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Build OLX Clone With Python & Django

Learn to build websites like OLX with Python3 & Django

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Build OLX Clone With Python & Django


4.5 hours


Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Learn the power of Python to code out your web applications

Implement a full Models-Views-Templates structure for your site

Use Django as a back end for the websites

Design Models With Forms and Search In Django


Welcome to Build OLX Clone With Python & Django! In this course we cover everything you need to know to build a website like OLX!

This course is designed so that anyone can learn how to build real projects with python & django. We teach you how to program by using HD Video Lectures, Walkthrough Code Projects, Exercises,  Downloadable Code Notes and much more!

Here is just a small sampling of the topics included in this course:

  • Virtualenv in Python

  • Django Installation Process

  • Django Models

  • Django Views

  • Django URLs

  • Django Templates

  • Django Template Filters

  • Python

  • Django Forms

  • Django Admin Customization

  • Django ORM

  • Django Static & Media Files

  • User Authentication

  • and much,much more!

Our Project Features : 

  • post and ad to the site

  • search over ads

  • filter ads

  • login

  • signup

  • reset & change password

  • leave comment on items

  • and much,much more!

Feel free to send me a message here on Udemy and connect with me on LinkedIn

We also have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out the course for an entire month, risk-free!

Always keep learning!



Downloading The Template

Getting Site Data From Template

Creating Our Django Project

Creating Our Products App Model Part 1

Creating Our Products App Model Part 2

Add Products Category

Adding Brand & Product Images Models

Setup Static & Media Files

Adding Products App URLs

Adding Products App Views

Adding Slug Files To Products

Adding Site Templates Part 1

Adding Site Templates Part 2

Adding Site Templates Part 3

Adding Products Pagination

Adding Categories With Count In Template

Activate Categories In Template

Adding Products Search

Fixing Views & URLs

Adding User Accounts Part 1

Adding User Accounts Part 2

Adding User Accounts Templates Part 1

Adding User Accounts Templates Part 2

Adding User Accounts Templates Part 3

Project Source Code

Deploy Django Project On DigitalOcean

Bonus Lecture


Emin24 July 2020

It would be less time consuming if preparation was made in advance. Other than that, it is quite efficient.

Eduardo18 May 2020

The Course is not complete at all. Missing lot of step such as Signup, Post Ad, My Account configuration etc.

Mohammad15 April 2020

Excellent instructor! Very good explanation ! I took most of his courses on udemy. Organized code . The instructor's github is very useful.

Deepak26 March 2020

This is a good tutorial but could be better. Started off well but was a bit sluggish towards the end. There is no example which describes how to register the user to the portal.

Saud9 September 2019

The heart of the course is a good front-end that lets each user add/edit his products.....guess what , ITS MISSING in the course


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