confident to use and manage HAProxy cluster.


Build Own HAProxy Load Balancer on Amazon AWS
Build Own HAProxy Load Balancer on Amazon AWS
Build Own HAProxy Load Balancer on Amazon AWS
Build Own HAProxy Load Balancer on Amazon AWS



Load Balancing Introduction

Why HAProxy

HAProxy Architecture and Components

HAProxy on AWS Best Practice

AWS Lab Preparation

Launching AWS Virtual Machine (EC2) for HAProxy Server

Launching AWS Virtual Machine (EC2) for Web Server

Changing AWS Virtual Machine (EC2) Hostname

Getting All Installation Scripts and Documentations

HAProxy Installation

Apache Web Server Nodes Installation

Creating PHP Script to Show Hostname

Installing HAProxy Server from Source on Ubuntu 16.04

Installing HAProxy from Source on Ubuntu 18.04

Installing HAProxy Servers on CentOS 7

Installing HAProxy from Source on CentOS 7

Enabling HAProxy Logging

HAProxy and ELB Amazon AWS

HAProxy and ELB Amazon AWS Single Availability Zone

HAProxy and ALB Amazon AWS Multiple Availability Zone

HAProxy LBA (Load Balancing Algorithm) Type

HAProxy Load Balancer Layer 4 and 7

HAProxy Round Robin

HAProxy Least Connection

HAProxy Static-rr (Static Round Robin)

HAProxy Source IP Address Hashed

HAProxy URL Forwarding

HAProxy ForwardFor Option For Getting Client IP Address

HAProxy Using SSL

Create SSL Cert and Config HAProxy SSL Termination

HAProxy with SSL Pass-Through

Performing Health Checks

Understanding HAProxy Health Check

HAProxy Health Check Options and Types

HAProxy L4 and L7 Health Check Configuration

Checking HAProxy MySQL Health Check

Checking HAProxy PostgreSQL Health Check Configuration

Checking HAProxy HTTP Health Check Configuration

Checking HAProxy Any Service Health Check Configuration

HAProxy Advance Recipes Configuration

HAProxy And GZIP Compression

Configuring HAProxy Using Sticky Sessions

Configuring HAProxy Using Backup Node

Configuring HAProxy With gRPC Support

Configuring HAPRroxy With HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 Support

Configuring HAProxy Content Switching Using ACL

Redirecting HAProxy HTTP Connection to HTTPS

Redirecting HAProxy HTTP Base on Hostname

Redirecting URL Path on HAProxy

Appending 'www.' Prefix In Front of All Hosts Not Having

HAProxy Defense Against DDOS

Setting Maximum Connections

TCP Syn Flood Attacks

Slowloris Like Attacks

Limiting Number of Connections Per Users

Limiting Connection Rate Per User

Limiting HTTP Request Rate

HAProxy: Content blocking

Restrict Specific IP Address

WhiteList IP Address

What is WAF (Web Application Firewall)?

Using HAProxy API

Installing HAProxy Data Plane API

Running HAProxy (2.0 or Later) API Using Process Manager

Send GET and POST Request Using Data Plane API

HAProxy Server Bencmarking and Tuning

HAProxy Bencmarking

Tuning HAProxy Performance

HAProxy Server Kernel Tuning

HAProxy Monitoring Using Zabbix

Understanding HAProxy Statistic Report

Checking HAProxy Statistic Report Using socat Command Line

Installing Zabbix Agent on HAProxy VM

Import HAProxy Template

Monitoring HAProxy Using Zabbix

How Zabbix Agent Collecting HAProxy Metrics Data

Creating HAProxy Trigger Using Zabbix

HAProxy Grafana Dashboard

Installing Grafana on Ubuntu

Installing Grafana on CentOS

Installing Grafana Plugins

Integrating Grafana with Zabbix

Creating HAProxy Grafana Dashboard 1

Creating HAProxy Grafana Dashboard 2

Creating HAProxy CPU and Memory Grafana Dashboard

Creating HAProxy Disk Usage Grafana Dashboard

Creating HAProxy Traffic Grafana Dashboard

Creating HAProxy Cluster CPU Diagram Dashboard


Lionel30 November 2020

I wished the instructor actually answers questions. Also the git docs are not as well organized as I would have liked, so finding things are a bit of a challenge


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