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Build Cinema Ticket Reservation App with Xamarin Forms

Learn Xamarin Forms Real World Application From Beginning to End

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Build Cinema Ticket Reservation App with Xamarin Forms


4 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Make Cinema Ticket Reservation App with Xamarin Forms

Work as a freelance xamarin forms developer

Create your first xamarin forms real world application

Create both Client & Admin Side of the Application

Consume Restful Api's


Welcome to the Real World Cinema Ticket Reservation App Development course with Xamarin Forms.

I'm Asfend Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) as well as the First Xamarin University Most Valuable Professional at Udemy and in this course I'll explain you every single aspect of real world application in Xamarin Forms. Yeah I know there're lot of courses over internet but there's never a single guide that teaches you how to create a real world application. And the purpose of this course is to train you to build your own Real world Application in Xamarin Forms. 

This courses teaches you how to code using Xamarin Forms and build beautiful Android and iOS apps by using Xamarin Forms. 

By getting this course, you can be rest assured that the course is carefully thought out and edited. And I'm always happy to answer student questions.

So by the end of the course, you'll completely understand:

  • How to build a real world application with xamarin forms.

  • Deploy Web Api's to Azure.

  • Consume Restful Api's.

  • Consume Nuget's in xamarin forms.

  • Upload Images to Server from Xamarin Forms.

  • Create a Complete Real World (Cinema Ticket Reservation) Application in Xamarin Forms From Scratch to End.

  • Create the Client and Admin Panel.

  •  How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the api, and use the JSON format for server communication.

  • Make application user friendly.


After this course you'll get all the Xamarin Real World Application Source Code and along with this I'll also share a Complete Backend Code for the Rest Api's with you.

I want to set the right expectations because in this course we'll cover the Client and Admin Side of the Cinema Application with Xamarin Forms. We'll consume the Restful Api's but we'll not create the Rest Api in this course because Rest Api is a different topic and I've already created a Rest Api course with .Net Core 5.0.

So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the Complete Real World Cinema App Development Course with Xamarin Forms.




Demo Application

Course Structure

Download Course Material

Setup Application Backend

Get Application Backend

Create Microsoft Azure Account

Create Azure Web App

Create Azure SQL DB

Publish Web Api To Azure

Azure Query Editor Preview

Seed Data in Azure SQL DB

Test Api's

Import Api Documentation

Testing Accounts Section

Testing Movies Section

Testing Reservation Section

Getting Started with Xamarin Forms

Create Blank Project

Debug Xamarin Forms Application

Xamarin Essentials

Store Value In Preferences

Retrieve Value From Preferences

Assets & Custom Renderers

Import Assets

Adding Custom Renderers

Create Model Classes

Create Model For Accounts

Create Model For Movies

Create Model For Reservation

Create Service Layer

Register User Method

Static Class and Methods

Login Method

App Settings & Api URL

Get All Movies Method

Get Movie Detail Method

Find Movies Method

Reserve Movie Ticket Method

Signup Page

SignupPage Design

Implement Signup Functionality

Login Page

LoginPage Design

Implement Login Functionality

One time Login with Access token

Implement One time login with Access Token

Home Page

Home Page Design

Custom Hamburger Menu

Implement Movies

Implement Pagination

Implement User Name

Movie Detail Page

Create Movie Detail Page

Collection View Navigation

Collection view navigation with params

Movie Detail Page

Install Plugin For Playing Video

Video Page

Implement Video Page

Search Page

Create Search Page

Implement Search Functionality

Search Page Navigation

Reservation Page

Create Reservation Page

Implement Reservation Page

Change Price With Picker Value

Reserve Movie Ticket

Contact Page

Create Contact Page

Implement Contact Page

Token Validator

What are the Issues with the Access Token

Solve Access Token Issue

Api Endpoint with Token Validator

Logout Functionality

Getting Started with Admin Panel

Api Documentation For Admin

Test Accounts Section

Test Movies Section

Test Reservation Section

Model Classes And Api Service

Create Model Classes

Create Methods For Api Service Class

Create Admin Panel Application

Create Home Page

Create Reservation List Page

Create Reservation Detail Page

Create Movies List Page

Delete Movie Functionality

Add Movie Page

Pick Image From Device Gallery

Upload Image To Server

Bonus Lecture

Complete Source Code


Risham20 January 2021

Initially SQL table scripts were not provided and there was no response to question. But when I got response, it was really easily to follow and very well laid out. I was able to continue further with the course as this was the code first method using MSSQL. Look forward to other courses in future as well. I will definitely recommend this course !!

Javeria6 December 2020

My journey so far in this course is pretty amazing. I've picked all the concepts and created the same application which was made in this course. Once I'll completely finish this course then I'll also create another application.

Emmanouil22 September 2020

The course is very nice and the application that was developed along with this course is super awesome.

John13 September 2020

One of the best course I've taken at udemy. I've learned so many nice things like consuming the rest api's with all kind of advanced functionalities like authentication , authorization , image uploading to server from xamarin forms application and much more. I must say that this course is the best.

Daniel8 September 2020

I am very happy with this course because with the help of this course I've improved my xamarin skills and make a replica of the same application that this instructor has made inside the course. Soon I'll publish it to the app store.

Navatar7 September 2020

I'm from India and want to tell you that in the difficult era of COVID-19 I have taken your course because universities are closed and we can't go outside for education so I've decided to pick this course and improve my skills and in my perspective this course is excellent to learn xamarin forms some real life application.

Samarawera5 September 2020

I am a full stack developer and recently I moved to the Mobile App Development and xamarin is my first mobile technology. It's very easy and very comfortable. Being a C# developer I've no issue with this course. The instructor has covered the topic very well.

Jiao4 September 2020

Asfend you are one of the best instructor of Xamarin. Your way of teaching is excellent. I've learned so much from your courses. If I consider my university degree with your courses then your courses are superior as compared to my 4 year degree. Awesome man. You're inspiring model for me.

Hank2 September 2020

I chose this course because my project leader has recommend me and he told me about this course. The decision of choosing this course is very good. If you've some basic knowledge of XAML and want to make a complete cinema reservation kinda application then this course is the right choice to move forward. This course has also given me lot of confidence. Now I can solve complex problems easily.

Mikill1 September 2020

I have started this course with some basic knowledge of xamarin forms and now at this moment I've created an amazing application for my university project. I must say that without this course it's not possible. This course is very valuable for me.

Virat30 August 2020

This is an excellent course to start moving with xamarin forms. If you're looking for a course where you can make some real world applications then this course is the perfect jump-start. But remember some basic knowledge of C# and xamarin forms is required to complete this course. For me it's excellent because I've some knowledge of xamarin forms and then I decided to make some real world application and this course really pays off.

Yasmin28 August 2020

I've gained an excellent knowledge of app development through this course. I must say that this is a complete course for enterprise app development with xamarin forms.

Owais24 August 2020

I must say that this course is amazing. The instructor is very nice and behave very politely with the students. He has done a superb job with this wonderful real world course. If you're a beginner in xamarin forms then this is a must watch course. May be right after this course you'll be able to make your own dream application.

Jacob23 August 2020

I'm pretty happy with this course. The way instructor delivered the concept is superb. Currently I'm using all my knowledge that I've learned from this course and I'm also making a project for my university project. Once I'll complete the project I'll let you know.

Maldonado21 August 2020

I am a big fan of Xamarin because it allows us to make a user friendly cross platform applications and from the past few months I was looking for some great tutorial to make a complete real world kinda application from start to finish and now I found this course. Pretty amazing course it was. The course contains all the things that one needs to make a complete xamarin forms application.


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