Build Complete 2022 CMS Blog in PHP MySQL Bootstrap & PDO

Build Amazing Content Management System(CMS) with Full Admin Panel in PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

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Build Complete 2022 CMS Blog in PHP MySQL Bootstrap & PDO
10 hours
Sep 2022
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What you will learn

Build a Fully Customizable Login and Registration System

Learn How to Create, Update, Delete and Show Posts

Explore the Infinite Possibilities with PHP Sessions Inside the Blog

Build a Category System

Build a Profile System

Get Introduced to the Most Main Concepts in Web Development

Learn How to Hash and De-hash Passwords like a Pro

Apply Validations and Roles with PHP Sessions

Build a Fully Functional Admin Panel

Learn How to Upload and Update and Delete Images

Take Ownership and Get Confidant Building your Next Web Development Project

Control the User Ability and Limit him from Doing Harmful Acts to your Website

Master the Art of Debugging in a Way that's both Practical and Fun

Create a fully-functional Comment System

Learn some Cool Tips and Tricks about Programming in General

Master the Concept of SQL Joins in a Practical Way

Build a Complete Search Box from Start to Finish


Do you want to build an Amazing cool project? Do you want to build up your CV? Did you learn a bunch of tools like (PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap) and you want to train your skills?? This course should be perfect for you. In this course, you are going to apply what you have learned all at once. We are going to go through the most common concepts of web development practices and parts. we are going to look at things like the log-in and registration system, the posts crud and category system, how to process images, how to upload and update them, and all that cool stuff and that's for the user-end.

For the admin-end, we are going to log in the admins and create them. how to create and perfect the whole category system, and how to take control of the posting process inside the blog. And you are going to be introduced to some other concepts and ideas like password hashing, validation, complex queries like (joins) and sessions, and whole a lot more. So if you don't want to miss out on this opportunity and if you want to get ahead with your career as developer, go now and get the course. See you inside   





Installing Xampp
Installing Visual Studio Code

Getting Started and Creating the Authentication System

The Design of Clean Blog
Setting up the Config File
The Register Page
Very Important Video
The Login Page
Logging in and Starting the Session
Logging out and Destroying the Session pt.1
Logging out and Destroying the Session pt.2

Creating our Full Posts System

Creating Posts
Showing the Posts in the Index Page
Showing a Single Post
Deleting Posts
Updating Posts
Finshing up Updating and Deleting Posts(with Images)
Validation and Finishing Posts Up

Building the Category System (Users Side)

Showing Categories
Creating Posts with Categories
Showing Posts Based on Categories

Creating the Profile Page

Profile Page

Refining and Finishing up the Users Side

Refining and Finshing up the Users Side pt.1
Refining and Finishing up the Users Side pt.2

Getting Started with the Admin Panel

The Design of Admin Panel
Logging the Admins in pt.1
Logging the Admins in (with Sessions) pt.2

Starting with Admins

Displaying Data in the Dashboard
Showing the Admins Data
Creating New Admins

Perfecting the Categories (Admin Side)

Showing Categories
Creating Categories
Deleting Categories
Updating Categories

Perfecting the Posts (Admin Side)

Showing Posts
Deleting Posts
Controlling the Posts Status

Refining and Finishing up

Refining the Admin Panel and Finishing up


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