Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS

Build app & website from scratch using Single Code Base React Native with production ready services from AWS

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn app and web development from a single code base

Learn React Native from beginning to advance

Able to unleash the power of AWS and its services

Understand the dynamodb database from very basic

Learn how to query data effeciently with graphql from frontend and backend

Perform a high level of multidimensional advance search with help of AWS Elasticsearch

Identify a business structure and form the structure with effeicent code flow

Explore and learn serverless image optimization on fly

Learn how to build a third party marketplace for both android and web


Welcome to the course "Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS",

Have you ever look for programming tools, language and technique to build app and website at a time, from single code base like React Native? Hi my name is Km Habib, I'm a Certified Data scientist and web app developer have been teaching programming over 8 years. As a startup entrepenure I was looking for a coding platform which will take minimum effort and cost but will provide maximum output to build android app and website at a time where It will reduce significant maintainance cost and development time . There I've build the both android app and website and Here I'm presenting you the course where I've descrived, how you can create your own app and website using single code base like React Native and Amazon Web Service AWS. All we will learn by doing basically creating a renting third party marketplace app and website.

Here in the course you will learn React native from basic. You also learn linking, routing and navigation using react native. Here you will learn how to create  listing system where user will store listing data in dynamodb using graphql query language. All this listing will be available for authenticated user, which we will create with the help of amazon cognito service as backend service for user database. You will learn how to create post list and post details for guest user or public there we use serveless image resizer and optimizer using aws cloudformation which has become a great revolution for conventional image resizer for different device size. You will also learn  how to place order and how to show placed order details for borrower and lenders. At the end we will create advance multidimensional searching system where user will able to search a post in 3 perspective, by text , location and category. In the course we will explore this powerful aws services, we will see how to use those service in a real life project. So if you are programmer want to programm in effecient manner, a startup entreprenuer want to build app and website for your startup or freelance want to gain skill on full stack web and app development using react native and aws then you are in right place. My goal is to see you succeed on course topics. Feel free to join in the course and start coding. So I hope I will see you in the course. Happy learning.


Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS - Screenshot_01Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS - Screenshot_02Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS - Screenshot_03Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS - Screenshot_04



Introduction [Same as Intro]

Project Setup

Project Source Code and Resources
Setup Environment
Install Android and set Env and Path variable
Setup device for testing
Expo Setup and Create AWS Account
Install AWS and Amplify
Setup Amplify and create IAM user

Design Home Page

Create Folder and Setup Github
Start Coding with React Native Basic
Design adv post
Creating Header
Home Page Basic Design Completion


Understandig and apply of React Navigation
More on Navigation with Bottom Tab Navigation
Designing Bottom Tab Navigator


Sign up Authentication
Sign In Authentication with Cognito

Creating Listing System

Creating Listing Screen
Add Icon to Listing Input
Creating multiple image loading functionality
Completion of Image Upload Functionality
Add Category Screen
Add Location Screen and Get Input Data

Exploring AWS in Project

Install Graphql Api and Write Schema
Exploring Database and Appsync
Image Data Processing
Storing Data to S3 Bucket
Storing Listing Data at DynamoDB part -1
Storing Listing Data at DynamoDB part -2
Fetching Data from Database
Solving AWS Issue

Serverless Image Resizer

Display Posts in Home Page
Create Serverless Image Resizer

Post Details

Post Details -Display Image and Title
Post Details-Display Owner Info
Post Details Completion

Website - Project Configuration

Create Environment for Website
Design Header for Website
Complete Header and Create Category
Design Menu
Create Menu Functionality

Linking and Routing

Linking and Routing
Making Responsive of Listing Page
Upload Image and Listing for Website
Completion of Upload Image and Listing Process for Website

Creating Ordering System

Designing Order and Graphql Schema
Send Order Data to Database
Create Top Tab for Lender and Borrower Screen
Fetch Data from Order Table
Completion of Borrower and Lender Screen

Advance Searching System

Create Search Components and Get Params
Get and Process Search Data
Advance Search Completion


Data with routing: Fetch post details data according to post id




June 5, 2022
This is a unique course. This course is for those of you who want to do great things with JavaScript. Love is always there, sir
May 20, 2022
A professional course and the instructor is good at explaining and everything is understandable and starts from scratch, i.e. from the first code instruction. This is really good. I recommend this course to anyone. Mr. Habib I am so thankful to you.



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