Build Landing Pages & Course Funnels With Thrive Themes

Learn why Thrive Themes Content Builder Is Awesome for Selling Digital Products, Sales Pages, Lead Generation & More

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Feb 2019
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What you will learn

Understand if Thrive Themes is a good fit for them

Compare Thrive Themes To Other Landing Page Builders

Understand how a basic free online course funnel works


*Last Updated August 2018*

In this course I give you a complete in-depth walk through of the Thrive Themes Content Builder software.

This landing page builder is awesome for designing:

  • Sales Pages

  • Lead Generation Pages

  • Video Course Funnels

  • Giving out eBooks, video content, podcasts, digital products and much more

  • Podcast Episode Pages

Inside the course I walk you through:

  • What Thrive Themes Content builder is

  • How to use the drag and drop features

  • Examples of the included landing page templates

  • Example real live sales pages and websites using Thrive Themes

  • An entire mini-course video funnel built with Thrive Themes

  • How to integrate email marketing platforms with Thrive Themes

  • A comparison of other leading landing page builders vs. Thrive Themes Content Builder

This course is for you if you are planning to grow your email subscriber list, sell digital products or even build sales funnels. It's my #1 recommended landing page builder and this course will help you understand why!

*Note* While this course does share a lot of concepts on building landing pages, the tool discussed in the course is a paid plugin you would be required to purchase for a one time fee. 


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Introduction To The Course

Need Help?
What is Thrive Themes Content Builder?
Using The Drag & Drop Editor
Working With Landing Page Templates
Wordpress Hosting (Required For Thrive Themes)
Real Quick..

Examples Of Lead Generation Pages & Sales Pages

Some Example Sales Pages Using Thrive Themes Content Builder
An Example Lead Generation Page Using an eBook Giveaway

A Sample Mini-Course Sales Funnel Using Thrive Themes Content Builder

Walking You Through a 4 Part Video Mini-Course Built With Thrive Themes

Email Marketing Integration

Adding ConvertKit Email Marketing Integration To Thrive Themes

Building an OTO (One Time Offer) Page With Thrive Themes

ClickFunnels Vs. Thrive Themes For OTO's, Order Bumps and Conversion Tracking

Why Thrive Themes? Comparing The Competion

Leadpages vs. Thrive Themes Comparison

Running Into Any Coding Issues?

My Resource For Quick Help With Coding Problems

Bonus Section

Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


November 15, 2017
Sorry for this ratings John Shea. But I believe, you will find out your lacking. I can see that my rating is irrelevant comparing to others but you should understand what exactly I am talking about. Yeah, nice guess!
October 30, 2017
Great overview of Thrive! Really helped me understand if I should buy it and the cheaper option to buy it.
October 24, 2017
The instructor says he is going to teach you how to create an order form "bump" using Thrive Themes -- and yet shows you something completely different than a "bump". A bump is nothing more than a 'check box' on an order form which is like the McDonald's employee saying "Do you want fries and a Coke with that?" In order to put a bump on the checkout page, there needs to be 'conditional logic' in the web form. IF the check box = 'checked' THEN goto page 1. IF the checkbox = 'empty' THEN goto page 2.
October 16, 2017
What a bummer! I really wanted to learn about BUILDING LANDING PAGES WITH THRIVE THEMES. But the course is about ClickFunnels vs. Thrive Themes, how to sell on Upwork and a bunch of other stuff having nothing to do with the subject referenced in the title. The title of this course should be changed to Why You Should Use Thrive Themes. It has nothing to do with building landing pages and the course uses the old version of Thrive so none of the screenshots of the user interface are relevant any longer. Additionally, this instructor takes waaaaayy too long to actually get into anything... lots of intro... lots of going on and on about nothing. I am bummed as I really wanted to learn how to build my landing pages, not just see template samples etc. on an outdated version of Thrive. :(
September 27, 2017
New to Thrive Themes (now Thrive Architect instead of Content Builder) I enjoy his presentation style!
September 2, 2017
Very powerful. John Shea you are great. You give step-by-step instructions for usung this software. I appreciate the comparison you made regarding pricing. I love that; because this is big sticky point for me. I am happy i am doing this course.
July 28, 2017
Constant cough drives me crazy. Shows total lack of respect for viewer. You would edit it out if you gave a shit.
June 16, 2017
I watched this class and it convinced me to drop my trial of Click Funnels ($97 / month) and investigate a Thrive plugin for a one-time purchase of $67. As John Shea mentioned, the cost drives the decision. Also, any content on the Thrive plugin is owned by me forever whereas any content on Click Funnels disappears if I discontinue Click Funnels. Thanks, John. This helped my decision greatly. Plus the fact that my husband was not on board with Click Funnels.
May 23, 2017
Helpful content and examples. John's walk thru demonstrated sound knowledge and familiarity with Thrive Themes. I'd like to know how to get the 5 licenses option... I did not see that on Thrive Themes site. Thank you!
May 21, 2017
Good information. I'm looking for a specific piece of info. In the beginning you published the page/page before building, that was very useful info as well as info about Themecloud. I'm trying to understand how to have a landing page that doesn't show up in my navigation; do I use a 'hide pages' plugin? Or is that something I can do within Thrive?
May 8, 2017
John Shea delivered a great training and I would recommend it to people who like me are have lots to learn.
February 9, 2017
What a waste, great info marred by trainer coughing into the mic every now and then which really break the concentration. Great start on thrive builder appreciation otherwise.
January 18, 2017
ok but lacking details and real examples on places and the pace is mixed due to affiliate offers I say it's good to very good if you're just starting but a bit lacking for those more advanced
January 18, 2017
John Shea is great coach, but course is only marketing the thrive theme which is not good. Maybe it useful in the future for some people. I wish there is free demo theme exist to test out before purchasing the theme. If you interested in thrive theme then this course is ideal for it.
January 8, 2017
The information is well laid out and the explanations are clear and to the point. I've enjoyed this course very much. It has helped me because, now a days with so much information overload about all of the different products and choices, it gave me the information I needed to go ahead and start using my Thrive Themes membership. Thank You!



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